Monday, December 6, 2010


Well I have had a VERY busy week and it looks like another one is on it's way....whew....I do praise God that I have the energy (so far) to do all the things I have to do...I do want to catch you up some before I am soo far behind there is NO catching up, haha..

First of all on Friday I got to go to my grandson Jeffie's school where he was to recieve Citizen of the month.  I was soo happy for him.  He is a VERY shy, introverted little boy and he is just the sweetest little thing you could ever know (is my "grandmaness" showing?   haha) How I love him.  He didn't know he was receiving this as I am not sure they could have gotten him out the door that morning..."I would'nt EVER want to go up on that stage Grandma" he has told me more than one time, lol...You know, he is NOTHING like his daddy.  For some reason ALL of my kids were super extroverted and didn't like it unless they were the center of attention, so Jeffie is a rarity to me....Anyway, here are a couple of pics of him getting his award.  He was quite embarrassed for sure, and yet I think secretly pleased....

Is he just the cutest thing you ever saw??

Pretend you don't notice this pic is blurry...haha  I had to be quick and Cody still turned his head.  He isn't any less shy than his brother

Also I wanted to show you my cedar chest that belonged to my great grandmother that I recently had refinished by my brother.  How I love how it came out.

I had the perfect corner in my bedroom where I put this.  After
Christmas I am going to get a piece of a quilt she made as well and I am going to have it finished and drape it over one side of this chest to display.  I am quite excited.

And then on Sat. I went to my oldest son's house to celebrate my grand daughter Lindsey's 10th birthday which is the day after Christmas. It is easier to celebrate a little early as everyone is kind of partied out otherwise, haha. Dec. 26th is a rough day to have a birthday...The girls all had a fun night and I was really glad I got to go...Here are some pics from that..

I GOT one of him this time, haha...Sweet little Cody

The girls all painted and decorated picture frames before we went to dinner at a 50's diner...Then we took a pic of them all while we were there and they put it in their frames and took them home as a keepsake...such a cute idea

The birthday girl with her frame

My neice Katie with her's

 My grand daughter Annabel...haven't had pic of her in a while...she is getting soo big, and she gets those braces off in 6 weeks.  YAY!!

The girls out front of the diner

Posing with the new sweatshirt from Grandma and Grandpa

On Sunday evening we got to travel down to San Diego with a blogging friend, Kristi and her sweet family. My dil Larissa joined us and I was soo glad to let them all meet.  I just knew Kristi & Larissa would click, and I was right. = )  We had dinner and then went to church to hear my son teach.  What a wonderful time we had.  I am soo glad you could come Kristi.  Hopefully we can do it again soon.  Your girls are soo sweet, and such little dolls. 

Hopefully in the next day or so I will get around to posting some pictures of our home decked out for the first time for Christmas.  Tomorrow I will spend the day with my mom and I am soo looking forward to that.  She wants to do some baking, so we will see what we get done.  This was something my daughter Mel and I did every year with her so I will miss her for sure.  But I am glad I can still do this with my mom.  Hope everyone is enjoying this season as much as I am....JOY TO THE WORLD!! Let earth receive her King...


  1. Look at your changing your blog decor again...I have no idea how to do is great, again.
    Oh, I so love the pictures...may I be a grandmother like you one day...your grandkids are so blessed, beyond anything you can imagine!! WOW!!!
    Love the your weekends...they are so full and fantastic.
    How many people just set home and see no one...not even are truly, truly blessed!!!
    Have a great week...we head out today for our 4 year olds Christmas program...

  2. Everything is just so pretty on
    your blog, Debbie. And you are so
    blessed with beautiful grandkids!
    Love your new blog design, too.

  3. Congrats to your grandson for his award. It really is the sweetest thing to witness that. How proud you all must be.

    Indeed December is busy too! I always try to not get stressed about it all and just let it play out as we have time for things. But there is always so much I want to do!! I guess that is a good thing though, right?

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Your grandkids are just so cute. I loved all of the pictures. It is so nice getting to see what fun days you have had you are so blessed.

  5. Loved reading all of what you have been doing Debbie, your grandchildren are adorable. I know you are proud of them and enjoy these special times together. I say..." go Girl and continue making those memories, the sign on the cedar chest says it all.

  6. Cute header photo sister Debbie.But the rest of your post is even better! It shows how loving you are to your grandkids who are all adorable. May the Lord continue to give you the strength, healing, His richest blessings and protection always. Have a great week ahead.

  7. Loved the pictures of the beautiful grandchildren! They are so sweet and I know they must bring such joy into your family. Love the hope chest also, what a cherished heirloom to have. May this Christmas season continue on with joy, peace and grace and may you continue to enjoy every moment of it!

  8. Debbie,
    You are surrounded by family, and it is so WONDERFUL! Your introverted grandson is quite the handsome little man, and what a blessing that you could be there to see this special moment.

    The chest turned out so lovely. What a treasure!

    And, I love the picture frame idea for the party. I'll have to try that one.

    God bless you for honoring your dear Mama in all you do for her.


  9. Oh my gosh, your grandson is adorable! How cute is that?

    I had such a great time going down to your son's church on Sunday. He is one great guy, you raised an amazing son! I know you must be super proud! And, his wife ain't bad either!!!! I knew we would get along great, she is so awesome. Looking forward to many more times together, I'm going to look at the calendar and get some dates planned!

  10. Both my children were very shy also when they were little. I'm amazed how outgoing my son is! He was the worse! Your grandson looks so adorable in that picture! Love the other pictures as well. And the cedar chest is really pretty. Enjoy your day!


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