Friday, December 10, 2010


I can't believe it is already Friday again...time is going by soo quickly it seems.  I FINALLYgot around to taking some pics of my old favorite Christmas decs in their "new" places here in Brea...I am so enjoying the holiday season this year, though I have been quite busy.  I am now knee deep in the middle of making some Christmas shirts and blouses for my grandkids because I found some fabric that I just couldn't resist.  I will show you the finished products ~ SOON I hope, haha....Hope you are all enjoying this season as well.

This is the new nativity set that I got just this year....It has a REALLY long story behind it, but I will shorten it and tell you only that I have been wanting this for a VERY long time.  I am soo excited about it and I will always remember now that it was the "new" thing I added to our "new" house....I just love it.  It is a Jim Shore (for those of you who would be interested) and this picture really does not do it justice at all.

Here is a closer look....Isn't it pretty?

Also "new" for this house is my new buffet...Some old favorites found their way to this including my Thomas Kincade house that plays the night before Christmas and each little room in the house light up one at a time ~ soo cute...My grandkids soo love this.

A closer look...All my little cuties in Christmas frames and some candy treats ~ just what I need.. = )

A view of the family room....notice my new Christmas throw blanket that my wonderful sister made for me..

A closer look

My hubby insisted on a pic of me using the new blanket...soo cozy

The kitchen

I have 4 different ones of these darling little Thomas Kincade snowmen....notice the detail even in his hat...Love these...they are sitting by my Thomas Kincade tree (which I forgot to take a pic of, haha) I love this tree as it has scenes from the nativity all around it.  (You can kind of see it beside the snowman) 

A view of the living room

Our tree....I think we found the perfect spot for it as you can see it from the windows on two sides...soo pretty.  I haven't got any presents wrapped yet as you can see

All of my ornaments are old, lots of them are homemade, and soo many of them bring back such wonderful cherished memories...This is one my Melly made in first grade.  I LOVE it.

And here is one of Jimmy in pre-school.  He was just the cutest thing.  And the dough art of John's...we made a bunch of those one year but they were sooo heavy I have gotten rid of all except the ones with the boys names on them.  I collected one ornament a year for Melody from the year she was born right up until the year she married, always putting the date etc.  When she got old enough I always let her pick put her new ornament.  This was always such a fun day for us, even when she got older.  We'd make a day of it...Lunch out, some shopping, and finally the selection of the new ornament.  We'd come home and put it on the tree.  When she married I packed them all up and gave them to her so she'd have some ornaments that first Christmas.  I miss them on our tree, but glad she took this part of home with her.

Here is the fabric and patterns of the things I am making.  How darling is that fabric?  The blouses for the girls are almost done, and  I will start the boys shirts when I am finished here.
How Elvis does the holidays...haha....You'd think he lived somewhere where it was actually cold instead of sunny California, haha

This is Melody's Christmas tree and scene in her family room...I love the fact that I can see her things like this

 Her dog Baxter enjoying the fire...He is pretty cute

Well I have A LOT to do today and a couple of parties this week-end so I'd best "get crackin" as I would say to my kids, haha...I pray you are all enjoying the season as well, and may we all remember to put Him first. 


  1. Dear Debbie, I knew we were related-we have such similar tastes~I absolutely love Jim Shore's figurines! I also have three+ Thomas Kincade paintings.
    Loved seeing your home decked out for the holy season.
    Big Hugs today.

  2. Hey Sweet Debbie,
    I enjoyed seeing your lovely
    decorations! I'm a Shore and
    Kincade fan, too. I have a
    few of Jim's ornaments but
    no Kincade paintings. My
    niece met Jim a few years
    ago when she worked at a
    Hallmark store and she said
    he was one of the kindest
    people you'd ever want to meet.
    I'm off to wrap presents.

  3. I can't believe I haven't been able to get by until this evening. One of those days. I love your Nativity scene by Jim Shore. It is so pretty. I like having a tour of your new room and I really do like that material. I can see why you bought it. I always liked that Rudolph movie.
    I liked your picture of you on the couch. That is really cute.
    Are you in Brea? That is about 2 1/2 hours from me. I think, it has been awhile since we went that way.
    Oh by the way, it is a girl. :)
    My second grand daughter, so it will be 4 boys and 2 girls. Just like in my own family.
    Every thing looks healthy. For that I praise God.
    Have a lovely weekend it sounds like you will be really busy.

  4. Hi Debbie!! I'm finally getting around to catching up on my friends. I have been really sick and so out of touch...I am feeling so "behind" in just about every area of life - and especially missing my friends. I loved looking through your sweet Christmas things. It is so hard to believe that new house is "new" looks so much a well-loved home! I am a new Jim Shore fan!! and I'm quickly getting "hooked":) I haven't seen the nativity, though. Not even in the store.

    Sounds like fun - having several parties this weekend!! Have a wonderful time and enjoy all these days leading to the holidays:) Not sure I will get caught up but I will enjoy what I can get done!!

    Lots of hugs, friend - Jennifer

  5. Very nice Debbie. And who is Elvis? Is he yours?

  6. I love love your home decorated for Christmas, Debbie, and I love reading about family memories, aren't the decorations our children made when they were little, so precious.
    If I lived nearby two things I would want to happen, You would teach me how to sew, and I would visit and borrow your nativity, Debbie, and I would love to know the whole story. It is absolutely beautiful!
    Elvis looks like my first dog that was given to me by my dh a few months after we were married.Adorable
    Thank you for sharing Mels home , It is beautiful too.
    I see you like Thomas Kincaid too!And last but not least, Loved you all snuggled in your new throw.
    Hugs, Sue

  7. hi debbie!

    your adorably decorated house reminds
    me of santa's! your grandkids must just
    love it!

    thank you for praying for my friend's
    missing son.


  8. Very beautiful Debbie! Everything looks so pretty! I love your new nativity set! I love that idea too of going out every year for a special ornament. I have a few friends that do that. I think it would be a good tradition to start! That was a fun peak into Mel's house too!

    Very festive Debbie! Your new house looks fabulous in Christmas decorations!!

  9. Thanks for the tour! So enjoyed it.

  10. Oh how fun to visit your new home and your first Christmas...everything is just beautiful!!
    I love that you are sewing for your grandkids...Oh I hope to do that someday...I have been wanting to sew!!
    So enjoyed my visit! What precious memories!!

  11. Very nice I love all your Christmas decorations, hugs Barbara

  12. I love seeing pics of people's houeses, so fun! Of course, your house always looks awesome. You decorations are gorgeous... I think I may need to update. Most of my decorations remind me of when I was a kid... in the 70's!! We have a very sparkly house. hehe. Maybe I should tone it down a bit....

  13. Debbie,
    Your home is lovely! It looks so inviting and full of life and love and great moments and memories. :)


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