Monday, December 13, 2010


I decided to steal a few minutes out of this busy day and write a quick (hopefully) post about our week-end.  It was such a good one.  It started on Friday when my sister Diane came over to sew with me.  She brought her machine and set it up in my kitchen and we ran back and forth to the ironing board that was between us, haha.  She wanted a little help if she got stuck on the shirt she was making for her grandson, as she has never made one before and I have made COUNTLESS shirts of this type.  However, what neither one of us was counting on, was how LONG it has been since I have lol...However, we EVENTUALLY got our sewing done...Here are the blouses I made for my two youngest grand daughter's Capri and Donatella, and the shirt that I made for their brother JD.  I made one for Jeffie this morning, and now this afternoon I will make my final one for little Cody.  The fabic is adorable and they have come out quite cute (and fit pretty well too) but I am not sure what I was thinking.  I thought I was behind before and now I must REALLY get moving...haha 

The finished products

How darling are they?

Tella looks like her Aunt Melly here...

Love this one

Then on Sat. we drove down to San Diego to celebrate Capri's 6th birthday which is tomorrow.  I honestly can't believe this sweet little girl is 6 years old already.  How I love her.  Her imagination is wonderful, and she is soo sweet and loving.  At her birthday party (which was packed with little girls) she was opening her presents and said, "Raise your hand if you want to help me by opening one too!" haha  Needless to say she got countless offers and she proceded to pass her presents around for others to open for her.  It was either the most generous thing I have ever seen a little one do before, or she was soo anxious to get the gifts open and see what was inside that she figured this was the quickest way to see what was inside all those  Either way, it was certainly unique, which sums up this little sweetie completely.  Here are some pics from her special day.

The birthday girl

Her cake...the frosting was made from marshmellows....different, and very yummy

Her daddy lighting her candles

Pretty Lindsey
Shy, sweet little Jeffie

JD.  His little cheeks were soo red from all the jumping in the bouncer...didn't help that it was 80 degree's on Sat...go figure.

Capri with her new doll

I got the girls black legging pants and boots to go with their Christmas blouses.  We tried Tella's on as I wasn't sure anything was going to fit right.  Here she is showing off her boots.  Everything fit perfectly...YAY!

My cuties in the bouncer

After the party Jeff & I and my oldest son Joe and two of his kids, Lindsey & Jeffie headed a little bit further down into San Diego to have dinner with Joe's grandmother on his natural father's side.  What a wonderful story this is.  She is a WONDERFUL, loving woman who has always kept in touch with me.  Joe has met her a few times, but through choices that were his to make he has never had much of a relationship with her much to her GREAT sadness.  Joe recently decided to change this ~ thus the dinner.  What a wonderful time we had.  They made a delicious dinner and we chatted and visited the evening away.  Both his grandmother and an aunt (whose house it was) were in tears a couple of times.  We all also met a couple of his cousins for the first time.  I believe God has kept His hand on this situation for years and worked out all the details as only He can.  These women are also Christians and we actually spent some time in prayer together as well.  How happy I am that this evening happened, and that these relationships might now grow.  Everything IS possible with God.

Joe with his grandmother ~ she just kept hugging him and patting him etc. through the whole night....soo sweet

She met her great grandson Jeffie for the first time.  = )

Grandma with Joe & two of her 5 great grandchildren ~ Leah was home with the baby who had a BAD time for sure.

Joe with his cousins Serena & Paul....such nice kids

With his grandmother & his Aunt Diana

And then yesterday found Jeff & I after church TRYING to get all of our ourside lights and decorations both up AND working.  What a chore this has ended up being, haha...My WONDERFUL WONDERFUL
husband really can be a saint sometimes.  I am not sure why all of this is soo important to me this year.  I can honestly tell you it usually isn't.  I have tried to analyze it but I am not really sure.  We have had one thing after another on our lights.  One strand would go out and then the other.  He would put one up and two days later take it down and replace it.  I bought some BEAUTIFUL wise men for our little planter out front and I wanted them illuminated so that you could see them.  Oh my, what we went through to get them this way.  By yestereday afternoon (late) there were no more lights at a couple of the stores I went to and we couldn't find a fuse anywhere.  He pressed on...Finally, in the total dark he was lighting the last decoration and it was FINALLY complete.  How pretty it is.  Standing there looking at it all last night I just wanted to cry and again I am not sure why.  Maybe it is just the year we had.  Or maybe it is the new house and wanting it so to feel like home.  Or maybe I am just a silly woman, but how I thank God for the man I am married to who pressed on and on even though I KNOW he would have much rather been watching football but knew it was important to me for whatever reason at all.

The full view came out a little dark...but you get the idea

A lttle closer ~ see our Christmas tree there in the corner?

The wise men

I have a really busy week AGAIN lying ahead of me.  I am not done shopping and I haven't wrapped a thing, I've baking I want to do, my hair needs doing and so do my nails (and I haven't forgot...I've another shirt to make yet this afteroon) so I guess I will get busy again for now.  I hope to take a pic of my pretty outside decorations and then post this right after and then maybe visit a little with all of you.  Hope this finds you all busy making memories for this season we are in, and again, may we all keep our eye's on Him. 

Tonight as Jeff & I were sitting and having our dinner, we suddenly heard singing and looking out front we had a street full of carolers...I can't tell you how wonderful it was....I thought of you Janette and your post this morning.  I don't think in the 25 years I lived at our old house we EVER had carolers come to our house.  I think next year I'll join them.   = )

How precious are they?

Side note:  I didn't get the shirt made...tomorrow morning for sure...


  1. Okay...let's see, I don't want to miss a thing. The shirts are adorable!!! The birthday cutie..precious. Big family....means a birthday every time you turn around!! I know this from experience!! Your house looks lovely. The fun! Hope you get caught up.
    Merry Christmas Debbie!

  2. Way too much to comment on!!!! The kids look adorable in their Rudolph shirts. It was a lot of fun sewing together, but we really need to figure out a way that we can sit side by side, so talking to each other would be easier! LOL

    I loved the pics of Joe. You can see the emotion radiating off of Stella's face. How wonderful that you got to be a part of that evening!

    The lights are an absolute STUN! The wise men look so much better with a spotlight going.

  3. This post is awesome! It is rich with so many blessings I can't even begin to list.

  4. I enjoyed this look at all
    you've been up to lately.
    You have such beautiful little
    grandkids!! That Tella is so
    cute! You are quite the
    seamstress too. Wow! Wish I
    could sew like that.

  5. Debbie, this post brought tears to my eyes. I am so, so , so happy for Joe! The shirts are precious! If I have one regret, it is that I never learned to sew. Your house is beautiful! I love the wise men and I love that Jeff did the lights for you. So awesome.

  6. Oh I got to the end and YELLED!!! Oh MY!!! How neat...I hope our neighbors feel the same!! Oh, that is so encouraging to me!!! Carolers!!!

    Oh I love the shirts..totally precious! I can't wait to sew like that does come back to you!

    Your weekends are just so full and such a blessing!! Birthdays, visits, much more can you ask for? Grandkids in the middle of it all.

    I love the wise man on the front yard...can I borrow them for my caroling party?

    Blessings and have an awesome week!!! I will think of your carolers when we head out on Friday!!

  7. I think it all looks so pretty Debbie and the kids clothes look gorgeous. So happy about your son and his grandmother, God is so good.
    I love the way your house turned out with the lights on it. I see why you wanted it done. It is so homey looking.
    No, I don't know many dairy people anymore. I used to but I became a city person and the name looked familiar though. We have had so many dairy's relocate here.
    Thanks for you comment today.
    Now I have to go out and clean my chicken pen. We are supposed to be getting rain for about a week. We will see if the weather man is right. :) He called it the pineapple express.Which we don't see unless it is a El Nino year and this being a La Nina year it is weird. He doesn't know I have been praying for rain. :)
    Have a great day today Debbie.

  8. I love the matching shirts. A friend used to make us matching Christmas pj for Christmas morning and we loved them.

    Delighted to meet you today!

    Wanna do something zany and eternal this Christmas? Then, you are nvited you to a water buffalo party! No formal attire required, just stop by and splash along with us.

    Be blessed bunches,

  9. The shirts are adorable and you have such a pretty family.

  10. Love the clothes you made, and yes, they are adorable. I especially loved little ones' boots and leggings. We're a boot family all around over here!

    I sent your books a few days ago; let me know when they arrive safely.

    Have a good day.


  11. What a great update! You have been busy doing some great things. I love the shirts and the birthday visit pictures. What a great looking family! The decorations are gorgeous and how special are the carolers! Have a great rest of the week!

  12. What a full and wonderful weekend you had! You are so talented. The shirts are adorable, as are your little ones. How fun to sew alongside your sister. Precious memories made there!

    Love your outside decorations. They look wonderful. And to top it all off with carolers....what a beautiful ending to your weekend.

    Thanks for sharing it all with us. You are such a blessing to me!

    Much love,

  13. Your Christmas shirts and blouses are absolutely beautiful.....and I love the black legging and boots, too! And your grands...adorable!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful weekend and love seeing your Christmas lights and Wisemen.....Oh and the carolers - what a delight!!!

    Hugs and Merry Christmas!!

  14. Yet another busy weekend for you Debbie! Love those shirts! They are adorable! I can't believe Capri passed out all her presents for everyone to open, that is just the sweetest thing!

    Your house looks fantastic and I can't believe you had carolers! What a treat!

  15. Busy busy time of year isn't it? How darling your grandkids look in their homeade shirts. What a sweet thing to do. I am hoping to learn to sew in 2011 from my mom!! I can't wait.

    Your house looks so nice and festive. How fun to have the carolers.

    Merry Christmas Debbie. Enjoy the season.

  16. Hi Sweet Deb!!WOW! What incredible blessings God has been showering on you and yours! He is sooo good!!

    Little Jeffie looks like his great grandma, that's for sure! And Deb, those shirts are absolutely adorable and with the leggings and boots...precious!! I know you are such a blessing to all who know you!
    You have a heart the size of Texas, gal!! Just delights my soul!!

    May your Christmas be joyful and filled with fun memories, and your new year...simply wonderful!

    Love and hugs to you, sweetie!

  17. Love the shirts you made! They look adorable! And how great to have carolers come!




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