Monday, January 10, 2011


Outside my windowthe sun is starting to set on what has been such a nice day. A sunny day around 65 degrees. I love looking out my window as I can see the flowers and sega palms on my front porch. Soo pretty.

I am thinking….Of soo many things as always. Seems my head is always all over the place. I am thinking about the fact right now though that I am going to get to meet a lot of my neighborhood ladies tomorrow night as I have been asked to sub in their Bunco group. I haven’t played in YEARS…Looking forward to meeting them all, and hope I don’t embarrass myself. I don’t add numbers quickly, haha

I am thankful beautiful granddaughter Annabel who is actually 14 years old today! I can hardly believe she is this old already. How I love her. I wish I had more time with her than I do, but I do the best I can with what I am given. I am hoping to spend time with her this week-end while she is at her dad’s and go for sushi and a little shopping. We both love it, and I am needing a good long talk with her.

I am wearing....jeans, and a long sleeved dark blue tee-shirt. Quite comfy…

I am remembering...I am always looking back and remembering “something”…Recently I have been thinking about when we were kids and my mom would make these wonderful HUGE family dinners, complete with potatoes and gravy etc. Not exactly diet friendly meals, but I remember sitting down together as a family. Not many people do that much anymore.

I am going...I have already went, haha…I have been going to the same gals for almost 4 years now to get my nails done. How I love them. I went there today and enjoyed a nice long chat with them both. They are sisters and Vietnamese but they speak REALLY good English. They follow along on my life perfectly and never forget a thing. I have shared my faith a couple of times with them, and they really do seem to listen. They are finally asking more questions. They care for me with such compassion, and I appreciate them both soo much,

I am reading....Elaine’s book Peace for the Journey. I am LOVING it. There is a lot of truly good material in this book, and I am taking my time and slowly going through it. I have been enjoying her blog for a few months now, and this book is just sooo her. It’s wonderful.

I am hoping....that I work into this diet better with a little more time. I am HUNGRY, haha. Hopefully, it will show on the scale this week when I weigh in on Wed.

On my mind...sooo many things…..sooo many directions. At this moment I am thinking about the message I left on the recorder of a woman whose name Nina gave to me this afternoon. She called to see how the cleaning “service” went….not soo well….sigh….they (there were 2 of them) did everything in two hours. Not nearly long enough for what I paid, and didn’t touch a few things. Just the surface things quickly (I can do that) Anyway this woman is a friend of hers with similar cleaning habits, but she is younger and pretty booked. Might be too busy to get her, but it is worth a try.

From the kitchen...Not much out there but some Jenny Craig and some veggies….I am grateful for this (really I am) but I am wanting some bread, or some pasta, or something….I am hungry, haha,

Around the house....I am planning on starting some embroidery projects this week. I got the stuff around Thanksgiving time, but haven’t got to it. I am hoping to change that soon.

Plans for the hair (root time again), Bunco with neighbor ladies, visit with my mom, day with Annabel, birthday party for my niece Sarah, and church Sunday morning where my son will be the guest speaker

One of my favorite things....A day spent with a grandchild.

A picture to share…

My pretty girl and her dog Baxter....Miss her...


  1. I do love the day book. It just seems so quiet and so peaceful. Your daughter and you grand daughter are both so beautiful. You are a very blessed woman. I will check out the book you are reading. Thank you so much for sharing I will pray you loose on Wednesday and you aren't to hungry in the meantime.
    Blessing to you Debbie.

  2. Debbie - I'm hoping the diet takes hold also...but I say that every January. Beautiful pictures

  3. As I was reading your day book, I felt like I was catching up with a friend. This was so good as I see that you are adjusting to your new home. Mel's photo is beautiful as ever. Happy Birthday to Annabel!

    Blessings and love,

  4. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. Seem like a busy week ahead but that's awesome. Praying that all of your plans will come into fruition. God bless and same with your beautiful family.

  5. Hi Debbie. Fun post you did. Lots going on. Happy Birthday to your beautiful granddaughter! Hope you have a great week.

  6. Hi, I'm melissa and a new follower of yoursI was wondering if you'd like to join me reading a book a month in 2011? It starts on the 1st of February 2011 check out our blog group here..


    Would love your company!

  7. All good stuff!!! Enjoy! Happy Day to your pretty granddaughter. How is your mom doing?

  8. Fun post! Happy birthday to your granddaughter! Hope that your diet gets easier, have you ever tried weight watchers? At least with them you get to eat everything! I've gone on it once or twice and it always works for me. Counting calories is pretty easy too. I'm all about not missing out on yummy food!!

  9. Fun always, enjoyable with precious nuggets along the reading. precious...14!!
    Nails...that sounds fun, not something I have done...and mine are starting to show my age...ugh!!! So cutting them off for the first time in my life and not polishing do I sound old or what??? ha, ha

    Bunco...I have never played and heard it is so much fun...what a wonderful opportunity to become part of your community...go girl!!!

    I am trying to get around to embroidering also..and keep getting side-tracked...oh, my!! Have fun!!

    Have a great week..sounds like a good start!!

  10. Debbie, I do enjoy reading daybooks of my friends, and have done it in the past, and might start again this year.
    Your daybook is wonderful, I wish your dear Annabel a very happy birthday, she shares it with a very special guy in my life. she is so pretty! have a blessed time with her this weekend.
    I got my roots done when daughter was home, she is always so faithful in trying to help me. lol
    Debbie I wish you so much success with the Jenny Craig program, my plans were to start fresh and anew in the new year, but as you well know vertigo had other plans. lol. Something I have never figured out is... no matter how sick I am nothing seem to bother my appetite. lol.
    Mel is so beautiful,!!
    Thanks for sharing your day,
    Much love,

  11. Hi this post. I want to play, is that something you link up to or your own invention? Your grand-daughter looks like Mel. She is so cute. I think she looks like you too.
    Enjoy may be the start of something great :)

  12. Hi sweet friend, Loved getting caught up with you! Happy belated Birthday to Annabel-she is beautiful and I loved the photo of Mel and Baxter. So glad you are enjoying Elaine's book-isn't she amazing, but more importantly, isn't our God amazing.
    Hugs to you today.

  13. So how was the Bunco?? I've played only once but it was a lot of fun:) I enjoy games. Hubbie..not so much - so we don't play that often. We did play Catch Phrase (ok, he watched and cheered from the sidelines!) at some friends recently...first time, I've played a game in quite awhile.

    Hope you had a great time and so sorry the cleaning ladies didn't really work out. They really are hard to come by....

    Happy Birthday to the 14 year old - woo hoo:)

  14. Loved reading your Day Book list, Debbie!

    I can sooo relate to the diet thing! Gained back 6lbs over the holidays and got to get back in gear!!

    Hugs and Blessings!


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