Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well, I have completed week one of Jenny Craig...I'd love to say I have morphed into a new woman and all is going WONDERFULLY....but it just isn't the case.... I struggled, whined, felt sorry for myself, nursed rebellious feelings, and was generally just a baby about the whole thing. Some of the days I whipped through wondering why on earth I had been fighting it, only to turn right around the next day and wonder if I'd make it through the day without cheating. The food is REALLY good, honest it is, and MOST of the time I am actually OK in the "literal" hunger department. And when I am not, there are things I can eat that are both tasty and VERY LOW in calories. I KNOW good and well what to eat and what not to eat. What is healthy and what is not. What is downright indulgent, and what is OK as a very occasional treat. I have felt both convicted and downright bad about how this all works in with my life as a Christian as well. Shouldn't I be able to get this all into control? Shouldn't I be able to let the Lord "handle" this for me? Am I nothing but a poor witness? As I laid in bed last night, praying and truly seeking the Lord for answers on this issue, and several others as well, I again felt He ministered to me, comforted me, gave me His peace, and all while KNOWING how little I deserve it. And yet, that is what is sooo wonderful about being a Christian. I don't have to whip (somehow) myself into this "perfect" person who struggles with nothing, and always does the right thing. He loves me period.....just the way I am. It makes me want to tell as many people as I can just how wonderful He is, and what having a relationship with a living God does for you. It makes me WANT to live my life for Him, and makes me WANT to get these areas (and others) of my life into better order. I appreciate His gift of grace and mercy, and yet at the same time don't want to take them for granted or use them as an excuse to live my life any old way I chose. And so I will press on. I will go in a little while and weigh in and see what (if any) progress I may have made this week. I will thank Him and praise Him that I have even the opportunity to do a diet in such an easy way. That I have any food at all to eat when sooo many millions of people don't. To let Him explore and dig deeper into my heart seeking as to why this is such an issue for me anyway. Trusting Him to lead and direct me in the right way to put this problem behind me once and for all...The Lord directed me to these verses this morning, and how they ministered to me.
Phil 3:13-14 Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead. I press for the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

I will not let myself dwell on what is done…on what is in the past…on what I do right, or what I do wrong, but press on doing as best as I can towards my goal of “being” in Christ Jesus.

Well, I got interrupted and had to leave to go weigh in and now I am back....WOO all I can say. I lost 4 and half pounds. So I must have stuck to it all a little better than I thought....BUT the most important part of all to report is that the councilor that I was assigned for this journey was just WONDERFUL. And trust me, I have been assigned some in the past who just don’t “get it”…She is going to be just what I need I think to help me through this. Thank you Jesus! OK, I will put this away in my mind for now and get on with the rest of my day. Meanwhile though, I would appreciate a prayer or two for my attitude and perseverance; for the remembering that I can only do the best I can do through the power I get from Him.

To switch topics altogether I just have to make a quick (hopefully) little comment about last night’s Bunco game. A sweeter bunch of ladies would be hard to find. I DID enjoy myself. BUT!! It was a very watered down version of Bunco…The next closest person to my age had me beat by 15 years and most of these dear souls were in their late 70’s and 80’ was AT LEAST 80 degrees in the house and yet they all wore sweaters, jackets, scarves and I imagine considered even gloves…with my “hot flashes” this was MOST difficult…it was quite the procedure to switch tables as many had walkers and canes…there was almost no other talking or getting to know any of them as they had to concentrate on rolling the dice WAY TOO HARD…One sweet woman had NO IDEA rather she was winning or losing and kept asking repeatedly, “Did I win honey? Did I win?” I finally just started telling her, “Why yes, you did!” as she wasn’t marking it right anyway, haha It was a VERY LONG 2 and half hours of rolling dice. I KNOW there is a reason that the Lord has placed me in a senior citizens park at my age, but it is NOT to play Bunco I am very sure, lol = )


  1. Wow!! 4 1/2 pounds that is incredible. I hope your week goes by fast and you don't even think about food. I am sorry, but I did laugh about your bunco group and playing. Oh my gosh, that had to be a kick. Not to mention you were the spring chicken. Isn't there anyone there closer in age that play bunco?

    Well have a good week, thanks for letting us know about your weigh in, I was thinking about it this morning.

  2. Jenny Craig, huh? I'm doing the Lean Cuisine diet. 2 lean meals, and yogurt with flax seed, fruit and nuts for breakfast. But dang it, it makes me so mad that I already lost 15 lbs before Christmas, and now 10 of it snuck back. !!!

    Let's pray for each other Debbie!

  3. Dieting is SO hard when you love food!! I know EXACTLY how you feel. I need to drop several pounds myself. Ugh!!
    I absolutely despise Bunco. Sorry, can't say it sounded like fun, it sounded like agony!! I have subbed for several friends, and each time I say NEVER again. YUCK..patooey!!!
    : ) ON that sour puss note....have a great day!!! I am!

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  5. Great job! Debbie!! just keep doing what you are doing. I am still struggling with mine, and it comes from a lack of discipline, and having someone to cook for who eats whatever and doesn't gain.

    loved the story of your bunco game, have never played. Since I don't believe in circumstance, but that our lives are ordered by God, I am looking forward to you sharing in the future of how you touched these ladies' lives. Knowing your desire to serve Him, I am sure you sowed seeds that will produce much fruit. Who knows you might even begin a bible study, You certainly have the knowledge and the gift of teaching.
    Enjoy your week ,

  6. Oh Debbie...I am laughing out loud at the Bunco night...oh, my!!!!! You were afraid you couldn't keep up with your math...I wish I could just laugh with you...this is tooo funny!!!

    Yea on the weight...see the enemy had to take you around the mountain because you were going to have a victory...go girl..that is just took me a whole year to loose 5 pounds...and I was proud that I entered this year without that five pounds.!!!

    I am with you on this journey..I made myself exercise today in front the TV and was so glad I did...I kept hearing my own blog post on "excuses"...this blogging thing comes back and haunts you.

    Well rejoice over your victory and look forward to more!!! Now I have to stop laughing over the visual of the Bunco party!!!!...Well I will loose calories, so thanks!!!

  7. Hi Debbie,
    I am laughing at your bunco experience. All I can say is you need to look for a younger group that you can grow into walkers and hearing aids with. That's what we're planning with my bunco group. At least we'll all be in the same boat. We have even considered recruiting a couple of younger girls to take care of us. Just kidding.....have fun and good luck with the diet. It sounds like you are off to a terrific start.

  8. I have no idea how to play bunco. But I'm glad the group of ladies were so nice. I've lost a few pounds just from running after the little children at my job. But I'm finding it hard to have the energy to exercise at night when I come home. I'm too tired and I have to drive an hour each morning. So getting up any earlier isn't going to happen. That's the best way I've found to lose weight; decrease serving sizes and exercise. But Deb, at our age it's harder and harder. I look at my friends and they struggle too. Hang in there.


  9. Debbie, that's fantastic! I'm "doing it" on my own and it took me all of last year to shed 10 pounds. Then a little holiday set-back but I'm getting back on track. Have you heard of Made to Crave?
    Go to the website I listened to the first webcast this week and it was fantastic. As soon as I can make my way through the snow, I'm going to buy the book. Have a great day!

  10. Congrats on the weight loss!!! 4 1/2 is so awesome! I have been struggling with my weight since I quit smoking. Ugh. I just started an exercise program and am trying to make healthier choices. It is slow going and I have to pray for patience and strength of will every day.

  11. I know well all those things you speak of in the struggle. I'm praying for you! Don't give up and don't beat yourself up. Just take it one victorious pound at a time.

  12. I love to eat, love, love, love it. And I love to cook, so it's a double dilemma for me. I used to be able to eat anything that I wanted and however much of it I wanted. Now, not so much. I'm trying to workout and eat better. The eating better is there, but I still need to make time for the working out. Tim is never here and I can only imagine what it would be like to go on a run with 2 kids. YEAH RIGHT!! We all have our road blocks it's just getting past them right? Good luck, and the four pounds should definitely be a boast of confidence! Excuse me, 4.5 pounds, I don't want to leave any out! I'll be praying for you, it is such a battle!

    That is so funny about the bunco! For my group, which just started in December, it's not so much about the playing, it's more about getting together with some girlfriends and relaxing. Kind of like a girls night out, without the out! I love it. The game is fun and if you find a good group, you look forward to it every month! I'm with my Mom, find a younger group and you'll love it! Or start your own! That's what we did!

  13. we are all in this weight thing together, so keep going... it sounds like you're doing just fine. And when the enemy raises his ugly head... step on him!! :)

    Bunco night was hilarious! Why do I always feel like before I know it, one of those ladies will be me!!

  14. Debbie... congrats on getting started! Have you read Lysa Terkheurst's (sp?) "Made to Crave"? It's a brand new release and takes a new look at dieting, etc. I really enjoyed reading it and I look forward to digesting more of it in the days to come. Here's a link to her website... she's doing a lot with it right now:

    Enjoy your weekend. Take a nice long walk if you're able. I'm couch bound, feeling heavy effects from recent chemo, but knowing that better days are coming.



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