Monday, February 21, 2011


Well I have soo many things to be grateful for this Mon. that I just had to share some of them with all of you.  First, Melody had her first ultra sound this morning and we got GOOD news.  Everything appears to be totally normal and healthy and they both saw and heard the little heartbeat.  Mike was right there with her and they both were quite excited.  Her doc. told her that the chances now for miscarriage have gone down to less than 5% which is just wonderful of course.  However he wasn't able to determine at this early stage, one of the things we are concerned about, so she will have another in two weeks.  Most of the problems that are possibilities will not be factors until she is much further along, but so far sooo VERY, VERY good.  Poor Mel is quite sick with morning sickness which I guess is also good news as her doc assured her it means that her hormones are all doing their job well, and the pregnancy is healthy.  She has lost a few pounds which she DEFINITELY does not have to lose, and he did say he is OK with her not gaining in the first trimester, but that he doesn't want to see her lose any more.  So if she can't eat (right now it is SUCH s force...) he will have to give her something to help.  She is definitely one of those people (now where could she get this?? haha) that fights taking any kind of medication unless she absolutely has to, so we are praying it won't be necessary.  She is really pretty excited, and so am I, over this whole thing.  The due date is Oct. 15th...seems very far away right now for this anxious grandma.  And then...James & Larissa got back from their missionary trip to Costa Rica and all went well.  The kids did well while they were gone, so it was a win/win situation.  We went to little Donatella's second birthday party on Sat.  It was pretty low key as Jim and Larissa had just gotten back the night before and were sooo tired.  Think 7 days and 6 nights with 16 teen-agers, haha...My camera was dead so I didn't get ANY pictures.  = (  I am hoping Larissa might post some on her facebook and then I will steal them, but for now I haven't got any.  It was SUCH a nice day.  Donatella was just ADORABLE as always.  How I love to hear her talk.  And talk she complicated sentences; just as cute as she could be.  We stopped and picked up little Jeffie on our way so that he could play with the kids.  I spent my day the way I like best...watching my grandkids enjoy life...I just have to tell you one more little story.  After the party we went out to eat with my son and his family.  It was sooo cold, and I am NEVER cold so you know it was pretty bad.  I had complained a couple of times about how cold my hands were.  Anyway, as we were walking out to our cars, little JD (4 years) says to me, "Grandma, are your hands still cold?"  And I answered and said, "Yes, JD they are freezing."  The next thing I knew he took one of my hands in his two little warm ones and began rubbing them back and forth to warm mine up.  It was JUST the sweetest thing.  But then he is just the sweetest little boy.   I have a busy week coming up and I am VERY grateful that my body isn't hurting nearly as bad.  Thank you for all the kind words, encouragement, and emails I received from you all.  I appreciate it soo much.


  1. Good news about the baby! I'm continuing to pray for you...

  2. How exciting - the first ultrasound and hearing the baby's heartbeat!! Just love it:) and what a praise to hear all is going well!

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend - even if I am just the taddest bit jealous of all the wonderful moments...big ones and everyday have with the grandkids!! What a blessing!!

    Send Mel a hug for me - woo hoo!! and hugs to you as well!


  3. What great news about Mel's baby! How exciting this is. And JD; what a precious child. Those little ones say the cutest things and have such awesome hearts.

    Blessings and love,

  4. So nice and such a sweet grandson too. So glad and I know this will sound terrible but so glad your daughter is sick. When I was young and had lost a couple babies, I didn't know the sicker you are the better it is for the baby. When I got pregnant again and oh so sick, the doctor was happy and I carried the baby to term. So that is really good news. I always thanked God for the morning sickness after that.
    So thankful you shared. So glad it was a good weekend.

  5. Such great news about your daughter. The time will go so quickly. Glad that you were able to spend some wonderful time with your grandbabies! They are so lucky to have you.

    Much love,

  6. Wonderful news about hearing that
    little heartbeat! Continuing to
    pray for a full term pregnancy,
    easy delivery, and healthy baby.

  7. How Happy I am for Mel and Mike, an for you all too, the doctor told Susan that morning sickness was always a good sign. I have really been praying for her.
    The story about JD just touched my heart so much. and I can imagine how you felt, isn't it wonderful, to be loved so much. Oh! how I miss our grandchildren and all of those hugs, and hand holding. Just think in a few months there will be another one to hold.
    SOOO glad you are feeling better.
    Blessings to you today.

  8. I love hearing about your life. Just another encouragement, the three I lost to miscarriage I didn't have morning sickness, the other six I carried to full term all came with morning sickness...and I also lost weight at the that would be a good sign for me! Congratulations!
    Your weekend with grandchildren...may I be as blessed one weekends are lonely since my husband works and all our adult kids are so busy and our teen has started his social I hope one day I have grandchildren weekends.
    Hvae a great week!

  9. That is such good news for Mel and Mike! How exciting!! I'll be praying for a healthy pregnancy! I will never forget hearing Riley's heartbeat for the first time. Amazing.

  10. Hi Debbie,
    It was nice to hear everything is moving along so well with Mel's pregnancy. I bet you can't wait, it will be here before you know it. Have a great week and stay healthy.

  11. Cold hands; warm heart.

    Yes, yours is... a warm heart. Thanks for giving to your kids, grandkids, and to all of us.

    Enjoy your week!


  12. Hurray, so glad to hear good news on Melody's pregnancy!! I will pray for the other issues to resolve in good news, too! What a sweet little JD you have! And what a blessing it must be to all of them to have their Grandma to spend time with!

  13. That is so exciting for your daughter and her husband. Hope things continue to go well for her!

  14. Good morning, sweet friend. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday - and that those knees are quiet today and not acting ugly:)

    Is today a weigh in day?? Don't you just LOVE those:) Praying for more good news!

    Off to work - trying to go with a smile on my face. Just really not into today??? But wanted to stop by and say hello -

    Hugs, Jennifer


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