Monday, April 18, 2011




On Sat. morning we decided VERY SPUR OF THE MOMENT to go to Disneyland.  Our youngest son James and his family joined us for the day, and we brought along little Jeffie as well.  It was his very first trip to Disneyland which made it very special indeed.  What a good day we had!.  The only real appeal Disneyland has for me anymore is to see it through the eyes of my grandkids.  We rented a little scooter for me to get around in, and it traveled along at a very fast pace.  I LOVE it, haha...

I won't tell you ALL the adorable things they said and did, lol, but I will share this one as it was just sooo cute.  We were sitting outside of the Enchanted Tiki Room, which for those of you who have never been to Disneyland, it is a hut where all different kinds of birds, and the flowers etc. sing.  It is darling.  Anyway there is a little holding area outside of the room where you wait between shows.  Jeffie and Capri and JD were sitting on a bench with Grandma waiting for Grandpa and their mommy to buy us all some pineapple whips (soo good btw).  James was out walking little Donatella around in her stroller who was napping.   I was talking with the kids when  Jeffie said, "Grandma, if I lived at Disneyland I would want this to be my house.  It is like a jungle and a forest all at the same time."  And then Capri said, "Well, if you live at the Tiki House then I will live in Cinderella's castle.  You can be the king of the Tiki House, and I will be the Queen of the castle."  I laughed at their imaginations and fun and said, "Well, WHERE is Grandma going to live?"  And Jeffie said, "Well, you can live right there....(he was pointing to a restaurant next door).....that way you will live sooo close to both of us."  How darling was that? 

The day was a LONG one, and a little warmer than I would have liked, but perfect in every other way.  At 10:15 that night we were sitting on the curb (or everyone but Tella and I that is) watching the firework show, when Larissa nudged me and pointed to little Jeff.  I looked over and he was literally asleep sitting straight up, his little head swaying around on his neck.  I honesty couldn't believe it.  The only one I have ever seen do such a thing?  His daddy.  They just keep going until they can't go anymore, lol.  Hope you all had a wonderful week-end.

Sorry, I have just one more little story I have to tell....the kids were all talking about what they like the best, etc., when the conversation somehow eventually got around to if you could have whatever you wanted in the whole world what would it be. When it was Capri's turn she said, "Well, I would want Jeffie to be my very best friend." And little Jeff said, "Pick again Capri, because I already am." Both mine and Larissa's hearts just melted...OK, now I'll stop.

I am posting a little slide show of the day.  ENJOY


  1. How fun! Love that you were able to get around in a scooter so you could enjoy it all more.

  2. What fun Debbie! Disneyland through the eyes of kids would be great. Even though I am not a fan of Disneyland, I do want to go with my grands soon.

  3. How sweet is this entire post!!! So adorable. I love Disneyland, love it. I wish I had renewed our passes! Loved the slideshow!

  4. Oh my!! are they too cute!:) Such a wonderful spur of the moment idea....I know everyone will remember for - well, forever! and those are the best memories for sure.

    Now, if I could only keep all those cuties straight. I have the hardest time remembering who belongs to whom and which ones go together! So many sweet little ones:)

    Have a wonderful week - huge hugs - Jennifer

  5. I hadn't heard that story about capri and jeffies best friend thing, that's pretty darn cute.

  6. What a fun day Debbie.
    That conversation between Jeffie and Capri was just the cutest thing I've ever heard. How sweet.
    Glad you all had such fun.

  7. Oh how fun! What a blessing and sweet memories you all will have for a lifetime. Loved the stories of your grandkids conversations!

  8. Hi Debbie -

    Just got your comment - and the "low down" (which, yes, will take some re-reading:)!!) I just had to quickly ask....Does that mean you are going to be a GREAT grandma!?!? Oh, and a gramma all in the same year. Don't you just love it!

    Running out the door - trying to meet a friend for a little shopping fun before I head to work! Sure wish you lived right around the corner:)

    Have a great Tuesday!

  9. You just melted my heart too! Oh. My. Goodness.

    And that's what it's ALL about!

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. I visited Disneyland when I was
    a young teen and it was just
    great. You are never too old or
    too young to enjoy that place.
    Glad you and your cutie pies
    had fun.

  11. Oh favorite post of the day. I LOVE Disneyland!!!! What adorable conversations and how great, because now you will remember them forever.
    I would like to be neighbors and live at Disneyland too. But I think I will move around. My first address will be the treehouse, but not Tarzan's, I will redecorate it back to the Swiss Family Robinson's. A Flash from my past.
    Darling post.

  12. Oh how fun, how fun, how fun!!! I am just rejoicing and giggling along with your do have the best weekends.

    Happy Easter

  13. Dear Debbie, I loved seeing your grands and hearing about your time at Dland. Guess what girl-I hit the fabric store today and got some very special fabric for a very special quilt. I'm so excited but won't show you yet.
    Love you lots.

  14. What can I say Debbie, except I am so jealous, in a good way . My this brought back so many wonderful memories for me, when we would go to Disney World with the grandkids.
    What a beautiful family you have, and just think of all those wonderful memories that your family will have. I just know your yearly book is going to be so beautiful. What a joy to see those beautiful smiling faces.
    If you were like me, I needed a day to rest up, maybe two. lol.


  15. We're treating DD & her family to Disney World next summer. It has no appeal to me ... except, like you said, through the eyes of the grands.

    What sweet, sweet stories about your grandkids ... such sweet memories. Just melts your heart, doesn't it?

  16. I love seeing those smiling little faces. What precious memories they already have with YOU and you with THEM.

    We are blessed Nana's aren't we? Grandchildren are the absolute best ever!

    Love you,

  17. Hi Debbie! So nice stopping by and reading about the sweet times you have shared with your grandchildren! I have perused many of your posts and loved each one. New little one on the way... so exciting!

    Precious photos on your side bar too. We have some things in common... Love of the Lord, married 35 tears, 4 children (I had all girls) and lots of grandchildren :)

    Looking forward to vising again and again!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  18. I'd be living in the restaurant too! Precious memories, but I'm with you. The only reason I'd go is to share it with my kids. I'm way past needing to do all that walking!



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