Friday, April 29, 2011


I know everyone is different and I perfectly OK with that.  I have no idea how most of you felt about the royal wedding.   My thoughts on it were I just couldn't get worked way or the other.  I knew I wanted to at least SEE the dress, maybe a few of the details, and that might be about it.  So I had my hubby DVR it for me and when I get a chance this week-end I will check it out....maybe.  I may have seen enough pics to give me what I wanted.  Meanwhile of course I have seen a few pics here on the internet, and it looks like a beautiful, classy, elegant look the bride went for.  But when I came across this pic I am sorry I just burst into a laughter.  I can't imagine being dead serious with those hats, let alone wearing them to a royal wedding.  The women (Williams cousins of course)....quite beautiful.  But the hats....I honestly just can't imagine.  I am sure they are the height of fashion...but they just amuse me I guess.  Thought if you haven't seen this, you might get a smile too.  : )

And I just couldn't resist sharing this pic of my granddaughter Capri.  She is into Pippi right now and wanted to sport her braids.  How adorable is this??!  She's got her daddy's sprinkling of freckles across her nose and them and her!

The week-end stretches out in front of us and I am looking forward to it.  The time goes by though sooo fast it is hard to believe it is upon us once again.  Had lunch and enjoyed the day today with my DIL Leah.  We haven't had the opportunity in quite a while, and it was such a nice day.  She got her hair cut too, and so we visited with Jessie as well.  Tonight we will play cards with my parents and us girls had better step up our game...we have been getting ruthlessly beat... My heart goes out to all of those people who have suffered and lost so much in the recent tornado's.  My thoughts and prayers are with them.  Hope you all enjoy a wonderful spring week-end!


  1. Oh I saw that picture and I laughed also....I have looked at the pictures...the bride was beautiful and the dress just elegant. When they commented on the difference between Prince William's courtship and his parents courtship...I just thought it was sad, but such a sign of the time.

    Diana and Charles were never alone and not allowed to live together....move to the future, Prince William and Kate have lived together for years....just took something out of it for me. So after years of living together they made it legal.

    Then I thought...well we as Christian's are not to look like the my prayer is that Christians will start to hold up the banner on morals and not give in as much as we do to the ways of the world...and that is my heart for my children....still five more to marry. My prayer is that they will be able to go against the culture.

    Sorry...soapbox...have a wonderful weekend...hope you win the card game.

  2. Oh can delete my comment it sounds like I am throwing water on a beautiful event that will go down in history...I am not trying to take away from the wedding or even their future marriage...if you feel it is throwing water please delete....

  3. I admit the hats are something else. Those lovely ladies are Prince Andrew's daughters. I guess that makes them William's cousins. It must be the style????

  4. Can you stand how cute Capri is?? She is soooo adorable!!! and she wears James's socks pulled up to her knees to resemble pippi's "longstockings"!

  5. I so laughed at that hat too. I just wanted to see the wedding gown too. Which I liked better than Diana's I thought is was a beautiful wedding.
    My favorite though was the age old vows in the church. That was my favorite and I love the Glory God received. It gave me chills.
    Have fun watching it.

  6. Those hats are so funny! I did enjoy seeing the wedding. I have to say, the first thing I thought of when I saw her dress, was how much it reminded me of my very own wedding dress.....32 years ago. Although, I am quite certain, the price was vastly different!!!! Capri is a cutie patootey for sure!!!
    Happy weekend to you.

  7. Your granddaughter is super cute, Debbie! I love her braids. :)

    And Royal Wedding? What Royal Wedding?

  8. What a darling grand daughter you have! This is a priceless photo! Have a happy weekend! Anne

  9. Deb,

    What cracks me up is that even though I haven't watched even 1 second of the wedding nor had the tv ON!!! Yet, ~ I have seen the dress, the flower girls, Kate's sister and her beautiful dress, & the much anticipated KISS!! LOL Thank goodness for social media!

    Your granddaughter is just darling!! Sounds like you have a wonderful and joy-filled weekend planned!
    Enjoy every precious moment my friend!

    Love & Hugs!

  10. oh, she is just adorable! pippi has always been our favorite storybook character, too. i felt just the
    same as you about the wedding. "just show me
    the dress, please."

    HOWEVER, at choir sunday morning, our choir
    director shared that they sang every verse of
    "i was glad", the most reverential hymn to the
    Lord of Lords. and everyone in the crown outside
    sang along.

    how awesome is that?


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