Monday, May 2, 2011


Jeff & I had another wonderful week-end. The weather here in California is just about perfect recently and how I have enjoyed it. As I sit typing this in my chair by the window, there is a perfectly wonderful cool breeze blowing in the window, and I can smell my jasmine blooming on the porch...I LOVE it!

On Sat. we spent the morning running a few necessary errands. Joanne's Fabric store was having a big sale and had their patterns for $1.99. I am "thinking" about making the bumper pads, quilt, window valance, crib sheets and bed skirt for Mike & Melody's new baby nursery. The things she has found that she likes have SUCH ridiculous price tags, that we decided this might be a much better alternative. Mel's taste has always run towards quality, the different, and unfornately pricey, haha. Anyway, back to my story....Jeff was really a good sport about hitting the 3 local Joanne's so I could get all the different patterns I have been wanting. I am going to make Capri & Donatella some little matching sundresses too. I also got some PERFECT snuggly baby flannel to make the new baby some matching nighties and receiving blankets. I would show a pic of the darling little fabric, but she OCCASIONALLY reads this blog, and I wouldn't want her to see, so I will resist for now. She just phoned me after seeing her doc for her 16 week check-up and all is well, praise God. He confirmed that it is indeed a boy (no shocker to this grandma, haha) so they will now announce the gender on facebook. Such a big thing these days. They have decided DEFINITELY on the name as well. He will be Samuel Alan TeVelde. They will call him Sam. Alan is a family name as both Mike & his father share it, so I am glad this little guy will have it as well. After our other (not nearly as exciting!) errands we ran by and picked up little Jeff and went and saw the new movie African Cats. I had promised him a couple of weeks ago that I would take him when we saw the previews for it while seeing the movie Hop. It was soo good. We all enjoyed it. I love these kind of movies in the first place, and this one was particularly good. Even Grandpa & Grandma learned a thing or two as well.

Then...after church on Sunday we had lunch with James, and then left him to study and prepare for the evening service and the rest of us headed out to the San Diego Zoo for the afternoon as Larissa had free passes. We had little Jeff with us as well as he is SUCH an animal lover Grandma couldn't bear to leave him behind on such a trip. What a GORGEOUS day in San Diego it was yesterday. Around 73 degree with warm sunshine and perfect, light, cool breezes. It was just a glorious day and the kids were all soo good. Not a single melt down, haha. The cousins have such a good time together. I just have to tell you what JD and Jeffie discovered yesterday for the first time. They have the very SAME last name!! HAHA I guess you just assume that they KNOW these things, but I guess they didn't. At first, it was presenting a little argument of sorts as they just didn't believe that this was possible. But when I explained WHY it was true, they were quite gleeful about it. They knew they were cousins, and yet didn't realize I guess that it is because their daddies are brothers! (which means the same last name!) Soo funny. But they decided it was pretty cool to share their name after all. We had intended to hear James at the evening service, but just didn't get out of there in time, so we headed back to their house where Larissa made us a delicious and healthy fish dinner and we started home. Little Jeff was asleep the minute the car started rolling, haha. It was a LONG day! Here are some pics of our adventure. ENJOY. I have got LOTS of sewing to do, so I will  be busy with that this week. Hope you all enjoy yours!

Tella, with her butterfly wings for the day, getting a good look with the boys at the giraffe's

I LOVE this of the boys!

It was REALLY difficult getting all 4 to stand together at one time for a picture.  This was the best one I got on the day.  Capri is demonstrating an elephant's trunk for me, haha

They all had such a good time playing around in this little area.  Jeffie looks like a mini Joe in this pic.  Soo much like his daddy at the same age.

My photogenic JD!!

Tella flying a helipcopter!

Capri enjoying the one of several play areas!

Oh I forgot to mention that "the girls" won Friday night!!  YAY mom!  Now we are only down one game.  ; )


  1. Good afternoon sweet friend, Loved seeing all the grands and hearing about your trip to Joanne's....hum we really should live closer,then you could help me with children's clothes and I could teach you to quilt. Our weekend was cold and dreary and even though today started warm the clouds are here now so I'm heading up to sew.
    Love you Debbie!

  2. What a fun day, I love all of those pictures. It has been so pretty and so nice.
    So glad you shared, I really enjoyed the pictures.

  3. YoU have the most adorable family! those children are so precious! Sounds like so much fun, and with those temps, who can resist a day like this! God is so Good! Have a great week!

  4. we especially love matching sundresses!!!! I'll post my zoo pics on facebook so you can see them. =)

  5. Well you just live in toooooo fun of place and have just toooo much fun with those precious, and to hear they didn't realize they were cousins...priceless.

    Oh have fun on this pregnancy and glad you can enjoy sewing...I haven't done much in years and need to relearn.

    Well put another wonderful weekend enjoyed on the board for you...there truly is never a boring one.

    Oh went to San Diego zoo when I was a Junior in High School...last time to be in California.

  6. I'm sure it's such fun to be your grandchild Deb. You are such fun.

    Blessings and love,

  7. Sounds like a perfect weekend!! Wish I had made it to Joann's too. Darn! Cute kiddos!!!!

  8. I occasionally read your blog?? Sigh. How many times must I explain this??? I read ALL of your blogs. Maybe not immediately after you write them, but once a week or so I check your blog and read all the new ones. I'd say that's a little more than occasional. I just never comment b/c I'm too lazy to take the time to sign in. Considering I talk to you daily, it doesn't seem extremely necessary to comment anyway!

  9. A new grandy boy coming your way! How fun! Sam is getting so could be any day now. I'm really excited and staying crazy busy!

    Love all of your photos, and your sweet heart!
    Have a joyful week, Deb,

  10. Aren't you something, sewing for the grandson already! Can't wait to view your handiwork. Odds are it will be better than those wedding hats you posted!


  11. The weather has been nice hasn't it?!
    Although I was NOT crazy about the wind!!
    Great zoo pics of your grands!
    And how neat if you made all the bedding for your grandson!


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