Friday, May 20, 2011


Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

Outside my window...Is a beautiful spring day. Gentle breeze, blue sky with a few puffy white clouds, birds chirping. I am soo enjoying this right now as we have had some gloomy, raining days this week.

I am thinking....about all the sewing projects I am working on. I just finished another set of a receiving blanket and nightie. Yesterday, I found a fabric store that carried the bumper pad inserts I was looking for and 40% off as well! But I found ANOTHER piece of flannel fabric I couldn’t resist as well, so looks like little Sam will have yet another receiving blanket and nightie, haha…Soo cute. I will show pics soon I promise.

I am thankful for….soo many things. I am thankful Mel came for a couple of days, though I am missing her right now. I am thankful I didn’t gain a single pound with my road trip last week-end…I tried REALLY hard, lol. I am thankful for my husband who is truly my best friend and spoils me rotten. ; )

From the kitchen....not much going on out there but the whir of the dish washer

I am wearing….. old jeans (that are getting kind of baggy!) and a purple knit top.

I am creating....lots of baby items….see above. : )

I am my parents tonight for our weekly card game. We are still behind a game mom!

I am reading….not much other than my Bible recently. I need something new. Plus I have been spending a lot of time reading up on different ideas and ways of making baby nursery items online.

I am have a relaxing week-end. Seems like we have been soo busy recently.

I am hearing...the whir of the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Oh, and the birds singing outside my window. I wish I knew the kinds of birds around here, or really any for that matter. I also have some elevator music (as my kids call it, haha) playing in the background. And now, I am hearing a lawn mower from a nearby neighbor. I love that sound!

Around the house....nothing going on out of the ordinary for a Friday.

One of my favorite things….is time spent with grandkids…I am needing a visit with some this week-end.

A few plans for the rest of the week....just a quiet weekend at home.

Here are some pictures for thought....Are they the cutest things you ever saw or what???

JD & them so!

Hope you all have a wonderful week-end! 


  1. Great picture of the grandkids! I enjoyed your daybook entry. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi there, If we were neighbors, we'd be playing cards or other games every weekend. Love the two grands. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Hi Debbie!
    Just catching up with your blog.
    Your nephew's wedding sounds so fun. Great pictures. Her dress was beautiful!!! I can't believe her mother made it all. Wow. So talented.
    Mel looks beautiful too with her glow and her baby bump. So exciting.

    Hope you enjoy your nice relaxing weekend!

  4. Precious pictures of the grandkids...and YEA! your jeans are loose, why to go girl!!!

    Oh keep inspiring me to get back on my machine

    Have a wonderful weekend...enjoyed reading about your day

  5. I just love the Day book entries.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you get to rest and I hope you have lots of sunny skies.
    Yay for baggie jeans!! Your grand babies are so cute.

  6. Really enjoyed reading your Daybook post! And JD & Donatella are so cute! I liked the wedding photos too! I am shooting a wedding this afternoon and that always makes me a little anxious. We have had heavy rain all week and today is sunny and beautiful. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  7. I'm so glad I was able to drop by and read your Friday musings. I love the photo of JD and Donatella. I know that you are the best grandma.

    blessings and love,

  8. Hi Debbie, Enjoyed your daybook, and the photo of those precious grandchildren. I think one o f the best feelings is to put on a pair of pants and have them be baggie, you go girl!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Oh how I love the gentle rhythms of life you've spelled out here (and those two doll-baby pics!).

    Blessings on you, too,


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