Friday, May 27, 2011


WOW! I can't believe we are already to Friday!  And Memorial Day week-end as well.  I know I say it all the time, BUT time really does race by.  I have been really busy this week as I have made myself up a schedule to "TRY" and keep in order to have all my sewing done by the 9th of July, and I am going to be one busy gal.  I haven't done this much sewing in A LONG TIME, and the old body ain't what it used to be, haha.  Actually, it is going really well, and I am sooo enjoying it.  I think I figured out a LONG time ago that I am somewhat of a compulsive person ("ya think?" say my kids..  haha) and I do tend to get carried away.  And when I am in the mood to sew, I run with it, because it doesn't happen nearly as often as it used to.  I have finished 7 nightgowns with matching receiving blankets and I am forcing myself to quit.  How many nighties can a little guy use after all?  haha  But I just keep finding darling fabric that I can't resist.  I am sure the answer to that???  QUIT looking!!  This particuliar nightgown has somewhat of a history in our family.  It is the pattern  (though you couldn't even really call it a pattern) that my GREAT grandmother used to make nightgowns for her children, and then my grandmother made them for her children, and then my Aunt Carolyn made for her children, my mom's kids and ALL of my children as well.  After my Aunt Carolyn passed away we thought it might be the end of the nightgowns as no one could seem to find the "pattern".  But!  a few months ago my mom discovered the pattern, so the nightie is back in business.  Now my Aunt when she made these crocheted all the edges of the nightie's and the blanket with BEAUTIFUL lacy edgings, but since I don't know how to crochet, mine will be a little different.  My sister Diane does beautiful work however, so she can keep the crocheting alive.  For some reason I LOVE the idea of these nighties now being used by my daughter's children.  Here are some pics of the finished sets.

They look like little shirts, but they are a wonderful size for a newborn, and up to a 3 or 4 month old baby.  They swim on them at first of course, but they are cuddly, warm, and cozy.  I personally love a nightgown on little babies as you spend soo much of your time changing them, and this makes it quick and easy.  A little undershirt, some booties, and you are all set.

I think this one is my favorite.  There was no pattern peice for the neck so I just used bias tape, but I didn't think of adding the piping uptil I was almost finished making them all so only the last two got it.  Too bad because I think it finished them off nicely, plus it boys them up a little as well I think. 

This guy is a little plain, but I think it looks soft and sweet.

I LOVED this John Deere fabric
.  Sooo cute.  Had to have one with cows now didn't I?

Love the polka dots, but hope this isn't a tad "girly"??

I LOVE this....there is a fabric that says I love Grandma and it is taking everything in me not to go get it!

More John Deere....there is A LOT of really cute John Deere fabric

I LOVE this one might be my very favorite I can't make up my mind, haha

There is a really pretty blue fabric with tiny little trains all over it that I want REALLY badly too, but I am going to resist for now.  I need to make Capri & Donatella their sundresses today so that I will be ready to start all the babies bedding next week.  There were NO instructions to make this nighgown, and no markings for the button holes etc., which was a little tricky for this by the instructions kind of gal, but I am pleased how they turned out.  I did want to thank God, and all of you for your prayers for this new little life.  Melody has reached the half way mark as she is 20 weeks already.  She saw her doc yesterday and had the big ultra sound where they measure and check everything.  I am happy to report that all is good.  He is doing just great, and the doc is still saying he really doesn't anticipate any problems.  Once she reaches 24 weeks (which is around the corner now) he will begin watching her much closer as this is when some issues could develop.  Your continued prayers are sooo appreciated.  Melody & Mike watched yesterday as their little baby yawned, and swam around soo sweetly.  How wonderful is it that they have this way of checking and seeing things now.  She got some 3-D pictures of the little guy which this grandma is hoping she figures out some way of posting as she does not have a scanner.  I soo want to see them!

This week-end will be busy.  We have a graduation party on Sat., and a couple of other small things to do as well, so I imagine this time off will fly by.  My husband has had a long, busy week himself, and I know he is looking forward to just kicking back. 

I do want to take this time as well to thank all of our men and women who soo selflessly serve this wonderful country.  We can NEVER thank you enough for all you have done and are doing that enable all of us to live enjoying the freedoms that we do.  I pray that the Lord blessed the United States, and all of you as well!.

Hope you have a wonderful, and safe week-end!

Just couldn't resist showing you this darling little pic of these grandkids enjoying a butterfly exibit at the Wild
Animal park in San Diego with their parents.  Apparently they provide the kids with butterfly costumes to wear while they are seeing the butterflys.  Soo fun!


  1. Oh these are just precious..and that Bernina can still sew a beautiful outfit...that so encourages me that when they time comes I can do it again also, just with glasses this time.

    I love them all...the picture of the other grands is precious.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. So adorable Debbie, I can imagine the joy you felt while making the nightgowns, my favorite are the John Deere and I love Daddy. I will continue to pray for this sweet family. Your grandkids are so adorable, enjoy your weekend.

  3. Oh Debbie, those little night gowns are just precious! The John Deere are my very favorites! But they are all so cute! She will be so pleased to have her little one wear them, knowing that they were made with hands of love, by you. What a special story too. So glad your Mom found the pattern. And what a cute pic of the kiddos at end of post.

  4. they are all adorable, and i could never choose
    my favorite! they look so soft and cheerful.
    what a blessed grandbaby to have such a
    loving grandmother!

  5. I love this whole thing, passing down the idea and the patterns and the precious little gowns from one generation to the next. The look just precious, every one of them... now go and get the 'grandma' material, you KNOW you're going to!! :)

    Happy weekend!


  6. Hi Debbie,

    Look at how talented you are! Adorable nightgowns for your grandson. The John Deere print is really cute! I don't think the polka dots are too girly.
    Sweet picture of your other grands at the animal park too. I've been wanting to take my girls there for forevernow. Maybe this summer.
    Have a nice day Debbie. :)


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