Monday, June 13, 2011


Hope you all had a wonderful week-end.  I sure enjoyed mine.  But I will back up a little bit to Thursday, and show you what I have been on....After the bumper pads I was looking for something just a little quicker and easier to whip together, and decided to go with the burp cloths I was wanting to try.  My sister found a tutorial for them here, and I thought they looked cute, quick and easy, and let's face it; they are somewhat of a necessity with most babies, so I decided to give them a try.  They were all of those things.  Jeff had to run the pattern off the computer for me, as that was not something I could figure out.  But once I had that, I was good to go.  I had such fun just picking out the fabric for them.   I did change it up a bit in that I did 4 of them with the fringe edges, and 4 of them without just because I didn't know how the fringe would work out.  Now that I have washed them and see how it works I think I might have been better doing all of them with the fringe, but I guess at the end of the day it is just personal taste.  Anyway, here they are....
I think these are the perfect size and shape for burp cloths.  I did them out of flannel, and put a warm and nautral batting between them as the gal on the tutorial suggested.

A closer look at one of the fringe ones

A closer look without the fringe...I just zig zagged the edges after turning them inside out.

The tutorial suggest having coordinating fabrics like this one here is done.  I only did 3 this way as I wasn't happy with my cloices.  It did work out cute though on the ones I did this way. 

Friday I decided to take the day off as my neck and head are kind of bothering me.  It is probably not only from all the sewing, but because I bend my head down whenever I am on this computer too which is probably more than I should be, haha.  But whatever it is, I am NOT liking it.  Friday I went and had my nails done and visited some with the sweet girls who own the shop.  I always enjoy them so.  I also had the car washed and ran a couple of errands.  On Sat. we picked up little Jeff and kept him for the week-end.  Can't tell you how I enjoy this little guy!  He is just soo sweet.  I miss him so as I just don't get to see them all as much since we have moved.  We went and saw Kung Fo Panda after lunching at our favorite place,  and then headed out to my mom's to play some cards.  Jeff was SUCH a good boy keeping himself entertained while we played for a couple of hours.  We lost....and that's all I will say about that.  Mom, we MUST get them next time.  Then, we went to a really fun Japanese restaurant for dinner out by my mom's house.  Jeff was familiar with it as he used to work in the area.  Said it was the best he has ever been to, and I now officially agree with him.   The gals all work in kimono’s  and there is a bridge and water fountain that looks authentic and was quite neat.  Little Jeff loved the whole thing, including learning to work the chopsticks.  He was really pretty good at it.  When we got home Grandpa & Jeff headed out to walk Elvis and went down to the lake and saw the ducks.  My knees kept me from going, and Grandpa forgot the camera, so no pictures of that, though they had a wonderful time.  He slept soo good, (thank goodness) and we left EARLY for San Diego the next morning for church.  Jeffie was soo thrilled to see Capri, JD & Donatella and they were thrilled to see him.  Their mama kept it secret that he was coming, and so the surprise was fun.  Service was WONDERFUL again, and the crowd seemed just as big.  After church we went over to their house where Larissa had made homemade enchiladas’ for lunch.  She made them with low fat everything to accommodate me, and they were soooo yummy.  We left for home after giving the kids a couple of hours to play while we sat and visited.  A perfect Sunday.  We came home and had dinner and then Joe came by to pick up Jeffie after his tournament that day.  All in all, a really good week-end.  Here are some pics....(didn't think you'd escape seeing my cuties did ya? haha)
Jeffie has grown up soo much.  He amazed me at how well he is reading now that first grade is behind him, and as you can see he has officially lost both of those front teeth now.  After the movie we got his hair fast it grows!

He was quite perky on these drinks with the little umbrella's for some reason...I look at his hands in this picture and it is somewhat freaky as they ARE his daddy's hands.  I would swear they were actually Joe's.  lol

How adorable is this little cutie?  Donatella is getting soo big too.  Can't believe how well she talks.

Can't believe how hard it is to get the 4 of them at the same time looking and smilin etc.  This was the best we could do!  Capri has officially passed up little Jeff in height.  She is 8 months younger and is just finishing up KG this year.  She is reading quite well too, and doing math.  They teach them soo much soo early anymore, but guess it is good since they soo obviously CAN do it!  And just look at how big JD is.  He is only 4 and yet close to the size of his 7 year old cousin, and 6 year old sister.  He is going to be such a big guy.  He has such a big heart too to go with it.  Just the sweetest boy.  He kept picking out some of his toys and giving them to Jeffie to take home..."I WANT him to have them cuz I know how much he likes them," he would say.  How sweet is that?

 Well, George and his crew are finishing up so I am going to get busy this afternoon and make the pillow for the rocking chair now.  I hope to make the valance for the window tomorrow, and that just leaves me with the stuffed animals.  Mike & Mel bought their furninture this week-end.  Soo cute...and now I am thinking we have to figure out how to make changing pad covers.  We are getting there though....Hope you all have a wonderful week. 

This is the set they bought, though they got theirs in ivory colored distressed wood. They did not get the shelfs however as they will use this piece as their changing table.  They got a REALLY good deal on it, as the set will be discontinued.  I LOVE it....I am getting excited to see little Samuel in all his new things!


  1. Hi Deb. You are at it again with the sewing machine!! Mel is so going to love and USE the burp cloths. I made a bunch for my grands too, and they were my favorites to use. So soft. Jeff is adorable, as are all of the grands!!! They have all grown so much too!!! What a full and blessed life!!!

  2. Hi Debbie, Absolutely love all the burp cloths-girl you are so talented!!! I've been busy stitching in the ditch but today is so hot and we don't have the air on so I need to wait til the evening. Your grands are so adorable-I know if we lived close all the grands would have such a fun time playing together.
    Have a wonderful afternoon and evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. I love seeing your grands! They're adorable! And I really love that bedroom furniture ... how awesome that they got such a great deal on it. ;-)

  4. It all looks so nice and I just love those burp cloths. Your grand children are just so cute.
    They are such a lovely bunch.
    I hope you neck stops hurting.
    So glad you had such a nice weekend.
    You are so blessed,

  5. Those burp cloths are just wish I was down the street I would be sewing with you.
    The grand kids, well nothing else can be said except they are grand and you are so blessed...a true grandmothers dream...great picture

    That little guy will have the most wonderful nursery around...great job!

  6. Hi Debbie, beautiful job with the burp cloths and I never seemed to have enough. You have been busy, and enjoying every minute I know. I always enjoy reading of what you have been up to, and I am so glad that your mother is doing well.
    I love the furniture that Mel and Mike picked out, I sure wished they made furniture like that when we were having ours.{smile}
    Your grandchildren are so adorable, I love to see those smiling faces, they tell it all, And to hear James speak is the icing on the cake.What a gracious Father we have.Take care and don't over due.

  7. Homemade burp cloths are the best. They are so soft and nice.
    Love the furniture Mel picked out! That will look great with the bedding you have been so busy making.
    And your grandkids really are getting so big.
    Wasn't Donatella just a baby???!

  8. Those look so great! I came yesterday to comment and your little comment box just would not pop up, so I threw my computer across the room and gave up, lol!

    Mel is so going to love those and I like how different they all are! You are a sewing machine lady!

    Looks like a great visit with Jeffie! He is such a cutie, as are the other ones! Adorable!

  9. Where were you when I needed burp cloths for my youngins? My 8 year old still has a couple of hers. She carries them to bed with her each night, although she'd never admit it!

    You're such a gift to your family! Don't underestimate the worthiness of this investment you are making.


  10. Debbie, I just spent the last few minutes reading all of your last posts that I have so missed reading. First of all, your new blog look is beautiful! Secondly, I am so proud of you that you actually lost 26 pounds! What a huge accomplishment! I am also once again amazed at your creativity and your artistic sewing skills. The farming pieces you put together are so adorable! My favorite is that little white cap. My friend would love that as she is a dairy farmer too. Your granddaughter's graduation picture is priceless! Love her little smile.

    Thanks for posting and for adding inspiration to my day today.

  11. Those look so great! I came yesterday to comment and your little comment box just would not pop up, so I threw my computer across the room and gave up, lol! Mel is so going to love those and I like how different they all are! You are a sewing machine lady! Looks like a great visit with Jeffie! He is such a cutie, as are the other ones! Adorable!


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