Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A BUSY SEASON...(with some bumper pad otions)

I am going to try and make this quick (though I NEVER do, haha) as I am sooo tried and I need to get dinner together. I have been sooo busy. And this grandma over here is just really not use to it. But I am somehow keeping to my schedule. Let's see....first I wanted to tell you what a blessing Sunday morning was. The crowd was REALLY big....the largest I have ever seen at that church, so that was good. Now I have no idea how many of those people will stay or not as some of them may have just come out that morning to show their support to James. But it doesn't matter. It was just a blessing. I know in the transition of Pastors, the church is bound to lose members, but they will gain them too. Some of the regular church members are soo faithful and nice, and have such servant’s hearts. I loved how soo many of them are behind the scenes just doing what needs to be done. One woman who works in the office over there came up to me afterwards and when she had made sure I was James' mom she handed me a CD of his morning message and told me she would have one ready for me every Sunday to have; and that if I am not there she will have it in the mail Monday morning for me. She said, "I just think the Pastors mom should have these." I just couldn't agree more, and I was really grateful. Just soo very nice. Anyway, I know I have been talking a lot about all of this so I will try and keep quiet about this now that it is finally all under way except to tell you one more thing. If you are ever interested in hearing any of his messages, you can click on his picture on the side of my blog and it will take you right to their web site where by clicking on the appropriate scriptures on the side it will begin. They do take a while of course, so sometime when you have the time, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy.

As for the sewing, I have been the last 3 days slaving away, joyously making the dreaded bumper pads. I would love to tell you that I had them out of proportion and they were a piece of cake, but that just wouldn't be true. They were just kind of a nightmare. And yet when you look at them, they really look easy peasy....It wasn't that they were really hard I guess, just nitpicky, fussy, and time consuming. (all my most dreaded things, lol) I don't think I will be making any more bumper pads anytime too soon, haha. I did set them up with the bed skirt and one of the sheets so you can kind of see how they look, but again the color doesn't look right in the pictures, and it doesn't look as good as they are. I am pleased with them, and I honestly can't wait to see them in a crib. OH, and I did take the sheet to Jim & Larissa's and put it on Donatella's crib, and it was a PERFECT fit. So guess I was right when I said that I am just WAY out of practice. Anyway, here they are....

Those stupid sweet little ties on the pads took me 3 hours by the time I measured and cut them all out (24 altogether) and in addition to that I burned my fingers on the steam from the iron, (over and over again) and just generally whined my way through them, but they are cute.   Can you see the piping (both blue & brown) on the top of the pads?  Another one of my smarter moves (not) as it would have been MUCH easier to just have one color going. 

The inside of the pads is a different color. It is shown here with one of the sheets.  They are all quite different, which will change it up quite a bit.  Now it is possible to change the pads around the other way OR  she could stager know a light one, then the darker etc.  Any opinions?

A closer look  at all the colors, though I did nip off the bedskirt a little too much... : )

I had to try it staggered to see how it was....I am thinking I like this best!

Inside staggered with another sheet option

With the light on the outside....much better I think, but still think I like the staggered better...

Darker blue inside with another sheet this too.  I think both of these later options are better than first.  Opinions???

Now I guess I should mention that I also went out to Newport Beach yesterday and had Jessie do the grey roots, and visited with her quite a bit.  I can't wait to see the shower that she has got planned.  She could easily start a business as a party planner as well as she is sooo cleaver and good at it.  Seriously, I am thinking of hiring her to help out with Jeff's 60th birthday which will be coming up in Dec.  But plenty of time to think about that later.  I also went out to Redlands today to get all the rest of the stuff I need to finish up my projects.  I think I will do the burp cloths tomorrow as they should be quick, easy, and darling. 

I want to wish Mike & Mel a happy anniversary today too.  3 years already.  How can it be?  It seems like just yesterday. 

I LOVE that their still this happy!

Sorry, I just had to show this, I just sooo loved her dress!

And finally I just wanted to show you a picture of my little nephew Blake at his baseball game on Sat.  Such a fun game.  They won, AND Blake hit the winning RBI....Doesn't get much better.  Though I did get quite the sunburn on my forearms....I moved to the shade (it was just soo nice even in the sun) but apparently not in time.  You'd think after 56 years I'd know better wouldn't you?

Isn't he cute?

Hope you are all having a good week.  I feel bad as I have not been around like I usually am.  But I will visit tomorrow morning for sure....


  1. Hi! Debbie, I think I am back! this comment thing has had me so aggravated! But enjoyed catching up with you! Beautiful pics, and the bedding is so cute! Good Job! Your talent is beautiful! Have a great day!

  2. Good Morning Debbie, Oh! how proud you and your dh must be, sitting there seeing James being obedient to the call of ministry. May the Lord bless him and his family, lead and guide them as they takes this new journey.

    You did such a beautiful job with the all of the bedding, and I believe you were probably envisioning your sweet grand baby lying in the crib while you were making them.{big smile} Mel, and Mike looked so happy and I can only imagine how happy they are now. Mel is so beautiful.

    Seeing your nephew Blake on the ball field made me think of when our sons played and of their dad being their coach, congratulations to him for hitting that RBI.
    I read of so much joy in your words.

  3. I love that dress too and she is just beautiful.
    Oh well, I would worry to much about people who leave, sometimes it is for the better. When my husband was asked to be the worship leader, every single person on the team quit one by one. It was horrible, but God brought other people who had such sweet spirits and such a love for God it all worked out in the end.
    It is still hard to watch and live though it. Your sewing looks great.
    Have a nice rest of the week.

  4. Oh, my, I am so impressed with your sewing. I could absolutely never do anything such as that, but love admiring it. :o) It is just so good looking. You definitely should be proud!

    So glad things are going so well in your son's ministry. My Dad is a retired minister, so I know all too well.

    Blessings to you and such a pleasure stopping by.

  5. My dear friend, I loved this post-so excited to hear about the Lord ministering through your James; when I get the time(after a very important project)I plan to listen to him. I think you have done an incredible job on the bumper pads, bedskirt, sheet etc-you are amazing-wish I could sew like that! The hand quilting is coming along but will be very very simple-no indepth designs etc.
    Loved seeing Mel's photos-oh so beautiful and her dress is gorgeous. Hey girl, how do you cross through words you've done in a post? I can't figure it out.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear Debbie.
    Love you.

  6. Oh I just love the bumper pads! Thanks for setting it up so that we can all get an idea of what it will look like. You have been busy...making all those sheets too! You did an excellent job. My Mom could learn something from you...I still have a pieced together "quilt" that she promised to finish for Riley before she was born. And she's what...4 and a half now??? lol!

    I love all the ways you set it up, I think Mel is going to have a hard time deciding on one since they all look so good!

    Have a great weekend Debbie!

  7. Wow! You did a great job on those bumper pads! I'm so glad you showed us a picture; they really are beautiful! And how special for this grandbaby to be blessed with something custom made by grandma to sleep in! What a terrfic mom/grandmom you are!

  8. the bumper is a stun! and the sheets too... really really nice! great job mom!

  9. Debbie I just LOVE yor pictures! I think the bumper pads are fantastic! I would be so lost if it were me trying to do that!

    and the picture of your daughter as a bride... perfection!

    I am so impressed with your skills... I'm still trying to figure out taking pictures on my cell phone! :)


  10. Oh my goodness Debbie!!! What a gorgeous bedding set you are making for Melly. She will be thrilled beyond words!!! You are doing a beautiful job with this. Sewn with love, I know! I just love making things for my grand daughters and their rooms!!! I haven't made too much for little Noah. But I would if his Mama were interested in doing his room a certain way, or asked me to!! looks fabulous!! And so happy for your son and his church. And also, way to go to your grand son!!!

  11. Debbie that bedding is seriously gorgeous! Wow, what a great job you have done! I love all of the different crib options actually. I think my favorite might have been the first one. And the last. They all are great though! You are so talented. I don't think I'd ever have the patience to do that.

    I'm so sorry you didn't see my camera for sale post!!! Oh I wish that you had. Well, Like you said perhaps it was just not meant to be. Maybe another one will fall into your lap very soon. I hope so. And if anything falls through with the seller on mine I will let you know!

  12. I love that the woman is going to make sure you have a copy of your son's sermons every week...what a caring woman, she must be a mom!

    The bed is just awesome!!! Everything is great and you can't go wrong.

    Oh congratulations on 3 years...our son will celebrate 6...and still praying for a baby.

    Oh the baseball....your life is just so full, what a blessing!! I think you have it down...what life should look like! What a true blessing.

    Have another one of your awesome weekends!!

  13. you are an artist! i love the bedding and
    bumper pads. light blue and brown is
    such a lovely color combination.

    and your daughter is gorgeous.


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