Monday, July 25, 2011


So many things have happened in the last few days that I can't quite decide what or IF I should even try to share them all. I honestly can't figure out sometimes what it is that I am ALWAYS doing, but I just can't seem to get more than one or at the most two posts done a week. I think my kids would say it is because I make my posts TOO long, so therefore it takes too much of my time. Might be. But whatever it is I really admire those of you who can seem to post everyday. Maybe that's what the problem is, I am ALWAYS busy reading and trying to keep up with all the wonderful blogs. And then, I've always got something to say so there is ALOT of commenting to do as well, haha....

In the interest of keeping this as short as I can I think I will just tell you all about yesterday. Let me start by saying is was my daughter's 25th birthday. Now as most of you know, I gave her birthday present to her when she was here recently. I got her a really nice diaper bag and I let her open it so I could see her expression when she did so. She was thrilled. So yesterday morning we were all up (my grandson Jeffie spent the week-end with us ~ see I told you there were LOTS of stories) early and hurrying around so that we could get out the door for church on time. I figured on the way down we would call her and put it on speaker and sing Happy Birthday to her. All of my kids know they will get serenaded on the phone by us on their birthdays. Anyway once we got under way to San Diego we called. She didn't answer but I knew she was there as I had seen she had been online earlier as we traded a couple of quick facebook messages. I figured she was in the shower getting ready for church so I told them (my hubby and little Jeff) we would try again in a little while. 20 minutes later I called again and Mike answered her phone. VERY unusual. He quickly told me that they were at the hospital and that Melody was getting checked and couldn't talk. He said she had been trying to call me, but hadn't gotten through. I of course asked what was happening, and he told me she was bleeding significantly. With promises that she would call as soon as she could he got off. I felt my pulse beginning to race and suddenly I wanted to head to the airport and jump a plane for New Mexico. My girl needed me. If you knew me you'd know this in and of itself was HUGE as I simply don't fly. Trust me....this is ANOTHER long post. But back to this particular story. I had no choice but to pray (which we quickly did of course) that all would be fine and we continued on our trip to church. I felt my mind going all over the place though as I tried to keep myself from flipping out. I went into church with my phone on vibrate and sat in the VERY back chair by the door so I could quickly step out if she called. I will have to admit that I did not do as well as I would have hoped paying attention, but I did follow along pretty well. Towards the end of the service she FINALLY called and I raced outside to hear what was happening. She was getting an IV, but she was fine, and was going to be going home after that if all was well. The bleeding had stopped, the baby was fine, and she had an appointment today at her docs for her regular appointment anyway which worked out great so that they could follow up with it all. She spent the rest of her birthday on the couch taking it VERY easy. The bottom line is this.....I have told you from the beginning she is considered VERY high risk; especially at the end of the pregnancy. Pre-term labor is a REAL possibility. I don't want to go into details as it is not my story to tell, but what she is has is really quite rare; though others with her condition have had safe and healthy pregnancies, so it CAN be done. She has done soooo well, and has not had a single problem, so I think we were all thinking we just might sail through this without a single blip. But yesterday was a fresh reminder that we aren't done yet. However, after she saw her doc today we found out that what happened yesterday really doesn't have anything to do with her condition, but do to the fact she has a low lying placenta. Her doc feels that there is EVERY possibility it will move in order for her to have a safe delivery. In fact he feels almost certain of it. But there are dangers that are complicated by the fact of her condition. However, while she does have to be careful with some things, he has not ordered bed rest yet. Sooo, we begin the waiting again. I soo covet your prayers about this. That the placenta will move as he feels it will, and that she will be able to carry that baby just as close to his Oct. 13th due date as she can. He did say she looked WONDERFUL and that she is very healthy. Her weight, blood pressure and measurements are as perfect as they can be, and that baby is VERY healthy. I have settled in (kind of) with a fresh peace about this as it really is of course in the hands of our Lord. But my mama's heart is still a little shaky. I will spend as much time as I can at His feet trusting Him for all of this.

I did want to tell you I DID work out the details to make a visit there next month. I will leave on the 18th, be there for the shower on the 20th, and then spend the entire next week helping her finish up the nursery and get everything ready for little Sam. I will be back on the 28th. I can't begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to this. I sooo need to be there. I will be forever grateful to my wonderful husband for helping me pull this off. I am married to just the best guy ever.

My washing machine is on its last legs I have found out (only cost me 130 bucks to hear this haha) but we are nursing it along till it finally keels over. But it is coming...sigh. The air conditioning is giving us some trouble today too, but my BRILLIANT hubby may have figured out the problem. Right now wonderously cool air is pouring out of the vents....oh how I pray he did.

I am going to get off for now....I will tell you of our beach picnic with church next time....and my week-end with Jeffie. But I am going to leave you with this DARLING picture of JD right after he caught his first fish ever. How darling is this little cutie?



  1. Debbie, I will definitely be praying for your Mel. I hope everything turns out okay. I had a scare like that in the beginning with Madi but it's so much different in the first trimester then the third. I'll be thinking of you all and praying my heart out for you.

    So glad that you get to go see her, I think after all of this you will definitely need it. Will you be making it back again after the baby is born? You'll need that too ;)

    Praying for you, love you Deb, and your long posts! Your posts are great no matter how often you update.

    Much love!

  2. Debbie,
    Mel will be in my prayers for a healthy rest of her pregnancy. I know how worrisome this kind of thing is. Especially when you are far away. She will be in my thoughts! And so will you be. That picture of your grandson with is first fish is precious!

  3. Praying here, too, that Mel will be able to go to full term and deliver and nice, healthy baby. It's difficult enough to go through this as a mom ... you feel so helpless ... and especially being far away from her. Praying that you will feel peace and comfort, too. {{hug}}

  4. Will keep your daughter and prayer. It's hard to feel so helpless, especially when it comes to our children.(no matter how old they are) Praying God will give you peace in the weeks ahead.

  5. Oh, Debbie, I'm praying for your dear daughter, and I know you'll be such an encouragement to her. BTW, I live in NM! :)

  6. I will keep her and the baby and your family in my prayers. Nothing scarier. I am glad that the bleeding was stopped.
    To bad isn't it that you can't just pop over there and put her to bed and take care of her.
    I will be praying,

  7. Prayers for the rest of her pregnancy and healthy mamma and baby! are getting to go..have fun! That will also allow you to see she is okay...God is faithful and good.

    Blessings to you and your whole household...all the joys and all the little bumps...God is still there.

    Blog when you can, comment when you can...and enjoy the process.

  8. Hi Debbie, Mel and little Sam have been in my prayers continually. This is kind of scary and I know that if you were ready to jump on a plane, you were more than concerned. I'm with you-don't like to fly but when a daughter is in need a momma will go to any extremes. Continuing to pray for her-especially that she won't need to go on bed rest.
    Love, Noreen

  9. Way to go JD!! and a big first fish, too:)

    Will certainly be praying for Mel and baby Samuel...promise. You are right - every stage and every week of any pregnancy is "a critical" week and one that leaves us dependent on Him...but, I suppose that is true with just about everyday in life!

    So thrilled that you will be able to be there next month!! How exciting. So many exciting days ahead for you:)

  10. Debbie, I'm sorry to hear this news
    about sweet Mel and I will keep her
    in my prayers, baby too. I know you
    will be a wonderful calming influence
    upon her. Enjoy each other and keep
    us posted as we pray.

  11. I'm sorry for such a scare with Mel Debbie. She will be in my thoughts and prayers as will you. I hope that she is able to sail through the rest without any complications.

    Adorable pic of your grandson fishing. He looks so happy.

  12. I had the same condition with my 3rd child. It worried me so, but things eventually "got" where they needed to be, and I had a good delivery. I'm praying the same for your daughter. How we love and worry over our youngins?!

    Sweet peace to you this day~elaine

  13. I will join you in praying for Mel and for a completely safe and normal delivery. I'm so glad you are getting to take this trip and visit her. It's going to be so good for both of you.

    Praying with you...


  14. Debbie
    I feel like I'm a day late and a dollar short. I had missed checking for a couple of days and I missed all this excitement.
    Well, I'm going to pray now for your daughters pregnancy. The Lord will see her through.
    I'm happy for you that you get to go and stay and help her prepare for the wee ones birth. A mother just needs to be there-I know.
    And she will appreciate it. My daughter wanted me to stay at the hospital all night with her and the baby. I was so touched. I didn't get a wink of sleep that night, but that was OK. It was worth it to have the memories of that special moment.
    Have a fun weekend.


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