Friday, August 12, 2011


WOW!! It is already Friday. This week has flown by. I have been soo busy with so many little things. I got to make some REALLY darling little girl things for a baby shower I am going to tomorrow. I would give you a peek but I am pretty sure the new grandma to be reads this blog occasionally and I want her to be surprised too so I will wait till later. It was fun though working with "pink" this time. : ) I also made one of the new tops, and I am happy to report it fit REALLY well. A tiny bit on the big side, but that is OK. I like things loose and comfy. I am hoping to get to the others today. AND!! On Wed. I went to run an errand at the Mall (more surprises!) and decided as long as I was there I would check out Sears. Not a place I usually shop anymore, but I am sooooo glad I did. They had rack after rack of clearance items, and I found 4, repeat 4 pair of capri pants in my size that I loved!! And here is the really good part....they were only 8.50!!! Can ya stand it? I was giddy. So now I am all set for capri pants and hopefully I will get those other new tops done quickly. I guess it is really kind of dumb that I am making a trip to Mel's when she is as close to having the baby as she is, but I have a few reasons why I really want to. First of all I guess because I know in my heart just how much her life will change (only forever more) after the baby is born, and I want this last little piece of time with her. Whenever she comes to California I have to share her with soo many it seems. Now I am not complaining mind you as I am grateful she gets to come as often as she does, but there are just soo many others she has to see too. But when I go there, I get her all to myself. And it has been 2 and half years since I have been there. Plus, she has made soo many changes to her home since the last time I was there that I am anxious to see. I want to go to her other shower. She has a doc appointment scheduled too while I am there, and I would like to meet him and get a "feel" for him, and he is going to a 3-D ultra sound for me as well. Plus then we are going to put the nursery together....arrange furniture, hang pictures, wash and put clothes away etc. All that fun stuff. She has already gotten everything I guess. Well actually the rocking chair is supposed to arrive today. I am soo anxious to SEE how the bedding and everything looks in person. By the time I leave she will be a good 33 weeks, and she should be all ready to go. Now hopefully she will carry him all the way to term so I am not turning right around and coming back, haha. We are hoping it is at least 5 or 6 weeks later. But even if it's not I am coming back for the birth and to hang out for a week or so to get her all settled in. The chances of me missing the actual birth are pretty big of course depending how fast everything goes, but I am already praying first of all that everything goes well, but also that just maybe this grandma can be there for the actual event.

My mother's birthday was a nice day and I was glad to be able to be there on Tues. We are going to go there tonight to play cards as we won't see them for the following two week-ends as we will be gone. I am sure praying all is well with her while I am gone too.

I know I haven't been around as much as usual, but I will bringing my computer along and keep up while I am away as much as I can. I do covet your prayers that all goes well. We are leaving early Thursday morning so I don't think I will be posting again before we leave. I am soo excited!! In the meantime know that I missing all of you, but am FINALLY visiting my girl!


  1. My dear friend, I'm so very excited that you get some one on one time with your girl. Great success with the new capri's-mine are all either baggy or going out of style so I think by next season I'll be needing some more too.
    Have a wonderful weekend and fun cards with your mom and keep me posted on how to pray for you all-especially Mel.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. I've been meaning to get around tell you thank you for your sweet comments & I appreciate them! Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  3. Hi! Debbie, Thank You for your prayers on my Hannahs behalf! and it sounds like I can return the favor for You as well! And You go girl~ to your Girl, this all sounds exciting! All the things that are happening! Have Fun:) and take Care!! Blessings for the Journey!!

  4. Oh I am sewing curtains and thought of encouraged me that I can do it again even if it has been really are on the sewing roll.

    Yea! on the pants and the top you made.

    Oh have a blast...with Mel...what a wonderful time of life to enjoy!!

  5. Hi Debbie. Have wonderful time with Mel! Safe travels to you!!

  6. What a special time of making memories and I know exactly what you mean about "having her to your self." I feel the same way about my daughter when she comes home. There are so many that want to see her and her them.

    Will look forward to hearing about your visits and pictures of that sweet baby in the weeks ahead. Blessings!

  7. Sounds like a great week! Very productive - and how exciting..celebrating your mom's birthday and planning your trip:) Sure would love the recipe for oatmeal cake (sounds heavenly)!!

    When do you leave for Mel's...I know you are tickled - I pray it is a wonderful time for all of you - enjoy these special days!

    And, hooray for bargains!! Just love it:)

  8. Hi Debbie! Enjoy your time with Mel, I think it's great that she has waited for you to put all the finishing touches on the room. That is the best part!

    Have a wonderful time and safe travels!

  9. Hi Deb! Have a blast girl! I know you will. Just soak it all in. These times with our girls are soo very precious!

    Glad you got some time with your Mom before you leave to! Another precious thing.

    Love and hugs to you!


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