Monday, August 8, 2011


I want to start by wishing my mother a VERY happy birthday tomorrow. She wiil be 79 years old and I am soo grateful. I will be heading over there tomorrow with some of her favorite fresh flowers, and her very favorite Oatmeal Cake and then take her out to lunch and spend the day with her. She is still doing pretty good, and my stepdad is still having good and bad days.

I have A LOT I need to do this week. I am trying to get myself ready to go to Mel's. Doesn't seem like it would be that difficult huh? haha....But let me tell you about just one of my dilemmas. For anyone whose ever REALLY battled weight, you know that there are usually a few sizes of items in your closet. I am no different. BUT!! last summer when we were packing me up to move I went ruthlessly through my closet and got rid of (OH NO!) ALL (but 2) of my larger and largest size capri pants. Now most of them NEEDED to be gotten rid of anyway let me tell you, but have I ever regretted that this summer. Now remember shortly after my surgery last June I put on the 55 pounds that I had lost. That means that NONE of the capri pants I was wearing last summer fit me now even though I have lost 38 of those pounds once again. They are close..~ .. I can get them on..~ .. I just can't breathe very long after they are, haha...Sooo, at the beginning of this summer, I bought just a couple of pairs. I didn't want to invest too much money in a size I am hoping to be way out of by next summer. This means I have 4 pairs of capri's (shorts are out of the question btw) 2 of which are WAY too big, and 3 of which are white. And that 4th pair is a very dark navy blue which SHOULD be good, but aren't, as they pick up lint way too easily. So I decided after I made the decision to go, that I would just have to break down and buy a couple more pairs. I figured I could probably get them on clearance now as well. Well, I have not been able to find a single pair....Is that just ridiculous?? I have tried at least 5 different stores, and gone on-line, and no one seems to have the size, color or style that I want. Sooo, I decided, well, I would just make myself a pair. There was a time I made practically everything I wore so it shouldn't be too difficult, right? Wrong....this brings me to today. I spent yesterday afternoon finding the pattern and fabric that I wanted. Not too difficult except I really had no idea what size I really was anymore as it has been years since I made anything for myself. Sewing pattern sizes are VERY different from store sizes. Anyway, I thought I made a good guess. While I was at it, I got the patterns (simplicity has theirs right not for a buck at Hancock Fabric) and the material to make 4 different tops too. I was giddy at the prospect. Well, I remember now why I had stopped sewing for myself. It is just soo hard to get something to really fit right, and there are times that even if it does, I just didn't like it. Just like you see something in the store that looks wonderful that you love, and then you try it on and decide no, it just won't do. Except there is no bringing it back, or just not buying it in the first place. You are pretty much stuck. The pants fit me....kind of....They are a little snug. Not unlike the other 5 pairs that sit in my closet waiting for me to lose more weight. Sooo, my money has been spent, the time has been put in to sew them, and I STILL don't have a decent pair of jean capri's. Now my question is, do I attempt to make the tops anyway? Will I be as off as I was with the capri's in picking out patterns that are going to work? I guess all I have really done is expose how I am really not that good of a seamstress, as a REALLY good seamstress could MAKE them fit. I am exhausted just thinking about it. I am not sure what I am going to do. I will sleep on it for now, and see how I feel about it tomorrow....,sigh....

Meanwhile, Mel did get a good report today from her doc. The placenta has moved and is no longer a threat to her having to have a c-section. Praise God! And thank you for your prayers about this. He again told her if she can just make it 3 more weeks, he will sigh a big sigh of relief. That will only make her 34 weeks, but he feels very safe and good about that should it be as far as she can get. He still thinks there is a chance she will go further, even maybe all the way to term, so I will just continue to pray. And finally, our poor little dog Elvis got himself sprayed by a skunk last night. My hubby had taken him out in the middle of the night only to find a skunk in our driveway. Guess it all happened pretty quickly. What a smell!!! We have tried spraying him with some spray that is suppose to work miracles, only he really doesn't of course. Poor Elvis can't believe he is still in our back yard. Hopefully by tomorrow he will be fit to come back in. He will spend the night in the utility room though as don't think he is safe outside. He is just a little Chihuahua. I hope by leaving all the windows open and one last spray of our miracle spray will help him from making our utility room unbearable.

Guess that's all my news for now. Hope you all have a good week



  1. Debbie,
    Oh, happy, happy birthday to your Mom!! How blessed she is to have you make her day special. :)

    So glad to hear the good news about Mel. I know your Mama's heart is greatly comforted by such a great report.

    Poor Elvis...a skunk of all things! I know he can't wait to get back inside. May that smell go away very soon.


  2. Hugs to your mom.
    You are a great seamstress...but when you haven't sewn clothes in years it is hard to get back going...I am so afraid of how much I would have to rip out that I haven't attempted in years. Right now I need to make valances for my kitchen and I am nervous about not doing them right and I had a business where I sewed window treatments in my sleep. LOL

    Yea on Mel...God is so good and faithful...He always shocks the doctors.

    Have an awesome sorry about the dog...somewhere I heard you pour tomato juice on them...I guess you put them in the tub and bath them in it...good luck

    Thanks for all the comments on the hair deal....I loved reading your "book"...made me feel we were setting down having coffee together

  3. You ARE a good seamstress, I'm sure. You're just out of practice on sewing clothes for yourself (and more importantly, not knowing how to judge pattern sizes ... how to compare them to store sizes).

    I, too, heard bathing a skunk-sprayed dog in tomato juice gets rid of the smell. Not sure I could stand the smell long enough to bathe the dog in it, though. ha! We have skunks in the neighborhood here, and I keep waiting for one of our dogs to encounter one ... with the same results your poor Elvis had. :-(

    Good news about Mel ... praying she can ride this pregnancy out to term. {{hug}}

  4. Oh my goodness Debbie, do I ever know what you are talking about!!! I have three sizes in my closet right now!!! I had done so well with WW earlier in the spring, then went haywire. Now, there does not seem to be any reason to worry about it until I return from vacation! Did you try Kohl's? I always find things at Kohl's. What about some summery dresses? So comfy, and a good alternative to pants or capri's in the summer to keep you cool. Good luck.

  5. Hi sweetie, Tell your mom Happy Birthday from all of us as well.
    Praising God for His hand on Mel and Sam. Will continue to pray she can make it to term.
    I can so relate to the clothes issue-I too have nice pants that are too big and thankfully don't have much that is too tight, maybe just a little.
    I've heard and had family/friends bathe their dogs in tomato juice to rid the smell but I think some smell lingers.
    Have a blessed day Debbie.
    Love, Noreen

  6. Hi Debbie,
    I am just lol at your sewing drama...I know exactly what you're talking about. I used to sew all the time, but it just got to be more work than it was worth. I also feel your pain at the assorted sizes in your closet...ditto on the reasons.

    Happy Birthday to mom and good luck on the clothes shopping. If all else fails, a bit of laundry at Mel's cuts down on half of what you need to bring. Good luck.

  7. I can totally relate to the clothes issue, I have not been able to wear any of the pants that I wore prior to my sugeries. I haven't gotten to the point of giving them away yet beacuse I hope to be able to wear them again at some point. I like you held out for a long time but broke down about 6 weeks ago and bought some stuff. I am not a seamstress so I would never even attempt sewing clothes. I did make some pillows and that was like a major accomplishment. There is always thrift stores, sometimes I can find a deal. Glad Mel is doing well.

  8. When I was pregnant with my first child, my mother made a lot of my maternity clothes. By the time the second one came around, she just handed me the money and said go buy what you need.

    Don't stress over this. If you have the $, you probably can get some really good deals on shirts at this point. We're capri-heavy in my neck of the woods. Can't believe you are having trouble finding them.

    Glad to hear about Mel's progress. Can't believe the baby is almost here!



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