Thursday, August 4, 2011


Psalm 84:12  O LORD of hosts, Blessed is the man who trusts in You!

Well it's the first Thursday in August already and time I have decided to do a "thankful" post as it has been a while since I have done so. There are as always soo many things to be thankful for. Here are just a few that have been on my mind.

I am thankful for the fact that my mother is home and is really doing pretty well. She gets tired easy, and seems a little anxious, but otherwise she is moving right along like she was. She will be 79 years old next Tuesday, and we are all glad to be celebrating with her.

I am thankful that my stepdad got a good report on his last test and seems to be having more good days this week than bad, and certainly better than the week before.

I am soo thankful that I am getting to go to see Melody in a couple of weeks. She too is doing WONDERFULLY and so far there have been no more bleeding episodes. I am grateful for each week that she makes it through, and can hardly believe she has reached week 30 today. She can be considered term at 37, and her doc has said he will be thrilled if she makes it until at least week 35...only 5 more to get there. She is busy "nesting" haha, getting everything together that she needs to finish up the nursery; sooo many cute little things. She has discovered Etsy, and is having such a good time with it. I am also grateful that she covets my opinion, and is waiting for me to put it all up. : )

I got Mel to shoot me a pic this morning of her at 30 weeks.  I am thinking she doesn't look much bigger than she did at 26 weeks when she was here.  She assures me she is though, haha...guess I will see for myself in another couple of weeks.

I am grateful that I have been given another 6 months before I have to check back in with my oncologist. I saw her yesterday and all is PERFECT as she said. Praise God. I will admit I DON'T like going there. I DON'T like even thinking about it all. I began dreading it a few days ago and am soo happy it is behind me for another 6 months. I don't know if I will ever be able to properly express my gratitude that the Lord has seen me through this journey, and that everything turned out the way it did. Like I said before there are times where I find myself feeling a little guilty that it was all as "easy" as something like this can be.

I am grateful that the Lord seems to have soo many exciting plans for my son's church and that all is going so well there. Some pretty big changes are going to take place within the next month or so, and I am anxious to see it all fall into place.

I am grateful for my DIL Larissa, as I have decided we are such kindred spirits. How wonderful it is to have her close by.

I am grateful for my home, the food in the refrigerator, and our air conditioner, haha. It has been quite hot recently!

I am grateful for the patterns that I found yesterday for some things I want to make for myself before we leave for Mel's. I am hoping that they fit as well as I think they are going to.

I am grateful that my sweet granddaughter Annabel should be able to spend some time here with me next week.

I am as always forever grateful for my wonderful husband. He works soo hard to provide for us, and in today’s economy it has become such a chore. He never complains, and still does soo much for me after he gets home. He is my biggest cheer leader, encourager, and friend.

I am also VERY grateful for all of your prayers, comments, notes, and e-mails for my parents and Melody. How I appreciate it can never be expressed enough!

I guess that is it for now. The summer is flying by. I am happy about that on one hand as it means that baby Sam is getting closer and closer and fall is around the corner. How I LOVE the Fall. But on the other hand it seems sometimes as though the time races by and I don't do as much as I would like to for the Lord. I want soo much to focus on what matters and counts for eternity, and not just what it takes to get through each day and week here. I am praying about what He might have me do come Fall, and look forward to some interesting possibilities. Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL week!

Col 3:15  And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.

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  1. Hi Deb! It was great to read your thankful list! Love your thankful heart...and I know it is a delight to our Lord!

    Please know that I am praying for Mel, and your Mom and step Dad. What a precious couple they are.
    May God fill bathe them in His peace and tender mercies.

    I'm thrilled that you get to see Mel again. It always makes me smile when you tell us that! :o)

    Love and hugs to you!

  2. What a simply wonderful list of things to be thankful for. Bless you for your attitude of gratitude.

  3. Debbie, what wonderful news that your Mom, and step Dad are resting and well. And that Mel continues her healthy pregnancy without complications.
    Good things.....for sure!!
    And last but certainly not least, that you have had a good check up with your doctor!!! Wonderful!!

  4. Debbie
    You do indeed have so much to be thankful for. I was happy to hear all is going well for Mel and your parents, and like Kris said you appt went well. I know exactly how you feel. I start getting a bit moody a few days before I have to go and am so grateful when it is over.
    I bet you can't wait to see will be here before you know it.


  5. It is very nice to read about all of the blessings you have and the things that were so huge this week have turned around.
    My daughter said once, that being a Christian is like cheating at life.
    I think it is we have trials but not like other people do, he takes our trials and makes life so very good.
    I am so thankful for the update and I rejoice with you.

  6. We all can find much to be grateful for can't we. Enjoyed reading your list. Glad things are going well for all...and those appointments, I hate them too, glad everything was perfect.

  7. Wonderful list...and so glad to hear about your check up, you were on my heart and I prayed for that, not knowing you were going, but God happy to hear that.

    All the others are just cherries on the top.

  8. You are an encouragement with your thankful list.....

  9. So many blessings. I'm overwhelmed by them daily.

  10. Love seeing your lists of gratitudes. I try to be thankful everyday too.


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