Monday, September 19, 2011


I have a feeling this will end up being a totally random post as my head is just all over the place this morning....Sooo here are just a few of them...

I LOVE how the weather has been recently.  It is hard to feel Fall in the air in Southern California compared to many of you I am very sure, but I do believe it is here.  The nights and mornings are nice and cool even if it does still heat up quite a bit in the day.  It is just gorgeous out in my opinion.  I am especially enjoying it this morning.  I sat on my porch for a while today with a cup of tea and my Bible and just soaked it all in.  Perfect way to start a day.

Our week-end was nice, though we didn't do much out of the ordinary.  Worked around the house on Sat. and just kind of took it easy.  Yesterday we went to church and then over to James and Larissa's house for lunch like always.  James put in a hard wood floor in their downstairs recently, and we got to see it for the first time yesterday.  How wonderful it looked!  It was decided that I would make them some new kitchen curtains, so Larissa and I went to Joannes and picked out some wonderful fabric.  I am hoping to get started on that later today.

How adorable is he?  Just look at the light in his eyes...

Today is JD's 5th birthday!  I honestly can't believe this little guy is already 5 years old.  You could search the world over and not find a sweeter little boy.  Such a heart he has got.  Always happy, always on the move, always making everyone smile.  He is playing soccer for the first time this year and has been spending his time mainly at goalie.  He told me yesterday about Saturday's game and I just got the biggest kick out of his description of the game.  "Grandma," he says, "there was 3 cheats in the game."  Upon asking him to explain what he meant he went on to tell me how he had the ball in his hand, "which ONLY the goalie is allowed to touch that ball with their hands Grandma, did you know that?"  I assured him that I did indeed know that.  "Well," he said, "that guy just grabbed it right out of my hand and then kicked it, and that's a cheat."  haha  I told him, "Well your right JD, they aren't suppose to do that."  And he said, "No, but it's OK Grandma, he probably just got excited."  Such a sweetie....He reminds me soo much of his daddy.  Our little "mini James" haha.  His party will be next Sun., and I am looking forward to it.

Melody is at the docs as I type this and she should be finding out today how much (or if at all I guess, haha) she is progressing.  I am soo anxious to hear.  She is SURE she will be dilated and practically ready to go, but as a first time mom I doubt she knows what she is talking about, haha.  I am hoping the little guy stay's put myself till I am ready to go there on the 7th of Oct.  Guess we will see.  Meanwhile I am sooo happy that she has made it to term and that everything has gone as uneventfully as it has.  Our God is sooo good.  Maybe that phone will ring before I finish this, and you all can hear as well.

I am planning on going to Annabel's volleyball game later today.  The last time I had this planned, the game was cancelled so I have yet to make it out to one.  I am REALLY looking forward to it.  Which reminds me, I'd better charge up the battery on the camera so I can get a pic or two or her playing.  Soo fun.

Well the phone just rang and I felt my heart leap with was Melody.  HOWEVER, she didn't find out a single thing.  Her doc gave her an option on rather or not she would receive an internal exam, and she CHOSE not to.  Sooo not like her mother here, haha,  Her doc really kind of talked her out of it saying that he felt like it only upsets the mother anyway, and really doesn't mean anything.  If they find out they are indeed dilated they become anxious and think it's all over when it doesn't really mean that at all.  And if they are not dilated, they become hysterical that nothing is happening and go into a funk.  The baby will come when it is ready, and that is all there is to it.  Next week, however, he will check no matter what though.  Sooo guess unless something DOES happen, we will just be waiting ANOTHER week, to see if something is happening, which apparently doesn't mean anything anyway, haha....Everything else look good, and sounded normal, so guess at the end of the day that is what is most important.  I guess I really do agree with her doc.  BUT!!  I really wanted to know, lol!!  There is NO WAY I would have said NO...

Well, guess I better get busy on this day if I am going to get a start on those curtains.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. What a blessing that Melody has made it to term! I know you can't wait to get out there on the 7th. Your daughter is very blessed to have you with her.

    And what a cutie! Happy 5th birthday. :)

  2. That sounds like one smart doctor Mel has!! So many not like that - so often after they do the internal it does nothing but cause spotting (which is very anxious for new mommies) and HURT! But I know its hard waiting for the grandmas:) So exciting!!

    Happy birthday to your little man - such a cutie patootie!! Enjoy your Monday -

    Hugs, friend.

  3. What a cutie! I just love the way he explained the game to you! Happy birthday to the little guy!

    That is great news for Mel. I would too have had the doctor check. I was disappointed when mine didn't check. I wanted to know! So happy that she's made it to term! Can't wait to see pics of the little guy when he is here!

  4. Hi dear friend, Loved seeing JD-what a handsome fellow he is-so cute and his personality reminds me of my Ben. Loved hearing that Mel is just "hanging on" til its the Lords time. Praise His name she has lasted and not had problems-He is so good. I'll be praying that Sam holds onto til Nana gets there. Sending lots of love to you today.

  5. Hi Debbie. I hope Mel's last few weeks of pregnancy go very quickly for her! And for you! Can't wait to see pictures of him!!

  6. Hi! Debbie, Pic is so cute of that Grand!! and how exciting hearing news about daughter! So happy:) things are going well! and Yes~God has the perfect time and date for arrival!! Love your bright new look!! so cheerful! Hope you have a wonderful day:)!

  7. Well it sound so nice and filled with so many blessings. I am glad she chose not to do a internal exam too. My doctor always thought is was bad to do that. She said it can introduce infection and also can rupture membranes before it is time.
    That was in the dark ages though.
    You do have a very handsome grandson.
    He looks like a sweetie.
    I liked what he said about cheats.
    Well keep your bags packed!

  8. Well too bad she didn't find anything out! But I guess it is for the best. Praying all will continue to go smoothly and you'll be heading out to see her soon!! Enjoy your day!

  9. So glad to hear Melody made it to term!!! Praise God! Her doctor is right about that being dilated not meaning anything -- I found out 5 weeks before my due date that I was dilated 1 cm with my firstborn. I about hyperventilated, went home and became a mad woman about everything that HAD to get done because THIS BABY WAS COMING! Well, that baby stayed in 4 more weeks, and those 4 weeks were way longer than I think they'd have felt if I wasn't constantly thinking the baby was coming that day!

    Your little JD just couldn't be any cuter!

  10. I just loved, loved, loved, this post Debbie, and what a cutie JD is Wishing him a very happy 5th Birthday.
    I know exactly the feeling Mel and Michael are having,and also how grandma and grand pa are too, been there in both places. ~LOL~
    God truly has blessed you and your family I am always so delighted when I read your Updates, and what you have been dong. BTW did I tell you how much I enjoyed this Post? I rejoice with you!
    Many more blessings to you dear friend.

  11. Sorry I am late getting here...where has the week gone?
    Oh five years old...isn't it just precious...they get up each day just loving life and extend so much grace to others....I want to be five again! He is precious...him and Benjamin would be good friends.

    Oh on the baby....sorry, agree so much with that wise doctor...LOL I have heard all the stories so many times as they thought because they had dilated they would be having that baby in days.............and then weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks went by. My girl friend went weeks at 5cm!

    You will be ready when the time comes...what a glorious pregnancy

    Love the visual of you on the porch with tea and the Word of God...nothing like it in my list of things to enjoy.

    Enjoyed our chat...well that is how I feel when I came here...LOL

  12. I enjoy following this journey with you, and I totally understand your wanting to know. It is just how we grandmas are. I wish your daughter the best as she goes through her next few weeks.

    Your grandson is so handsome! I hope he had a happy birthday!

    I like how you share your thoughts and randomness in life. I smile when I read through some of it.

  13. I LOVED the story about JD. What a little doll he is. Cannot believe he's already 5!

    I'm with Mel's doctor. With my pregnance w/the boys my doctor said that the exam could stimulate the onset of labor when you've already had to have labor postponed. With a high risk pregnancy you don't want to take any chances. Especially when it doesn't change anything or really mean anything. SO happy she's gotten so far. Cannot wait to see him! Still can't believe she's going to be a Mommy....!


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