Tuesday, September 13, 2011


  My personal fav.I just LOVE this one!
Whenever I was pregnant (which the last time WAS 25 years ago I guess, haha) about the last thing we would have done would have been taken special maternity pictures of ourselves, or worn clothes that somehow emphasized just how LARGE our tummies really were, haha.  But today, it is just what gals do.  Or some of them anyway.  I am friends with most of Mel's friends on facebook and they are all having their first babies (or even second in some cases) now and are busy posting "maternity pictures" so I have seen quite a few.  Now truthfully I have come to change my thinking about the way an emphasized tummy looks.  I think alot of the time it is really quite cute.  Anyway, Mel has FINALLY gotten her pics (actually she got them a week or so ago, but she has finally sent them to me in a way that I can copy them for my computer, haha) and so of course I have to show you hers.  I think they are just ADORABLE, but then I do tend to be a tiny bit prejudiced, haha.  This is such a happy season in her life and I just couldn't be more pleased for her.
Thought this was soo cute....

How cute is this?  

I think this is adorable too!

I'd like to have a blown up copy of this one.

This is cute by their cows...she looks pretty big here I am thinking...
Believe it or not those are my boots she is sporting....about the only thing we wear the same size in, lol


  1. Oh MY Goodness! The photos are lovely. My phamily has three new babies this year including two born Sept 11 and 12th! We love babies! Thanks for sharing. Much love to you and yours Anne

  2. What can I say Debbie? absolutely adorable, as I looked at each, I am thinking "this is my favorite" ~smiling, All of them are my favorite, and those boots, I gotta have.~grin~ love them. She is so beautiful, and so is he.
    I know you are on countdown waiting for Sam.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. These are great...and yes how different...I think out of six pregnancies I only have two pictures that show I am pregnant...the first and the last child. Then again the clothes looked like you could fit two of us in them...never showing or touching the tummy hardly at all

    Times have changed...you can see their belly buttons...LOL

    How wonderful to have such cute pictures....now why is it that we think back and think we were huge...we couldn't have been

    Enjoy grandmother...enjoy!!!

  4. Hi Debbie, LOVE these photos-she looks so beautiful and her tummy looks so cute. I swear I was never that cute pregnant. So glad she's still hanging in there-God is so good all the time. Can't wait to see little Sam. Blessings on your day dear friend.
    Love, Noreen

  5. Well I never looked that cute pregnant. She is just beautiful.
    I love each one of those pictures.

  6. Hi! Debbie, these pics are just beautiful! And your daughter is beautiful as well! And that "tummy" is holding a precious baby that is fearfully and wonderfully made:) Love this! Congrats~ on a new Grand!!

  7. Gorgeous pictures, looks like it won't be long now!

  8. Super cute and super adorable! I love these photos!

  9. well, if i had looked like THAT i might have
    had some pictures taken. :)

  10. She is so beautiful! And yes... your boots are perfect on her in these pictures!

    WOW... she should be a maternity model!


  11. She looks absolutely gorgeous and so happy.

  12. What precious pictures! I find it so funny that the gals all seem to be into these maternity photos today. I'm find with all but the "bare belly" ones and that's a little much for me. :o) But, then I'm "old school" and would have never shown my bare belly to anyone outside of my Dr. and husband. :o) She is so cute!

  13. Those are too cute - and such a clever way to remember such a wonderful time! I remember those days...so close to delivery and so filled with anticipation!! I remember being so "proud" of my belly (my first two, at least, were "cute" like Mels....that last one - well, we won't go there!) but I don't remember EVER thinking of taking photos of my belly!?!? Funny, huh?

  14. She is beautiful and the one of her on the swing is gorgeous! Praying a happy, healthy and blessed pregnancy and delivery for Mommy and baby. Congratulations to your family!



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