Monday, September 12, 2011


Another week has whipped by....goodness it just keeps going faster and faster.  Our week-end was good.   My youngest son James and his family "ALMOST" came up on Friday due to the black out in San Diego county.  They, like so many others, found themselves not very prepared for just such an event.  No extra water in the house, a few candles ~  but no extra batteries for flashlights,  not much gas in the cars, not much cash on them, and NO WAY of getting any of these things without power anywhere.  The stores quickly (within an hour) went to cash only which in the days of ATM cards is a REAL problem, the pumps had no way of pumping gas, the banks closed, and people just generally began somewhat floundering around.  News reports were varied and no one was sure how long it might take to get power back on.  The original rumors were it would be days!  The fact that it has been over 100 degrees for the last three days in a row left many of them concerned about the heat with no air conditioning and little water.  They decided to pack up and come up.  I was excited to see them, but they ended up stopping in Temecula (only about 20 minutes outside of San Diego where they live) as when they were passing through they noticed lights on in the city.  No one is quite sure how Temecula escaped when all the cities surrounding them for miles were out.  The power went on again at their house by 10 the next morning, so they of course went on home.  They do have a supply of these things at their house now too btw, I am very certain, haha.  I was sad they never made it up, but happy that the black out was over as quickly as it turned out that it was.  It is scary sometimes to think just how fast everything can change.  How quickly people can panic and how uncertain things become.  Just as they did of course 10 years ago on that awful morning in September that none of us will ever forget.  What started as just an ordinary Fall morning for most, quickly became a day that will be forever more on the pages of our minds, as well as the pages of all the future history books.  I, along with the rest of the Nation, watched in tears and horror as the planes crashed into the towers and changed the world as we knew it.  I will never forget that day of course, but I will never forget either the sense of pride and love for our country that quickly became the norm in the weeks and months following the attacks.  I remember many flying their flags everyday.  I remember people even put some sort of small flag on their cars and the freeways were full of the red, white and blue flying in the wind.  People just seemed to be more loving and kind, and things that aren't really all that important anyway, seemed to fade in urgency.  I hope we all not only never forget that day, but never forget that sense of pride and love for our country.  Never forget those who fight and risk their lives for us that we might enjoy the freedoms that we do. Never forget that this nation was founded on God and the Bible and without His protection and blessing we will be left weak and unprepared for what might face us in the future.  It must begin in each one of our hearts. We must pray, diligently, every day for our Nation.  My prayers this week will be for all the families and friends of all of those who lost a loved one on that dreadful day, and that our God will watch over and protect, and richly bless the USA.


  1. Hi there, Loved hearing about your weekend. I wondered if you or yours had lost power; seemed like it went on forever and yes we should all be a bit more self-sufficient. Sending lots of love your way today.

  2. Amen to that! Well said Debbie!

    I don't think I would be very prepared for something like that. I have candles, that's about it! Glad it didn't last too long!

  3. Beautifully written Debbie, and a great reminder of praying for those who lost loved ones on that unforgettable day and for our nation,and for those who serve to keep these freedoms we have. With the blackout and other events happening we have become more diligent about being prepared. And like you said we never know how quick something like this will happen.
    Now you have a good excuse to go visit James and his family on Sunday, and enjoy being in church with them.
    I know you are also getting so anxious for the grand baby's soon arrival. ~smiling~

    Enjoy your week.

  4. Amen!

    Not only should we be prepared for any emergency ... but we should be prepared for the day of His return. ;-)

    How much longer for your new grandbaby? I'll bet you can NOT wait! (Although I'm sure you're hoping for enough time to be able to get there before he makes his appearance!)

  5. Good advice on things to consider for such an emergency.
    Also, a nice memorial to 911. We need to keep the caring attitude we had on that day with us everyday.

  6. Amen Debbie, it's still hard for me to think about that day.

  7. Yes, we must never forget!

    And I was amazed at how many people lost power. We take for granted so many things until we are in the dark.

    Blessings and love,

  8. Hi Debbie! Thanks for the comment today and wouldn't you know it, a strange comment came in before yours. Which is why I started on the other blog, but they would probably find me there soon as well! Glad you didn't lose power but too bad about not seeing your son.

  9. Yes may we never forget and may we continue to lift our Nation before a merciful God.

    Oh wow...power out! You would think we would be suffering that after now passing the most 100 degrees days ever glad it was fixed fast...and yes, how fast people panic ...a lesson for all of us to be more prepared


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