Thursday, October 13, 2011


Boy is it warm here in So. California!!  High 90's and even over 100 in some places.  Whew, I really hope this is our last little wave of summer heat.  I was sooo enjoying the cooler Fall temps and the need to curl up with my soft little throw blanket for TV at night.

I did want to let you know and praise God that my step dads  surgery went very well on Tues.  He is S L O W L Y recovering of course, but so far everything looks good.  He managed to keep some broth down this afternoon, so I think he is moving along as they expected.  Please pray he continues to improve and will be able to go home soon.  : )   My mom is somewhat lost without him but Joe's daughter is here to of course see her dad and is staying with my mom and getting her back and forth to the hospital etc.  We are all VERY grateful for her help.  I spent all day Tues at the hospital and most of today as well and it is hard to see him just lying there in his bed, (he has always been soo active and self sufficient) but he is still managing to crack a joke or two (when he gets awake enough that is, haha).  Anyway, thank you for all of your prayers for him.

Soo many of you are posting yummy recipes for pumpkin bread, soups, and other Fall comfort food.  Right now I guess it is one thing I can be grateful for about this doesn't sound nearly as appealing. (see there is always "something" to be grateful for, haha)  I am having a HARD time keeping my head on the page of dieting right now.  I am still "on it" but I could soooo easily tip off, haha...Hope you all have a wonderful week-end, and count your many blessings.


  1. HI! Debbie, so Thankful your step-dad is doing ok! and the Christmas Table tour is held @ my church. the pic I posted was my decorated table for last year.(and my table even made the cover of a little area magazine for our county!) I was so surprized:)..but anyway there are several women that decorate a table(maybe 50)~ in what ever decor you can imagin~it is actually a womens night out, w/dinner a speaker, and special music! it is really beautiful! I will post pics after Nov.7..(PS~ this was the first for me last yr.)

  2. This is wonderful news about your
    step-dad and I will pray for his
    recovery to be quicker than anyone
    expected. All things are possible
    with the Lord.
    I would surely melt if the temps
    got over a 100 here! I don't even
    like it when it reaches the 80's.
    I am loving these days of high 60's
    and 40's at night. I'm even waiting
    for Christmas snow!
    Have a great weekend, Debbie.
    Hugs & Blessings~

  3. I love a post that starts "praise report"!! How wonderful - not only that all went well but that he is surrounded by so many who love him and are helping him while he recovers! What a blessing family is!!

    I cannot believe how warm it is there - 100!! Oh my. I am enjoying fall - but that means "Wint...." is on the way. I can't even say the word:) But I am anxious to start some pumpkin baking:) Oh, goodness, the diet!!

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead! Maybe some special times with one - or more - of those sweet grands!!

    Hugs, friend.

  4. Glad things are going well with your step dad. Our temps are finally starting to cool off a little but we are still wearing tee shirts and flip flops so fall hasn't totally set in yet
    Blessings to you

  5. So glad that your step dad is recovering well! Those fall goodies can be the downfall of those of us who are trying to watch what we eat. I've got a bunch of apples that I need to do something with ... and all the options that come to mind are not very "diet" friendly. ;-)

  6. That's great news regarding your stepdad's surgery. All the fall recipes make me want to bake and eat as well!!! Keep up your hard work at losing weight! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Praise God...and so understand how one gets lost without their spouse...I see that so much in my parents.

    Oh still some hot days here also...I can't get into the swing of fall yet. As for dieting...I have almost thrown in the towel...keep it up girl, you have done so well this year.

    Oh love the idea of a hat party you shared on my comments...your family just knows how to have fun

  8. That was why I cooked on the last day that was cool, hot food sound so gross now.
    I will keep your step Dad in my prayers. So glad he is doing better now after his surgery.
    You have been on your diet a long time. That is so very impressive.
    I hope it cools off soon too,I am so tired of the air conditioner.

  9. You are not alone Deb. It continues to be HOT in Phoenix. However, the high today will only be in the 90's so that's a good thing.

    Blessings and love,


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