Monday, October 17, 2011


Well here we are in mid Oct., and I can hardly believe it.  I have been thinking for a while now that I would love to come up with some "new" material for my blog.  I honestly can't believe how entertaining and creative soo many of your blogs are, while it seems as if I am always saying the same old thing in somewhat of a different way, and only if I try REALLY hard.  Isn't there more than just the day to day story of my life on my mind?  haha   I was going to try the meme that my friend Jennifer did at Trading Ashes for Beauty, but I honestly don't  know if I can even think of 10 things I don't DO (I think I will try doing just 5)....which sent me down another whole train of thought, but I will leave that alone for now.   I seriously hope I don't just come up with a list that proves I am a little more neurotic than I thought.   : )

Jennifer you started with a food that you don't DO or dislike, so I decided I would "try" starting there.  But it made me hit a blank wall right off the bat.....There is NO food I don't DO....sigh.  Honestly I love almost everything.  But upon deep reflection I did come up with..... I no longer DO donuts.  Now this has nothing to do with my not loving donuts, or my knowing that they are really not good for me in ANY way, but more to do with the fact that I have FINALLY learned (over the course of MANY years) that I always end up sick when I do, haha....Just kind of heavy headed, slow, tired, and downright bizarre.  Obviously just too much sugar and fried grease.....VERY yummy, but just doesn't work for me.

Now my next one is something I have decided to change VERY VERY soon...but at the present time I do not DO airplanes.  This is do to my extreme claustrophobia, and therefore the just knowing that this would require being in a sealed place for an extended period of time, and not the fear of the plane crashing.  Sooo not good in my book.  This has caused me some HUGE problems over the course of my life, and now with both a daughter AND a grandson living as far away as they do, something I really do need to change....sigh.

This is one is also kind of weird, but I do not DO sleeping in.  Not since I was in high school anyway.  My body just doesn't seem to want to for some reason.  I don't care what time I went to bed, I pop up at around 6 (or even earlier) pretty much no matter what.  I would love to think I might just even occasionally spend a morning laying around in the comfort of my bed, but I really have my doubts as to rather or not that will be happening anytime soon.

Ok let's see....I do not DO multiple pairs of shoes....really random I know, and also pretty weird.  But I just never have.  I find a pair of shoes that are REALLY comfortable, and (now there is one pair for warm weather, and another one for cool) then I wear them pretty much everyday, everywhere I go until they either fall completely apart or look completely disgraceful.  I told you this post would make me look pretty  I DO try and branch out or at least have a couple of different colors or something even if it is the exact same shoe but I have found that I don't even really DO that very well.

I DO not DO reasons for this are simple.  Again, the claustrophobia comes into play, and I am ALWAYS hot.  Not sure if this is because I am overweight, or because I seem to be in a continual state of menopause...

OK, I guess that is 5.  lol.  This was kind of fun, but I probably took it a little toO literally.  There are MANY MANY MANY things I don't do often, but not very many I just don't DO at all.

My week-end was good.  My sister Diane and I got together for the WHOLE day (starting literally with breakfast at Coco's) on Sat. as Jeff went to the men's retreat.  It was nice to "hang out" as we don't get much of that anymore.  We did go over to my mom's for a while.  My step dad got out of the hospital on Sat. even though it didn't seem as if he was really ready in any of our books.  But I am sure you all know how that goes anymore.  If you are even thinking about you might be getting a little better, they toss you out.  He is still of course barely moving along but he is getting a tiny bit better everyday, and we are all grateful.  I still covet your prayers for his recovery.  We also hit Joanne's moonlight madness sale and I got Christmas flannel to make 7 of my grand kids Christmas jammies.  The lines were LONG, the crowd somewhat crabby, but it was all worth it for the money I saved, and the prospect of some really cute PJ's.   I will post more about this later, and show the fabric of course.

I have another busy week coming up so I guess I better get busy as I am already over my time allotment (I try  to be somewhat disciplined about my computer time) for this day.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!   Until next time.....HUGS!!


Just FYI....I "somehow" erased my usual signature, and didn't know how to get it back...hopefully, it will just be erased for this post... ;)


  1. I don't do airplanes either for the same reason you stated and the SAME with turtlenecks! In fact when I go and have my hair done, my hairdresser knows not to snap the cape too tight on me! So funny. I've been rethinking the airplane thing also lately. Hope you have a good week. going over to Jennifer's blog now to see her list. I might do one myself!

  2. That is I think I could probably have a list of 100 things I don't is that because I am a half empty girl and you are a half full girl....LOL

    As always your weekends are great and your weeks me that is just the favor of the Lord.

    Have an awesome week!

  3. That was fun Debbie! Airplanes freak me out too, well, they have ever since I had babies. I used to love to fly and never gave it a second thought. Now it just is not something I enjoy at all!

    Have a great week Debbie! Your sig line should still be there, if you erased it while writing your post. If you have problems with it let me know!

  4. I like your list, that is so funny that you don't do donuts anymore.
    I get to sick so I don't do them anymore either.
    You don't like airplanes? I look terrible in turtlenecks not to mention I don't think it really ever gets cold enough here.
    I think it is so nice you got to spend time with your sister.
    It sounds like a very nice weekend.
    I like your blog and the things you talk about. That is what makes your blog a nice place to visit.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. Fascinating!

    I don't do alcohol (I got my fill between the ages of 18 & 25). I don't do mega Christmas shopping. If I can't keep it simply, the holidays are burdensome.

    I'm thinking I could go one and one and on ...

  6. Oh Sassy you are right...I too don't DO alcohol, nor do I do any caffeine drinks either. You'd have to tie me up to get me to drink an energy drink, or take a cold remedy either for that matter. Guess as I dwell on it some more my list is a lot longer than I thought. ; )

  7. First of all, I could relate to the fact that I feel my posts can get boring and I often feel writer's block.
    Next I want to tell you that I smiled the entire way through your dos and don'ts list. I don't know why except that I think you have a great sense of humor. I liked your list, and I like your honesty and candidness. It makes it always a joy to visit you here.
    My list...well, I don't have the time to share it now, but one thing I know for sure, is that I do not eat apples with the skins on them...never! I am not a picky eater in any sense of the word, I just cannot eat apple skins. Apples yes, just not the skins.
    There you go, isn't that downright interesting news about me:)?

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Good to learn more about you tonight
    Debbie. I don't find your blog at
    all boring. I love the way you just
    share about your day to day life.

  9. This was fun Debbie, I liked reading more about you. BTW I DO do airplanes but I don't like to (I have this thing about crashing too, I pray alot, helps get me through)

  10. I don't do flying either. Although mostly because of the fear of crashing factor ... and the hassle at the airport factor. ;-)

    And while I own multiple pairs of shoes, almost all of them sit in the closet unworn. I wear my flip flops all summer long and I wear my Sketchers whenever it's too chilly for flip flops. I've tried to talk myself into culling out the unworn shoes, but I keep convincing myself that I might wear them when the Sketchers or flip flops wear out. ha!

  11. Debbie -

    I was so excited to see that you made a list yourself:) What fun! and, by the way - you always have very interesting posts. Always.

    I definitely do airplanes...and used to love to fly. With all the security and crowded airports, is not nearly as enjoyable as it once was! But you can certainly get where you wanna be quickly!

    I do like my turtlenecks:) I guess it helps me survive the winter! That and my fireplace!!

    I've never been too big on donuts - although we have a spot around here that makes wonderful apple and pumpkin donuts:) but I seriously should think about cutting out the bagels! LOL

    Hope you have a great week ahead! Always love it when you stop by!

  12. Many things I don't DO too, but lots I do do, love serving the lord, and seeing his hand of creation in all things, and knowing it was all created for us to enjoy, use, and live with. Thanks for your blog love your old barn in the topper, hugs

  13. Just dropping by to let you know that I love the comment you left on my blog today. If someone leaves a comment on my blog, I always try to go and visit their blog. You never know who you'll meet that way! Hope your day was good!

  14. Debbie
    This was a FUN post! No, not boring at all! I'll have to try this sometime on mine.
    Two thinks I don't do either-turtlenecks and alcohol.

  15. Getting ready to fly out in the morning. Not thrilled with the prospect, but the reward will be worth it. My best friend will be waiting for me in baggage claim!


  16. Cute post and caused me to think of things I don't do and I think I could easily come up with 10. :o)

    Oh, my, to have one pair of shoes would make the decision so much easier everyday. I LOVE me some shoes and have way too many pairs. Good for you!

    Enjoyed stopping by!


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