Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Good morning!

I have decided I must be doing something wrong as I just can't seem to get my posts up as quickly as soo many of you do or something, as it seems as if I am lucky if I get a couple a week up and MANY of you post close to everyday.  I think I just must be S L O W !!  haha

Anyway, the time is whipping by and while I am fine with that as I am getting very excited for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays, I have as usual gotten myself a little TOO busy.  I have completed Sam's blanket bag (it's adorable!) (OH, except for the snap ~ never done one of those and I am just waiting for the right moment to attempt it, haha) and 7 new burp cloths.  Melody couldn't seem to make it through more than a day or two with her supply as poor Sam does seem to be somewhat of a spitter.  I didn't mind at all making him a few more as they are quick and easy.  Just my kind of project, haha.  Then, I have also made Jeffie's pj's and was moving right along with Capri's when I ran into somewhat of a problem.  I originally had purchased the fabric (Hello Kitty pink Christmas) for Donatella, when I heard that it was Capri who has a special love for Hello Kitty. Sooo of course I decided to do Capri's jammies with that fabric.  Well, it wasn't quite enough but I thought I could make it work....I usually can in these type of cases.  Well, I hadn't accounted for the fact that it is a one way fabric and therefore it just wasn't happening.  I am short one leg for the bottoms.  I decided to go ahead and make the top and THEN go out and get the extra fabric.  They had a TON of it when I bought it.  Well of course, that was a very dumb move.  They were completely out.  I guess Hello Kitty is still popular...especially when it is Christmas fabric and on sale.  Anyway, the nice gal at the store began calling around for me trying to locate some somewhere.  She finally finds a yard at some store in a city I had never heard of (never a good sign) and I decided to just whip on over late yesterday afternoon to pick it up.  Well, almost 40 min. later I was there (she gave WONDERFUL directions) It was a beautiful city and I would have loved to look around, but I needed to hurry as it was getting late.  Well, bottom line, it was the WRONG Hello Kitty fabric!  She felt bad and I was somewhat hysterical, haha.  I had driven a long way.  Sooo, I decided I might as well look around right?  I mean I was THERE afterall.  Well another 40 minutes later and I left with yet more fleece to make Sam a Christmas blanket.  The fabric was just tooooo darling to resist.  So I will make (my first ~ surely I can do these...I have heard they are easy) one of those tie together fleece blankets.  Just what I needed (yeah right) another project.  It was late and I needed to get home but quickly realized I was a little dumber than I thought as now I would be driving home in rush traffic going the way EVERYONE else in So. California was going to get home.  WHAT was I thinking?  An hour and half later I was FINALLY home....sigh....and with NO Hello Kitty fabric.  What we do for grandkids huh?  I have not given up though.  I will find the fabric.  Some time today I will check online.  SURELY someone has it right?  Oh, and I also spent quite a bit of time making up the invitations yesterday for Sam's open house which will be the Sat. after Thanksgiving.  That was A REALLY REALLY REALLY LONG and horrifying story, but I will spare you the details of that.  It is done is all I will say, haha.  Oh, and I did all our laundry yesterday too.  Now today I have to go to my mom's and get her to her doctor's appointment, run an errand or two for her, and IF there is enough time left over we are going to start a Bible study together,  She is having a hard time reading still, so we thought this would be a good way to get her back in the Word.  I am looking forward to that.  Whenever I go to my mom's I drive home in RUSH HOUR traffic too, so guess I will be doing that two days in a row, haha.  I do thank God that I do not have to do that EVERY day, as I know MANY do.  Soooo, all of this and I haven't even posted about what I wanted to.....I will sum it up fast.
The week-end was FAST and wonderful.  I sewed most of the day Sat. while hubby climbed back up on the roof.  Bottom line, the cover is MUCH better, but STILL not perfect.  More work this week-end on that.  And Sun was wonderful.  The message was just sooo good.  I am still dwelling on it.  And when I get more time later this week I WILL post more about that.  Soo now I will post a couple of pics of my finished projects, and then jump into the shower and get moving on this day.  I praise God today for the ability to be busy!!  Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


kind of blurry but no time to fix!




I had to start with the biggest one first as I am using the same pattern for 3 of them and then adjusting accordingly! ; )






  1. Debbie
    You are quite the seamstress! I love the fabrics you have chosen for the g'childrens gifts.
    And ,wow, are you patient and easy going-running all over for that Kitty fabric and then not getting it in the end! Well, life's easier if we go with the flow, I guess!
    Happy Sewing-Kimberly

  2. Your sewing is AMAZING!!! I would have really loved those burp cloths when my children were babies! Especially our Olivia. Oh my, that girl would cover me! Sounds like you have your days filled! Doing a Bible study with your mom sounds like the perfect solution to her eyesight problem. Hope you have a great day!

  3. First of all...if you are slow than I am dying...I can only get to two or three post a week and that is enough for me...I can't seem to stay up with reading each day.

    Your sewing is wonderful...it takes me down memory lane since I haven't sew for little ones in years...I hope I will again soon. Now I wished I have of taken more time on your pillow...you are too good!!

    I love the inspiration and that each child will have his/her grandmothers loving clothes around them.

    Have fun with your mom and Bible Study.

  4. These are just darling, Debbie. You are a wonderful seamstress. I know the kids will love being all warm and cozy in their jammies.
    I don't post daily either. Life is just too busy.

  5. Just love reading of your week, Debbie.
    Up until today i was posting everyday with the Giving Thanks Challenge, but decided to take a break today. I have so much to do that it is almost impossible for me to post everyday. During Nov. and Dec. I am really busy with getting ready for the holidays.
    Debbie you are some kind of seamstress the things you have made are absolutely beautiful, I can only imagine the joy you feel while creating them.
    Thanks for sharing , I really enjoy your thankful list.

  6. Hi! Debbie, Oh~ you are so Blessed w/talent! just so cute! and girl~ I know I am getting behind too~ but thats ok! here lately I'm getting maybe one post a week! LOL..btw~ posted pics today of my Christmas table @ my church function last night! I was so blessed by all the sweet comments! Have a Happy:) Wednesday!!

  7. Oh my you do get the great grammie award for that trip!! What a bummer that it was the wrong print - but the top sure is cute:) and I love the little Sam's "bag"...what a special talent. Sure would love to sit next you and get some step by step lessons:)

    The kiddies are going to look adorable this Christmas!

  8. Wow, what adorable sewing projects you've accomplished!! And I can't resist saying it, but that Hello Kitty Christmas fabric truly is adorable!!! Really hope you can easily find some on-line! You are such an amazing grandma!

  9. I am just like you about not being able to get posts out like others can. One blog I follow even posts twice a day at times, and what's more, the posts are good! Amazing...

    As for you and your incredible talent? I think it's worth waiting for a post like this. I love all of your goodies. I wish I had a fraction of your talent.

    Love your fabric choices, and the blanket bag is adorable.

  10. Debbie you simply amaze me with how much you get accomplished!!!!! Love the blanket bag and the pj's are adorable. I think you must never sit down and relax because you are always so busy. Loved reading all about your week though; sorry about the fabric...I know you'll work it out though.
    Have a blessed day my friend.

  11. Nice post..thank you for sharing...i love it...God bless you

  12. Hi Debbie!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Looks like you have been busy! You are so talented, I really need to learn to sew one of these days.

    So fun to see your son and daughter in laws pictures in Italy!! I absolutely dream of going there some day. Jake and I are going to Hawaii for our tenth anniversary in the summer, but maybe Italy for our 15th. It looks like they are having an amazing time. Good for them.


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