Friday, November 4, 2011


Just a couple of quick things....First, upon waking up to the sound of rain POURING on our roof I felt that warm good feeling you get knowing you are safe inside, snug and warm under your blankets.  You know which one I am talking about?  I laid there thanking the Lord for the day, and planning out all I have to do.  Sewing today sounds REALLY good as I love to sew when it rains (kind of like baking).  I got up, quickly made my bed and got right into the shower.  Then, as I walked out of our bedroom it occurred to me, "OH, check and see how the new cover on the patio by the front door worked!"  So I scurried (as fast as arthritic  knees let you scurry) to the front door and whipped it open. didn't work! Water dripped off the door, and pretty much everywhere.  Back to the drawing board I guess.  I called my hubby who had left early for work this morning to see if he too had noticed.  Of course he had.  At first we bemoaned the futile efforts we had expended last week-end, but ended up in hopeless laughter.  How I thank God for humor.  It smooths out sooo many of the rough edges in life.  Good thing we don't make a living in construction.  However, my hubby has another plan!  Hopefully, it will work.

And then I came upon this picture today on Facebook and I just HAD to post it here.  It's sooo what is happening I think, haha...I am back to Jenny Craig this morning....Not looking forward to it, I won't lie.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL week-end!


  1. Happy Friday Debbie, Love the cartoon-so cute and I can relate now that I'm not biking 30 miles a week. I too love sewing when its raining or cold. Sorry your porch cover didn't work,hopefully your new plan will fix the problem.
    Have a blessed day my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. haha That is a great comic. I have the same problem. The rain has been so nice. I have enjoyed every bit. I went to the fabric store today to get fabric to make a quilt for my grand daughter. Yes, cloudy days are like that for me too.
    It is getting ready to rain here some more, I am so happy to be at home today.
    Have a lovely weekend I hope it gets cooler for a fire.
    oh and more rain.

  3. That is tooooooooooooooo funny!!!

    Oh I love to sew when raining...and we need the rain here, then I could be more productive with sewing or baking.
    Please show your projects.

    Sunshine rain, but it is beautiful

  4. I am siting here nodding my head, Debbie,as we have had a long ongoing problem with one of our large windows. Every time it rains I hold my breath that I don't hear drip drip drip in the LR. DH has put enough caulking up to fill a room. lol.
    Good luck to your dh.
    Love the cartoon,
    Enjoying your thankful list.

  5. Yes, I've seen this cartoon! And I love it! I've used that excuse too many times! Hope you have a great weekend and your hubby can finally solve your problem!

  6. Oh I can so relate to the cartoon. It's back to the eating plan tomorrow first thing. All that Halloween candy...ugh...I hated every bite.

    Sorry about whatever it is that has gone wrong...I'll have to go back a few posts and be snoopy.

    Stop by any time, love to have you. Oh, do you mean we've been traveling in the same bloggy circles and have never been introduced? (I see Sue up there. I bet she's responsible for this. =D)

  7. So that's my problem, Debbie! :)

    Love your sense of humor and glad your superman has another plan.

  8. Shucks. I'm sorry idea didn't work.

    I did, however, LAUGH RIGHT OUT LOUD at the cartoon. That's me, too.

  9. Hope it was a wonderful weekend - Jenny Craig and all! Just love that new header picture....makes you smile:)

  10. Hahaha! That one really applies to me. Lost some weight and then gained it right back. But like you say - back to the drawing board.

    I hope you get your patio problem worked out soon!

  11. It's so good you can have a sense of humor when things go wrong.
    I, too, can relate to your cartoon!
    I'm getting to be a good little eater!!


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