Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have spent the last couple of times I have been online touring all the BEAUTIFULLY decorated homes in blogland.  I love Christmas decorations.  I will confess however that with each passing year as I am taking them all down and putting them all away I think to myself, DOWNSIZE....CUT BACK....LESS IS BETTER, haha...But I end up with all my old favorites nonetheless.  What is it that comes over me I am not really sure.  Probably the fact that there is so much tradition and memories attached to these things that it is hard to let go.  I especially love our tree as the ornaments go as far back as our first Christmas 37 years ago.  Each ornament brings it's own special memory.  From the ones I made as a newly wed, to the precious ones my kids made at school, to the ones I collected in series over the years, the ones given to me by special friends, they are all there.  I was always going to have another tree and decorate it with a theme as soo many of you do, but somehow it never happened.  Now I would have no where to put it.  I will share a few of our decorations, and I will try to have some different views from last year as I think I did a pretty thorough tour then, lol....

This is the ornament that James & Larissa brought back for us from Italy.  I LOVE it...soo different.

Love this one given to my by my lifelong friend a couple of years ago.

I have about 20 of these little angels that I collected over a few years...I love them!

This wasn't taken in front of our tree, but last Sat. at Capri's cute are they?

Lindsey and the birthday girl Capri!

Sweet Capri on her 7th birthday!

The boys enjoying their lunch

Capri enjoying the jumpie
JD on his 2nd cupcake, haha

Time for the candy!

More decs....LOVE this area

Lights up and tells the whole story of the night before Christmas....notice the Santa pic of Mel to the left....I LOVED that pic of her.
I change up the top shelf of my china cabinet with my pretty Christmas china...Mel picked this out for me a few years ago...I LOVE it, plus it always makes me think of her
Top of the bookcase in our family room
Notice how I slipped in a few pics of Capri's birthday party?  haha  Soo me.  I have a few last minute things to do to get ready for my dh's party tomorrow.  I have just been soo busy.  I did get to have lunch and exchange Christmas presents with my good friend yesterday and how I enjoyed the break.  My dh's dad will be joining us from Arizona for the week-end and I am soo glad he will be able to share it all with us.  My brother and his family are coming from Arizona too.  I was thinking last night as I laid in bed with my mind whirling over all I need to do that this is the VERY first time Melody will not be here AT ALL during the Christmas season.  She did miss one other Christmas day, but she was there the week-end before Christmas so it wasn't too bad.  But this year she won't be here at all.  I could have let myself feel very sorry for myself had I let my head go.  But the Lord reminded me of how many there really are who have NO ONE at all during this season.  And I have been blessed by soo many.  So I quickly turned those negative feelings off.  I do feel the enemy does his best to steal our joy whenever he can.  How grateful I am that He who is in us is stronger than he who is the world.  Hope you all have a GOOD week-end.  I know I am looking forward to mine!


  1. I so enjoyed this tour of your favorite Christmas decorations! I've scaled way back too, but like you, still have those few favorites.

  2. My dear Debbie, I love hearing about your week and of course love touring your home. I'm like you and our tree is very country-lots of different ornaments. Loved seeing Capri's party too. Girl it sounds like you are going to be so busy, make sure you get out and get refreshed. Sending my love to you today.

  3. I love all the pictures of all your angels - on the tree and at the birthday party. ;-)

    Praying that you will continue to remember all that you have to be thankful for as you go through this Christmas season with Mel so far away. {{hug}}

  4. Everything looks beautiful at your home, Debbie. Don't feel you have to apologize for enjoying all this wonderful season offers. I love Christmas and all the decorations, presents, food--all of it, and I don't care who agrees or disagrees. Christmas is the most wonderful of celebrations and I am going to continue to decorate my tree and put out my special things and just enjoy it all. I know Who the season is about and this is my way of celebrating.

  5. Debbie, what a joy for me to come and visit you tonight. I love all your decorations, the ornament from James and Larissa is priceless.
    And those beautiful grandchildren of yours are precious, Wishing Capri a belated happy birthday.

    I relate to your feelings of not having all your children home for Christmas. We are only having two of ours this year, they want to be here but the economy has hit them hard.
    The carolers that our mother's made are so precious. I always love things made by loved ones, they are treasures, and have so many memories.Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed and joyous Christmas.

  6. Debbie
    I can see why it is so hard to let go of your ornament that hold such special meaning to you!
    Your g'children are all sweet looking. It looks like they were having fun too.
    It is hard when our children can't all be with us, but you are right in trying to look on the positive side of it. You are still blessed!
    Seasons Blessings-Kimberly

  7. I thought you had a big birthday party coming up. I hope you get a chance to tell us about it afterward.

    As one who is a December baby herself, I think it's wonderful you are doing it and it's wonderful that you had the party for your Capri too. I love the picture of her in the jumpie thing.

    I love your attitude, and it is contagious. I am trying to chase away the negatives too.

  8. Oh I love the tree...I too just decorate in our collected mind goes back to each year as I put them up...and yours is just beautiful

    Oh birthdays how fun...what a blessings...they grow too fast

    Sorry on Mel not coming...that is hard, I am starting to feel that around this house also

    Blessings...just beautiful and thanks for sharing


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