Wednesday, December 14, 2011


1. Do you put Christmas decorations in every room of your house? If not every room, what rooms do you decorate?  I decorate just the main rooms of our, living room, family room and dining room.  The outside is always thoroughly decorated too...OH! and the front porch and door.  : )

2. If you could visit one of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) which one would you choose and why? Well, I guess if I was being REALLY honest, I wouldn't visit any of them.  I am not much of a traveler,  I don't "do" airplanes or boats (So  HOW would I get there?) And there are still sooo many places here in America I want to see.  But if I didn't have these obstacles in my way I think I would choose Sweden...I am imagining it is just breathtakingly beautiful.  

3. What does the word faith mean to you?  WOW...this question could take a while... ; )  There are soo many verses in the Bible that speak of faith.   When I hear the word faith though, my mind goes immediately t

Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

Hebrews 11:6  But without faith t is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Romans 5:1  Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ

My faith in Jesus Christ is the single most important thing in my life, for it is my salvation from what I deserve, and my hope for what lies ahead.  It is what fills my heart with peace, and the essence of what Christianity if all about.  

4. You can go back to your childhood for one day...what day and age would you choose?  Uummm, I think it would be any one of our MANY trips to our cabin we had in the mountains.  How many trips we made up there could never be counted.  But they were all times of simple relaxation and great family time.  No TV, no one (usually anyway) but us.  We played games and cards, took hikes, fished in the summer time and played in the snow in the wintertime.  My dad was always soo relaxed up there he was a very different man really.  I often wished all of life could have been lived that way.  We had the cabin from the time I was around 9 or 10 until I was about 16.  Many WONDERFUL memories were made up there.

5. When did you last have 'punch'? If it's not too much trouble share your favorite punch recipe.  I think it must have been at Melody's baby shower.  Seems as though much of the punch I have ever drank has been at one shower or another, lol....My family has always used this simple SIMPLE recipe.  Take a half gallon of lime sherbet and pour two bottles of 7-up over it.  Soooo yummy.

6. Do you fill stockings at your house? Are stockings opened before or after the bigger gifts?  I did when my kids were living at home.  I never got into it the way I wanted to though.  I was always going to get lots of little things etc., but most of the time I filled them with their favorite candies and gum, and chap sticks and little cars...things like that.  They were opened after everything else was at the end of present time.  I have never filled stockings for my grandkids.  And now there are sooo many of them, it is really out, haha,  

7. What takes your breath away?  Oh there are MANY so I will just list a few....majestic mountains covered in snow....A lake, smooth and glistening in the sun....giant waves crashing on the shore at the beach...the birth of a baby....the first kiss between a man and a wife....a smile offered to you from a baby....there are many more, but you get the idea.  

8. Insert your own random thought here.  I woke up this morning just full of gratitude for sooo many things in my life.  I am just feeling so blessed.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Join the other bloggers participating in this fun event HERE....soo much fun.  I really enjoy getting to know others this way.


  1. I don't do airplanes either ... you said that you don't do boats. Is there a connection?? DH and I are in the preliminary stages of planning a 25th wedding anniversary cruise. ??

  2. Oh such nice memories, I love the idea of having a cabin to escape away too.
    My grandparents had one and the few memories I have of it are so nice.
    I love that punch with the sherbet. I need to make it soon.
    I hope you have a nice day today.

  3. I would love to visit Sweden!!

  4. What a nice list! When I read the one about the traveling, I right away started thinking how you DON'T like to fly! And then that was your answer! So funny! Hope your Wednesday is good!

  5. I always enjoy getting to know you better, sweet Debbie, by the answers to the questions you participate in from time to time.
    We are a lot alike. I only decorate those rooms too and I do not like to fly one bit. Never tried a boat, don't care to. I am a happy homebody! I guess I would enjoy visiting Hawaii though. The pictures I've seen are amazing.

  6. Oh, the cabin sounds like such a wonderful family retreat. So wonderful that you have such fond memories of that.

    I'm with you, there's still so many places I want to go right here in the good ole USA.

    Very good answers and we all should be filled with gratitude, especially as we celebrate our Savior's birth. Blessings!

  7. Your childhood cabin memories sound wonderful to me. Until I read this, I had never thought about it, but childhood is such a magical time. How could one pick one single day out of it? Like you, I would pick a place, and it would be my grandmother's house.

    I had never thought about it before, but Sonja at Bits and Pieces recently posted about her mother growing up in Norway. Now, I know with certainty that Norway is a country I would love to visit.


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