Friday, February 3, 2012


Well here we are to Friday again....this week has flown by.  I honestly can't believe it is February already.

So how did my "mug warmer" work for my tea pot?  It didn't work all that well that's how.  : (  The tea was a little warmer than it was without anything at all, but that's about it.  Soo my ever helpful hubby suggested I just make two cups of tea, and put one "mug" on the warmer, covering it with something as well (very critical according to him) while I am busy with my first cup.  So I decided to give that a try this morning.  Well, that my friends worked perfectly.  My second cup of tea this morning was every bit as warm as my first.  I guess that means that two cups is my limit, haha, oh and the necessity of washing two coffee mugs every day.  Both of which are really just fine.  Another problem solved.  : )

Yesterday was the first Bible study in James that Larissa taught.  I was hoping that it would all work out just fine for me to attend as it is at 9:30 am and is clear down in San Diego.  I knew that traffic would be double what it is on Sun. morning, but it remained to be seen just how bad it would be.  Too much, and I would just have to forget about it for now.  BUT!!  as it turned out, I left here only about 20 minutes earlier than we do on Sunday for arrival on time, and it was plenty.  I did hit a little traffic until I got well out of the area, but after that I breezed right along getting there a full 10 minutes before it was to start.  Larissa was just sooo good too!  She was REALLY nervous as this was the first study she has ever taught, but I am so glad now that between James and the Lord they convinced her to give it a shot.  No doubt in my mind that the Lord has prepared her WELL for just such a job.  The study is just going to be what I need right now, and I am really glad it all worked out for me to go.  After the study I went on over to their house and had lunch with Larissa and the two youngest grandkids.  I will admit it was nice to get Donatella to myself (without Grandpa that is) as she is SUCH a Grandpa's girl that whenever he is around, I only get a moment or two or her attention and focus, haha.  I think in the future I won't linger quite as long as I did after lunch though, as I hit a lot more traffic when I got closer to home.   If any of you are interested they are going to tape her teachings and they will be available on the sidebar of my blog by clicking on my picture of my son James.  Once you get on the website just follow the links to the women's ministries.  If you get the chance, give them a listen as I think they will bless you.  Hers won't be quite as long as his are of course, but you will need to allow yourself at least 30 minutes or so.  I guess if ever driving down there is an issue (as is next week right off as I do have a doc appointment on Thursday morning) I can always keep up with the study this way.  The problem is then of course you miss the fellowship with the other ladies, so hopefully that won't happen much.

The Lord has been working on me lately to remember the importance of focusing my mind on Him.  How without that my mind ALWAYS wonders to my problems and then they (the problems) become my focus, and sap my energy with useless efforts to manage or solve them.  I must renew my mind EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Romans 12:2 tells us....

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.  

But what exactly does that mean?  I think one of the biggest problems with all of us today is the constant need to access how we "feel" about almost anything.  From "how do I feel today?" to  "How do I feel about my spouse? How do I feel about this job? How do I feel about this preacher or message?", and on and on it goes. And if we don't like the way we feel, then the answer is always the same...change it, get rid of it, do it over again etc.  The problem with living by our feelings, is it will NEVER transform our minds.  Now of course God is never against feelings.  He is a God of powerful and passionate feeling.  Yet feelings are completely insufficient foundations for the Christian life.  The first question we ask ourselves can't be, "How do I feel?  But rather What is true? or What does God Word say?  So, as Christians we cannot think the way the world does.  We cannot live the way the world does.  But instead we must think and live the way Jesus thought and lived.  Which means of course we first have to recognize our need for change, and then KNOW what it is that He would want us to know.  By spending time every day in His Word, and in fellowship with Him, we will renew our minds and change our lives, therefore PROVING what is His perfect will.  (which is to be more like Him).  Sooo, my answer for keeping my mind more focused on Him, more focused on what He wants me to do with my life from day to day etc., is to not be conformed to the world's way of thinking, but to let Him transform my mind and my way of living and thinking to His, by spending more time in fellowship with Him through His Word.  Hope I have made some sense here.  Writing this all down helps me process all He is working on, haha.  He is FAR from done with me.

Today is my grandson Cody's third birthday.  How I love this sweet little guy.  I watched little Cody from the time he was 3 months old until he was around a year or so a couple of days a week while his mama and daddy worked.  I miss it in many ways.  Our bond was soo strong as spending lots of time together always does.  It was hard work especially after he really began moving around, and my arthritic knees really had a hard time keeping up.   But now that I am no longer doing that, and we have moved out of their close area as well, my times are really not very frequent.  Something this grandma wants to change.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet boy, and may the Lord always keep His hand close on You.  This is the little guy that doesn't seem to want to have much to do with the camera.  Most of my pictures of him are old, but here are a few...




I am going to make a HUGE effort to get some pics of Cody tomorrow when we go over to their house to celebrate his birthday.  SURELY I can think of something to get him to "smile for the camera!"

I will finish this off with not only good wishes for you to enjoy your week-end, but also the Super Bowl if you are football fans.  The Patriots are Melody's long time favorite team so we will be cheering for them and her over here.  Here are a couple of pics of Sam she sent me today.  I soo love getting little glimpses of him as often as I can.




I am linking up to Spiritual Sunday.  You can join the others who are sharing their thoughts and insights HERE..Take the time and read a few, they will sooo bless you if you do.


  1. Hi sweet friend, Loved seeing Cody-he is a cutie for sure. Don't the years fly by so quickly.
    I'm doing a study on James too-Beth Moore's and it is good but I'd love to join you and head to your daughter's class. Oh your Sam has gotten so big and adorable.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
    Love, Noreen

  2. Oh I felt a pang as you were discussing feelings and what the better way to judge a situation is. Yup. That sounds like truth to me.

    Glad that you were able to attend the Bible study and arrive home with minimal difficulties. We have a Larissa in our family, too, such a pretty name.

    Your grands are adorable. I had my second email from my grand tonight and it tickled me all to pieces.

  3. What a precious boy! I just quoted an excerpt from the James study... and then landed here. Going to have to join in on this study. Sounds like a great one!

    Enjoyed seeing the grands. So sweet!

    Tänia of Simply God's Girl

  4. Thanks for this reminder that our day is not to be based on feeling but on God's word.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Cody. I think your pictures are just adorable!

    Providentially, I am doing Beth Moore's James study right now. She asked us to consider trying to memorize the book. I wasn't going to do it, but I feel very called to for some reason. SO... I'm doing it. I will look for Larisa's link in the side bar.

    And I love what you said about the feelings. In another twist of Providence, just this week I became certain that Romans 12 was going to be the jumping off point for the next retreat curriculum I write. I loved, loved, loved your insight. Excellent.

  6. Happy Birthday little one...all those grandsons!

    Oh your word on "feelings" oh my, you spoke straight to my heart, in your direct and convicting way...I hear you...right there and I am listening and taking it in.

    The study in James...that is wonderful, enjoy..I will have to check it out.

    May the Lord continue to sharpen iron with iron as He does so many times here in blogland..thanks for the morning sharpening.

  7. Happy birthday Cody! Now he is old enough to be in our Pre-K 3 class; lol. And Sam is too cute. Keep those photos coming at us.

    I think we are on the same page in our thinking. Lately I've been pondering how people live from their emotions and how they always say listen to your heart. Well if I did that I'd be all over the place. That's how my emotions go some days.

    Instead, I make the daily choice to listen to God's Word. Even though I feel 'this way', I remind myself that this is what God says. Romans 12:2 is a great verse that I memorized years ago.

    Thanks for pointing out about the links on your sidebar. Sometimes I visit and read your blog and pay no attention to those details. I will have to take some time to do that soon.


  8. Such precious pictures of our grandbabies....and Happy Birthday to Cody.....The time with these wonderful gifts from God is too short as they grow up so fast....Thank goodness for pictures and videos......

    I so appreciate your words on feelings....Obviously, God gave them to us but I think He expects us to govern them with His word....hard to do sometimes....

    Have a great weekend....

  9. Love the picture of the grand babies...adorable
    You are right on about being too governed by our feelings I am certainly guilty!
    The Lord has to remind me all the time...what are you going to believe, your feelings or my truth, it is a process to be sure
    Have a blessed weekend...oh and can so relate to having the grand kids to myself, when my husband is around it's all about Pop Pop

  10. A very happy birthday to Cody, Your grandchildren are so adorable.
    I was so blessed reading about larissa's teaching, and am always amazed at how God will take us out of our comfort zone. Not only will the women receive, be blessed and grow, but she will too! God is so awesome !
    Enjoy your weekend,

  11. Your family is clearly, the light of your life, just like mine is to me!!! Lovely pics!

  12. Loved all the pictures of your grandson! Hope he has a nice birthday! And Sam is so adorable! All your grandchildren are so beautiful! Hope you have a nice Sunday and that Melody enjoys the game!

  13. O drats! I just lost my entire post. Oh well ... just know that I share your appreciation for taking every thought captive!

  14. Your little grandchildren are just adorable. And I love your header. Blessings ~


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