Thursday, June 7, 2012


I decided today would be a good day to write a thankful Thursday post, because honestly I don't remember the last time I did.  It isn't like I don't have MANY MANY things I am thankful for, but it just seems as if there has been soo much negative things going on it might be hard.  And yet, sometimes for me that is just the time I need to get busy and look for those blessings.

James 1:3,4  My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.  But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.  

2 Tim. 4:7  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Even though I know that we are taught in the book of James to count our trials as blessings, as these trials bring about patience, I have to remember that this doesn't mean that the trials themselves are blessings, but rather the results that can come from patience.  A patience that is needed to finish this race of life to the end.  Also remembering that if our trials are not met with joy, then they usually bring about bitterness and discouragement.  And sense these are two emotions I can and want to live without, I need to look for the blessings, NO MATTER WHAT the circumstances may be.   Soo, these blessings I am mentioning today will be ones that I am finding in the midst of my personal trials right now.

I am grateful that even though my step dad is living his last days here with lung cancer that has spread pretty much through his whole body, he seems to be in very little could this be?  And yet he sleeps peacefully most of the time with very little medication.  I am grateful that my mom is doing as well as she could be expected to, and that my step sister is now staying with them to help care for them both until the end.  I am grateful that it is summer time and warm, as he tends to get cold sooo easily now.  I am grateful that even though my stomach continues to be an issue, I know now that it is nothing serious, and that SURELY sooner or later I will find a way to keep it in check.  I am grateful that even though my husband took off a FULL week of work so that we could make the visit to New Mexico, his sales team did well last month, as did he, and our expenses can easily be met this month.  I am thankful for my kids, grandkids, and family who have pulled together to get us through this season of transition and change.

I have a busy week-end coming up.  Tomorrow morning I am going to whip together another "cloak".  This time for Capri's little sister Tella, as she has now decided she just has to have one too Grandma, haha.  Her's will be purple, and I am looking forward to seeing her sweet little face in one too.  And then I have an appointment to address these grey roots, and after that we will go over to my parents house for a visit.  Sat. will be a LONG day of organizing over here.  And Sun. we will go to church and then it is hubby's turn to do the prep for the same test I just did.  Is it bad to say I am grateful my turn is over? haha

Hope you all enjoy your week-end.  How I love to escape to blogland sometimes and read inspiring, funny, uplifting and interesting posts from you all!

Enjoy this picture of sweet Sam....I am still missing him I will admit, but I am grateful my sweet girl sends me pics and videos every day....



  1. Oh, I've thought your same thoughts so many times and especially this past year. And, you are right, the trail is not a blessings but the strength we gain and the lessons we learn through the trails. May the Lord continue to give you all that you need.

    Thanks for sharing your blessings with us. Hugs to you!

  2. I love your post. Maybe because I see how you are living in spite of the trials that bring glory to God. I know this is a very hard part and I know having gone through it, it is almost like being transcended in space.
    I am so glad you have so many other things to give you joy.
    I loved this and it gave me such peace. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh Debbie,
    I know that your family is going through some difficult times right now. Your step dad and mom are in my prayers.
    Sam is adorable!

  4. I have been in James this week also and God has prompted me to say thanks instead of allow the trials to beat me does help so much. Thanks for sharing yours...I am now even more convicted.

    Blessings and enjoy sewing...that is just precious.

  5. It's easy, in our own flesh, to get caught up in our troubles and complain, get discouraged or bitter. Praise God for the strength that He provides to help us through these difficult times and provides blessings if we have eyes to see. What a sweet thankful post, Debbie.

  6. Hi sweet friend, Always love visiting-I just love your heart of love that shines through Debbie. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Well it's a good thing you both didn't have the test scheduled for the same day! Hope you post a picture of both granddaughers in their cloaks! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Wonderful post, Debbie. I do know what you mean about being thankful for the FRUIT of the trial and the hardship and not the hardships themselves. Only in so doing have I been able to get through certain things. One of them was the death of my dad. I remember his final days and relate very well to what you describe for your stepdad. We were so grateful for what seemed like a limited amount of pain. In addition, I will forever be grateful that I got to see the last look in his eyes. It's a testimony that I will never forget. (Sorry... rambling)

    I think it's so sweet that your Tella wants a cloak too. Now, you knew that was going to happen, didn't you? I love children. Period.

    Sam's smiling swing pic is precious!

  9. BTW, have I ever told you that your granddaughters have beautiful names? Well, I'm telling you now.

  10. With a sweet little boy like that, I can see why your heart overflows with thanksgiving!

    Have a blessed week!

  11. Hi Debbie, I am finally able to try and catch-up this Sunday afternoon, it seems this is the only time lately that I get to blog, but I have a feeling that since the heat and humidity is coming back that it will soon change. ~smile~
    The book of James has always set me straight, and is one of my favorite writings in the New Testament, I always say ouch, oops, and thank you Lord for your grace and mercy, and for my brother James who tells it like it is.
    Your thankful list was such a blessing to read, I cannot tell you how many times you come to mind during my week, and I always pray strength for the journey, as well as for your parents.
    That Sam is so adorable, love the smile, and I know that giggle is what gramma likes to hear.
    I will be praying for your dh as he takes his test.


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