Monday, July 30, 2012


Well we are half way through the day over here and I am still trying to "catch up" on some things that must be done.  But I decided to stop for a little break and visit a few of my favorite friends, and thought I might as well put up a post of my own while I am at it.

The week-end was a LONG one, and not really very fun, and in fact if I am being honest (which is hard sometimes as I often feel recently like I am trying to tell the stories of my life without really telling them haha) it was ANOTHER emotional mess.  We did spend all day Sat., and Sun afternoon after church finishing up the packing up of my mother's house.  Or I guess I could be totally open about this part anyway.... I myself  didn't do a whole lot.  I did what I could until my knees would begin to just  throb, and then I would sit down and talk with my mom, or else try to do some things from a sitting position.  My wonderful, wonderful hubby made up for my lack of activity by keeping super busy and doing all he could to help.  Anyway, the good news is...we (or they) FINISHED!!  YAY!!  It is all ready now to be moved to the storage next week-end.  I will be sooo glad when it is.

We considered (OK, maybe it was just me) not driving all the way down to San Diego to church yesterday as we would need to leave RIGHT after service so that we (OK Jeff) could be back to Huntington Beach to help packing as early in the afternoon that was possible..  We usually spend two or even three hours after church having lunch and visiting with James and Larissa and our sweet grands before coming home.  It makes the long drive even more worth it.  I just was just flat out weary, and thought maybe we should just stay home and relax before going back over to my mom's.  My hubby encouraged me to go, and I am soo glad I actually listened.  (for a change ~ haha ~ just kidding)  But it wasn't long after the service began that I KNEW why it was soo important that I be there, and why the enemy tried to keep that from happening,    First of all the worship time was just so sweetly anointed by the Holy Spirit that I felt a calming and comforting of my spirit that was just so necessary it would be hard for me to describe.  But then when he began to teach I KNEW this message was just for me.  I am sure you have all had those times, when God speaks to soo directly through the message that you know it was a personal touch from Him.  James has been teaching verse by verse through the book of Mark for a while now. He was speaking yesterday about Jesus's teaching as to who will be the greatest of all in His Kingdom.    I will NEVER be able to explain it the way he did or the use the different verses he quoted and pull it all together in the way in which he did of course, (or I guess I would be the pastor/teacher) so I am not even going to try.  But here is the bottom line for me....I am to love everyone.  If you are a Christian you know this much of course and I do..  I am to be the servant of all.  Again, basic Christian principles.  But what he really was hammering yesterday is the reality of doing that with people who are NOT lovable.  Who are not grateful....Who can NEVER repay you.  Who have NOTHING to give in return....How easy it is to look the other way then, or to justify why you can't do it.  Of course the reality is this describes our relationship with the Lord too.  He loves us unconditionally while we deep in our sins.....before we ever thought about being grateful.  We can never repay all He has done for us, and in comparison don't have much to give back.  He as always is our perfect example.  It is easy for us to love those lovable people in our lives who make it easy.  Who love us in return and go out of their way to bless us.  But those unlovable ones?  The ones who use us or never repay us or are ungrateful AND yet demanding?  Not nearly as easy....and yet THIS is what makes us great in His eyes.  This is what He asks of us.  This is how we can show His love to a dark and sinful world.  Lots to think about for me.   I will confess I am guilty of not really even trying sometimes to love those who I don't feel deserve it.  Good thing the Lord didn't look at me like that aren't I?  I think what I need to do is fill myself so much with the love that is in Him, that there is no where else for it to go but out to those around me.  Especially those hard ones.  Yes, a REALLY powerful, yet convicting message.  I apologize if I haven't managed to express it very well, but I think you get the gist of it.

I have a couple of cute grand kid pics to share and then I am afraid it is back to the old grindstone for me, haha,  Hope you all have a wonderful week.  Go out and spread His love and joy to those around you....especially those who aren't very lovable.  They need it most...



We meet my middle son's new girl friend, Patty last Sat night.  Such a nice, sweet girl she is.  This is a picture she took of him because she wanted one.  Why is it that girlfriends or wives have more luck in this department than moms? haha  She kindly sent it to me so I have it now too.  John would probably squawk some about making my blog, but oh well, it is a good pic.  ; )


  1. Yea for being done with your Mom's place! That is a hard, and emotional thing to do. I have been there.
    Your grands are all adorable!! Such joy they bring to our lives!!!
    Rest up Debbie!!!
    XO Kris

  2. You are doing great!!!
    Well just to confirm the message God gave you on Sunday, Benjamin set in "big church" with us, there wasn't any room in his room..that happens when we aren't 15 minutes early.

    Anyway as the preacher was preaching he asked how to spell a couple of words and this is what he wrote and put in my Bible.

    LOVE GOD and Love Others and He will LOVE you!
    GoD LOVE YOU!!!!
    Yes that is how he wrote it.

    Now that is what he wrote and yes, I did tell him that even when we don't love He still loves us.

    So your post and my little guys note in my Bible have seen a message.

    Blessings, prayers and hugs!!

  3. Oh, so glad that you are almost finished with this tough task.

    It is so amazing how the Lord knows just what we need and when we need it. I'm so glad the message was just what you needed. Sounds like it was one that we all need.

    I can tell that you are struggling with some issues and I do pray that everything will work out and the Lord be glorified. May you have peace as you "go forth."


  4. I know exactly what you mean about having a message go directly to your heart. Interestingly, my own conviction came from a passage in Luke (6:27-38) which we're studying in SS that addresses that same exact conviction you mentioned. It's really and truly all about seeing ourselves rightly in proportion to a gracious, loving, patience, and GIVING God.

    I think I would love to go to James's church. I am a huge fan of verse by verse teaching. Love it.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that you all are done with packing up your mom's house ... the end is in sight on that physically and emotionally taxing job.

    It's such a blessing when the Lord reveals that you really needed to be there in spite of your initial temptation to choose to not go.

    I'm sure that your grands are a huge blessing with all that you've got going on ... such joy I'm sure they bring to you in such a difficult time.

  6. What a great message. It sounds like something I would have enjoyed too.
    You are such a trooper Debbie, you always do the right thing.
    I am so glad you shared as it really blessed me to read it.
    Sam is just the best baby I have ever seen. I always enjoy all of your photos. I hope you have a really nice day today.

  7. It's always a treat to read about what's happening in your life. I'm so glad that sermon was just what you needed. The Lord has a way of doing just that. It can be so easy to love the lovely and kind. But the more challenging people in our lives ...well that's more challenging. But a while ago, I decided to try to see everyone through His eyes. I'm not always on target all the time but I often can see the hurt behind the eyes of someone who is not so nice. It helps me to deal with more kindly.

    Love your photos and glad your son's girlfriend turned out nice. I'm sure she will love you too.

    Blessings and love,

  8. It never seems to fail the Sundays that I seem to battle going to church are the days when the message seems tailor made just for me. (samething hapens with care group, the evenings that I am too tired and want to stay home are the times God meets me right where I am. Glad your moms house is done, you were probably more helpful just being able to sit with her during the whole process
    Blessings to you

  9. It's always humbling whenever I hear a message and know that God sent it to me. He meets us where we are, and knows what we need at every moment.

    Your photos are heart-warming. That Sam is such a joyful baby.

  10. Sounds like a roller coaster of emotions going on! Sorry!!! I have been thinking and praying for you and hoping that things will settle down. Glad you were able to get to church and have some peace, even for a few hours!

  11. I've been through the whole "packing up Mom's house" sort of thing and it is wearing physically and emotionally as well.

    I hope you find relief from the pain. And hope the relief is permanent!


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