Monday, August 20, 2012


Well a whole week has RUSHED by since I last posted, and I think I better get one up here before another one does as well.  Time is going by soo fast.  I find my head in sooo many different places recently I would really love to get some of it down on paper, but it just isn't happening.  This post might be as all over the place as my head, haha.

Let's see....I think I will start with my FIL is doing great!  Praise God!  He recovered quickly from his emergency surgery and pace maker implant.  My hubby stayed with him through Monday, and got home late Monday night, tired but feeling good.  He continued to progress during the week and is almost completely back to normal.  And then my mom had a pretty good week.  Her physical and mental abilities continued to improve the longer and longer she is off of the drug, and we are all soo happy to be experiencing this.  We kept busy everyday working on things in her room, and spent part of everyday shopping.  I haven't done this much shopping in the last 2 years combined that I have done in the last few weeks of my mom being here.  Personally, I could be done with the shopping, haha.  I know that it helps keep her mind busy, and all the walking and subsequent exercise is good for her, so I will press on, but just saying, haha.  It is my "assignment" to put together a collage pic. for her wall that will be of her and my step dad and all of their children, and then a large flip through pic. album of her 33 grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I am moving right along on both projects (though most of the work of these has to be done while she is NOT here as there is just no time while she IS here what with all the shopping other things being done) and I will show pics of them when we are completed.  I am hoping we will work tomorrow on the flower swag for above her bed.  Unforeseen circumstances have kept this from happening so far.  But hopefully soon.  Meanwhile we took her to a new neurologist last Friday.  I really like the guy in spite of the fact he was clear in Newport Beach.  Took my mom and I a GOOD hour (with NO traffic ~ goodness knows what it would be WITH) to get there.  But I have given this problem to the Lord to fix as I seem to have no control over it and hopefully I will just move along without too much whining.  The doc DID convince us however that going back on to a new anti seizure drug is just a flat out necessity.  Without one her seizures will not only increase in frequency, but also in strength.  Sooo we are trying a new medication.  Hopefully we will find a balance that will control them, without giving up too much quality of life.  I will pray about this everyday.

After the doc's on Friday, my mom left for my sisters, and I went home to finally enjoy a WHOLE week-end with no real responsibilities.  It was just wonderful!!  I was tired (and so was hubby) after our long week, so we didn't do much of anything Friday night.  Sat. morning we had a LONG leisurely coffee/tea time and caught up on all our stories we haven't had much time to "chew" as we call it, haha.  After that we decided to go out to lunch and a movie even though we probably should have spent HOURS cleaning out and reorganizing our shed and spill over into the side of the house, which is where so much of the stuff that was in my mom's new room and bathroom has gotten thrown, along with items brought home after emptying out her house etc.  But we figured it isn't going anywhere right?  haha....Always time for that next week-end  sometime soon... We went to our favorite fish restaurant (haven't been there in weeks) and saw the movie The Odd life of Timothy Green, which hubby let me pick even though I know he was dying to see, The Bourne Legacy, haha.  It was a completely entertaining little fantasy, and we both enjoyed it.  After that, we did have to run a couple of errands and do some grocery shopping.  Sat. night found us BBQing, and watching a little TV.  Such a relaxing and stress free Sat.

Then yesterday we headed down to San Diego for church.  The message was just sooo good.  I wish I could sum it all up for you quickly, but I don't think it is one that could be summed quickly. (especially by me).  If I get the chance I will try posting something about this in the next day or two. Let me just say this, I continue to be sooo blessed by my son's teaching, and by the sweet caring people who attend their church.  How grateful I am to be able to go, and I pray the Lord continues to work out the circumstances so that we can.  I want soo badly to be able to attend the women's bible study group that Larissa is teaching again in Sept., but I just don't know if my mom is going to be up for that or not.  I am praying about that too.

Guess that about sums up all that has been going on over here.  I have read around blogsville that some of you are already seeing early signs of Fall.  Nothing going on in that department here in Southern California.  It has been HOT and HORRID, haha.  We even had an earthquake measuring 4.5 in Yorba Linda which is about a mile from our house.  Needless to say, we felt that one BIG TIME!  I am however soo looking forward to Fall time.  It is by far my favorite time of the year.  Surely it is just around the corner.  We are hoping to make a trip out to New Mexico at the end of Sept. for our youngest grandson's first birthday.  Can't believe the little guy is already close to one.  I am making him up a couple of birthday shirts (in my spare time, haha) and I will show you those later when I get them done.

Meanwhile just wanted to share a couple of quick little videos of this happy little guy...Mel sends me a couple a day and I LOVE them....ENJOY

May you all see and enjoy your blessings this week!



  1. The weeks fly by, don't they? Good to know that your mom is keeping you busy doing your favorite thing. ;D

    Glad that she is feeling and doing better. I will join you in a prayer that the new meds will work without causing any side effects.

    Is there anything cuter than a laughing, happy baby? I think not!

  2. Sam is the cutest baby ever. I am glad you liked the doctor, I do hope this medication isn't as bad for her and she gets better and better. I want to see that movie so bad. It sounds like you had a nice weekend. You sure have been through the ringer. I will keep praying for you.
    I always enjoy your updates and yep, tired of the heat. :)

  3. Yes, time is zooming by!!! So glad your Father In Law is doing well! And so glad you got the enjoy a nice weekend!!
    Loved the videos!
    XO Kris

  4. You are too cute!! I just smiled reading your post... it sounds like me... all over the ballpark, and isn't that how life is these days?? :)

    You're juggling all the balls very nicely, and even though it may wear you out... you keep right on trekking! :)Good for you Debbie!!

  5. Well, so glad that for now things are pretty good with your FIL and your Mom. You have to enjoy those breaks when you can get them. That's what I've had to do with my Dad.

    It's so neat that you can go and hear your son preach and I certainly hope that can continue for you.

    A year old, wow, seems Sam was just born. Ours are about to be 3 and 4.

    Wishing you a stress free week! Blessings!

  6. You sound as busy as I am, Debbie. I can only imagine the changes that have come to you in this season and how very tiring it can be some days. I'm praying God give you his strength, patience, wisdom, and love as you move ahead to minister to the needs of others. Don't forget to take care of yourself in the process.


  7. So very glad that all is going well for your FIL and your Mom ... praying that the doctor will be able to prescribe an anti-seizure med that will keep her seizure-free without all those nasty side effects. Also glad that you were able to get in some R+R on the weekend ... you deserve that and you do need to take care of yourself. Can't believe Sam is going to be 1 already ... he's such a sweetie ... sure hope you are able to get to New Mexico for his birthday. ;-)

  8. Deb
    I don't know how you keep up with it all!
    I'm so glad to hear the good report on your FIL and your mother too.
    Sam is such a cutie and so happy!

  9. So glad things went well with FIL, we had the same problem with seizure meds and SIL, the doc was able to find something that worked for her and she is doing well, hopefully will be the same for your mom. Time does seem to fly when you are busy. And there are no signs of fall here...not even a hint.
    Sam is a real cutie pie, you have a special daughter that takes the time to make sure grandma stays connected.

  10. The laughter from little Sam just made my morning. I am positive that that is one of God's favorite sounds in the whole world. I really am.

    I was glad to read the update about your FIl and that it went well. At least that's a peace of "normal" for your pie.

    I was disappointed, though, that the neurologist says that she (Mom) must have the medicine. I was hoping that she could have a better quality of life by weaning off it.
    I will be praying this morning that God hears your prayers about her quality of life.

    What a blessing it is to have family called to the ministry! I can't imagine how "well pleased" you must be with him.

  11. Glad things are going better with your mom and your father in law! That's wonderful news! Amazing how fast time goes! Glad you had a nice weekend of relaxing! Enjoy this weekend also!

  12. What a joy to stop in and see how you are have been in my prayers! Blessings on all that is happening and your faith that strengthens you both through this season.

    What a joy that grandson is...well all your grands.

    Oh yes...Texas is having a cold front..and for August, well that is like a miracle.

    See you soon...still lifting you up in prayers!

  13. I so enjoyed the videos of Sam. I laughed right along with him. Isn't it amazing how little ones can laugh so easily and delight in the simplest of things? It's a good thing their dog is very patient and good natured.

    I'm sure you and your hubby could use a few weekends alone. That time is limited now for you. You are so good to open your home to your mom like this.

    Blessings and love,


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