Monday, August 13, 2012


I think it was maybe a half hour or so after I posted Friday's post when our "nothing at all to do" week-end took a major spin.  My hubby got a call from his sister that his dad was quite ill and had been rushed to the emergency room where his heart had all but stopped.  My husband took off for Arizona as fast as he could, and I decided to stay behind not knowing what might end up going on with my mom etc.  As it turned out they put in a pace maker on his dad's heart early on Sat. morning.  He is doing MUCH better and got out of the hospital on Sun afternoon.  My husband took him home, stocked up on groceries for him, did all of his laundry, vacuumed his little house, and picked up his prescriptions.  Then his sister will arrive there some time this afternoon from South Dakota and my hubby will come home.  She will stay a few days until he is totally back on his feet.  He is 83 years old and has been in excellent health up to this point, so I am hoping of course this is just a small bleep in the road, and all will continue to go well.  It is soo difficult to have aging parents.  Especially when they live close to 5 hours away as Jeff's dad does.  His dad has refused to move every time we have approached him with this possibility (even though he is near NO family where he is), but who knows, maybe he will change his mind.  Meanwhile, I ended up picking up my little grandson Jeffie to stay and keep me company.  And what wonderful company he was.  We read books, watched TV, and he helped me cook and clean the fish bowl, water, haha, etc.  On Sat. afternoon we met my sister and her daughter at the bargain theater and saw a movie. I got to see my sister's daughter's new baby which was a treat as I have only seen him a couple of times since he was born last May.  It was soooo hot and humid it was a pleasant escape.  When we came out it was thundering and occasionally sprinkling, and was 107 degrees!  Just horrid out....sigh.  We did a little shopping after that and went home.  On Sun we got up and drove down to San Diego for church.  It was just soo good, and the message was again VERY appropriate for me.  After lunch we headed over to James and Larissa's house so that the kids could play for awhile.  Larissa made positively delicious chicken enchilada's from a recipe from Skinny Kitchen I believe she called it.  Whatever they were, I LOVED them.  We stayed later than we usually do, as the kids were having such a good time.  I had bought the girls some new dresses while we shopped on Sat. as I was at Gymboree's outlet and I just couldn't resist.  They just have the cutest things.  I managed to get a couple of Donatella modeling her new ensemble, and I will show you those in a moment.  After we finally got back home Sun night, Jeffie and I watched the original Karate Kid movie before we turned in for the night.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that movie.  THEN!! At 7 am this morning, I got a call from one of my sisters and mom has had yet another seizure.  It was a little different and a little stronger than her others, (probably because of being off the medication now) and my sister ended up calling the paramedics and she was taken back to the hospital again.  I decided to take Jeffie home early figuring I might end up having to go up to the hospital.  As it turned out they have already released her and she is on her way home.  I will call soon and see how she is doing.  This is all sooo overwhelming.  It is just so difficult to know what the right thing to do is.  She is to see a new neurologist on Friday, so guess we will see what he has to say.  One day at a time is all we can do.  I have decided to look for the blessings in this whole mess.  They really were not hard to find.  First of all if my FIL had not been sick with a virus, he may not have become sick enough to go to the hospital where his heart problem was discovered and quickly treated.  My hubby got there IN TIME to see his dad before surgery.  My FIL is already home and doing great.  I had lots of one on one time with my sweet Jeffie, and this might have been the last time we would have had the opportunity before school starts next week.  My mom continues to do great in the regaining of her strength and thinking abilities, and while the seizure was scary, it was over quickly and did not have to have another hospital stay.  Pretty good huh?  Sooo, hopefully the rest of this day will be uneventful, and if I get the chance, and am feeling creative, I may work on the swag to go over my mother's bed.  Hope you all have a good day!



  1. Oh Debbie, you are going through so much!!! I know that so many of my friends are dealing with parents who need assistance in some ways. We are truly the sandwich generation!
    You will be in my prayers...
    The babes are adorable!!!!
    ; ) Kris

  2. Good grief, wish we could have an afternoon visit and encourage each other. What a time you are going through. Yes, aging parents are so, so tough and I, as I'm sure you, never want to cause that kind of stress in my children's lives. But, neither do our parents. It's just a vicious cycle. Thank goodness for HIS provisions for us.

    That little bee is adorable!!!!

  3. O Debbie, I'm praying that there's a let-up. You have way too much going on. The good thing is that even though these things might take us by surprise, the Father is very aware of it all and is busy working it out. Many blessings...

  4. Oh your little yellow bee is just adorable. Love the shoes! Your great-nephew is pretty darling, too.

  5. Oh Deb, it's hard when our parents get old and have so many struggles health wise. So glad your husband was able to make the trip for his dad. Is he in the Phoenix area?

    I love the photos of the little ones. Too cute!

  6. Oh my, dear one, you all are really having a time of it, aren't you? Praying for you.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your sweet littles ... they're adorable!

  7. Grateful your FIL is doing much better. As his days so shall his strength be in the name of Jesus! Love that outfit on your little granddaughter. She is so beautiful as is baby Jacob. Such blessings in our lives everyday! May we not miss a single one!

  8. Wow your plate is never empty. Yes, it is so hard with aging parents. All that is left to us now is my husband's Mom and she will out live us I think. :)
    So scary about your husband's Dad, so nice he is back home isn't it. My Mom was the same way, not a single person lived in Oklahoma with her and she refused to move.
    I love your little bee girl, what cute clothes.
    The baby is darling. I am glad you looked and saw the blessings, reading your post it would have been hard from me. I hope this new doctor knows what he is doing.
    Isn't this heat hard? It is supposed to be 109 again today.
    Well hang in there, my friend.

  9. There never seems to be a dull moment in your life, Debbie. I know that with the many blessings are times of struggle. You are a beacon in the midst of the darkness. Thank you for allowing God to shine through you as he does.

    Love the pics of these precious little ones. Makes me want a few of my own some day . . . grandkids that is!


  10. I sat down with my lunch a while ago to read and get caught up on blogs (finally!) I feel so out of the loop because August has been a little different around my place.

    I read as far back as I had missed (backwards) so I knew about your mom being taken off the seizure meds. I'm glad that when the next seizure occurred, it wasn't as bad as you all might have feared. I totally agree with you about the blessing of finding the new doctor to take her off them for now. Sometimes, I'm convinced the drugs are as bad as the condition they're treating?

    I'm glad her birthday was a good one. (She is really beautiful, btw!) I'm also glad that your FIL's problem was caught quickly enough. I agree that you had some serious blessings.

    The easiest ones to spot are your precious grandchildren. Could that little outfit be any cuter? No. I just don't think so.

    I read all that you're going through, and I am so inspired. Surely, the Presence of the LORD is in your life. Without it, I don't know how you would do it.

  11. I'm so sorry for all you're going through. Hoping your mom is better and thankful for your hubby's dad doing better! I think of you often and the when the Lord brings you to my mind, I say a prayer for peace for you and healing for your mom!

  12. Like that shoes with the eyes (and the way she is posing)


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