Monday, October 22, 2012


Well we ended up having a SUPER busy, SUPER fun, and SUPER spontaneous week-end!  haha

We ended up (kind of last minute for us!) at the happiest place on earth...

The look on my face is ridiculous of course, lol, but did my grandkids ever get a kick out of it! 
My hubby called me on late Friday afternoon and said, "Call and see if Lindsey and Jeffie feel like a day at Disneyland tomorrow, because I do."  Now what kids wouldn't feel like that?!  haha  It was a quick decision and their mother brought them over so we could get an early start the next day.  We hopped into bed shortly after they got here, and headed out the next morning at the crack of dawn. It was misting slightly but truthfully made the day REALLY nice, as for me nothing is as hard to take sometimes as Disneyland in the boiling heat.  Lindsey will be 12 soon, and Jeffie is 8 and so we saw Disneyland from an "older kids" eyes this time.  Our last few trips there we have gone with the younger grands and there is a definite difference....This time we started with the roller coasters, finished with the roller coasters, and in between worked even more roller coasters.  Good thing both Grandma and Grandpa like roller coasters too. ; )   We rented a little scooter for me (these knees would have NEVER made it!) and until the crowd got bad we scurried quickly from ride to ride.  Most of all of these were a first for Jeffie, but he quickly decided they were sooo much fun Grandma!  Lindsey has only been to Disneyland twice, and there was much she hadn't been on either.  I love experiencing these "firsts" with them.  We saw shows, ate WAY too much, and just generally thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We left the park EXHAUSTED at around 9, and let me just say this Grandma was sooo tired, but sooo grateful to have been granted such a day.

The kids spent the night again and the next morning (again REALLY early!) we headed down to San Diego for church and time with their cousins.  After service we all went to a really good Mexican restaurant down there and had a delicious lunch and went back to their house so the kids could play for a while.  Larissa found some really good pumpkin spice herbal tea at Trader Joe's and I enjoyed a cup of that.  I just loved it, so I am going to try and get me some today.  We dropped the kids off after this and did a little grocery shopping on the way home.  Today I have MUCH on my agenda as it is my one day every other week that my mom stays at my other sisters house so I can get some things done.  I have a nail appointment, lunch with a girl friend, and some bills to pay (no fun here, lol) so I'd best get busy.

Oh!  I woke up this morning to find this pic waiting for me of little Sam at his first pumpkin patch!  How cute he was....Grandma wishes she had seen him first hand, but this pic was a total delight!

Hope you all had a good week-end too.  How I thank God for His blessings and for week-ends like this one.  A good break is just what I needed.  I am really hoping mom did well too.  Enjoy your week!


  1. What fun! I love the photo!!!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Hi Deb! What a fun pic! And Disney and Mexican food sound wonderful! I could use a break like that!! Glad you had a great time!

    Hugs and love,

  3. Debbie, I just loved seeing you on the ride-love your look!!!! How fun to be able to take the grands to such an expensive place...and to play so hard with them. Little Sam is just adorable! We are both so blessed to have grands nearby.
    Sending love your way today.

  4. What a terrific photo! I hope that you have it framed. You're a hip and happenin' set of grandparents, too.

  5. So happy you had such a fun weekend. Yes, these little Grans can renew our energy and give us a new focus. Happy week!

  6. disneyland truly is one of the only places on
    earth that is as fun for grandma and the

  7. What fun you had!! I'm looking forward to our trip with the grands to Disney World next May. What sweet pictures of Sam, too.

  8. In trying to play catch up (yet again...) I read the previous post too. That one made the FUN you got to have it this one all the more great to read.

    I am not a roller coaster gal. I sure hope I have at least one 'fraidy cat for a grandchild or I'll be doing a lot of waving from sidelines.

  9. I just loved the look on your face on the log flume. my grands not quite old enough to enjoy roller coasters yet. Time with grandchildren is such a joy is't it? Doesn't seem to matter what you do, it's just a blessing to have the opportunity to be part of their lives. as always you know i love seing pictures of little Sam
    Hope you have a great week

  10. What a great day you had. I love that photo! I've been to Disneyland years ago, I was just a freshman in college and we went out to CA for the summer and it was sooooo hot! I enjoyed catching up with you and your previous post as well. Hope you're having a nice day!

  11. You are the best win the award...and you enjoy life!!!!!!!! What a lesson for all of us...what a great pictures

  12. I love that you seize the moment Deb! It's been too many years since I've been to Disney. How fun! I'm glad you were able to rent a scooter to help you with your knees. I just love the laughter and excitement of children enjoying those precious moments. I love that you get into it too. And I must say that I'm glad to read how you and your mom are able to find those moments to laugh. I treasure the memories of my mom and me laughing.


  13. Debbie,

    You two are such wonderful grandparents! What a memory you made! I know those grandchildren loved it. By the way, you have beautiful grandchildren!

    Enjoy your day! :)



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