Friday, October 26, 2012


Well another Friday has rolled around, and the month of October is quickly coming to a close!  Faster and faster we go...The wind is blowing here this morning, but the temps are already into the 80's!  Where or where is our cooler weather?  We have had some deliciously cool nights though slipping down into the 50's, and have I ever enjoyed them.

This has been a MUCH better week with mom and I thank you all for your prayers.  She has settled into the stronger medication I think and is almost completely back to her old self!  YAY!  We have had a busy week.  We are still kind of struggling with her hearing aids, but we have found a VERY NICE and patient man who is helping us out now, so again, I am grateful.  Can't tell you the number of times mom and I have been able to just talk and really enjoy ourselves this week, and how many times we have laughed and laughed.  Praise God for humor!

Believe it or not we are going to begin decorating our outside for Christmas this week-end!  Does that sound as ridiculous as I think it does?!  Let me give you our logic.  1.  We don't like to be rushed and it usually takes at least a few Saturday's to complete the job inside and out.  (I don't do any of it without my hubby ~ especially now with mom.  2.  We like it to be up the ENTIRE month of Dec.  I love the decs and we have soo many of them it seems like you need at least a month to have it to enjoy plus be worth your while to even put them all up.  3.  We are going to be gone the whole week of Thanksgiving (through that whole week-end) as we are going to New Mexico to do Thanksgiving with Melody and Mike this year.  (the boys will all celebrate with their in-laws).  The next week-end after we get back is already Dec. first!  And that is the date of our oldest son's big 40th birthday party!  4.  The first week-end in Nov. Jeff will be gone at a Men's retreat with our church.  Sooo if you count up the remain Saturdays between now and Dec first there are only 3!  Is that possible?  I want to come back from our trip to New Mexico to our whole house decorated and ready to enjoy.  We of course will not "light it up" before Dec. first, but it will be ready.  We are keeping gift giving simple again this year so I don't have a lot to do, but I have given it a slight start already.  Mom is planning on working together with me to make her annual Christmas cinnamon rolls, and maybe some other baking too.  She has done this for years and years and can't quite bear to call it quits.  How about any of you?  Anybody planning WAY ahead like me?  haha

Welp, that's about it around here.  Mom and I are heading out to grab a quick bite for lunch and then over to Trader Joe's.  Mom LOVES that store and hasn't had a nice, long stroll through it in quite a while.  Works for me...Hope you all enjoy your week-end.  I am hoping it won't seem to weird putting up Christmas lights in shorts and BEFORE Halloween.  Blessings to you all....Debbie


  1. My friend, I totally understand your reasoning for decorating so early, but in all honesty I can't even think about Christmas yet. If I was going to be gone I would have things done too. One year we went to the islands before T-day and so I wanted all my presents done before we left. We just give family gifts now to our girls and stocking stuffers so it is easy to get done. I'm so thankful your mom is doing better! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with joy.

  2. Oh you guys have fun in your shorts decorating before Halloween. I'll just keep my big grins to myself.

    Yay for your mother's feeling more herself. Is it your hubby who knows how to cope with the hearing aids? What a guy!

    A great weekend to you...

  3. Well, I love Christmas and all the decorating! We always put our tree up right after Thanksgiving, as do all of our neighbors. I actually saw someone with their tree up a week or so ago. That's too early even for me! I know your Thanksgiving will be very special spent with your kids and grandkids.

  4. From the first of Fall's rain showers to the chill of Winter, I'm all about decorating! My family thinks I'm a bit weird, especially since I love to serve Thanksgiving dinner on my Christmas china.

    Any day that includes a stop at Trader Joe's rates a "10" on my list!

  5. You do start decorating early I try but often leave till later.

  6. Well, I admire that you and Hubby doing all that decorating. The only outside decorating we do is the porch and front door and I do it. Hubby is not into decorating, he's too busy hunting. :o)

    So glad you have had a good week with your Mom.

    Enjoy your weekend of decorating. We're suppose to have temps in the 40's tomorrow.

  7. I promise I won't say anything about the Christmas decorating before Halloween :) I do see the logic though and if I was smart I would at least be thinking about Christmas. My DIL asked me last week about who was doing Thanksgiving, I asked her why we were talking about the holidays already...forgetting they were just a few weeks away....I think the weather has me all goofed up...still in the 70's here
    I am notoriously slow in getting things started for the holidays.
    Enjoy your weekend

  8. I am so glad your Mom is doing better this week.
    I can't imagine decorating yet for Christmas. I always enjoy my Fall decor so much, and hate to take it down. But I see why you want to do it early with no rushing.
    XO Kris

  9. I've never been to a Trader Joe's ... there's one in St. Louis ... I'll need to check it out the next time I'm nearby.

    No early-bird planning here ... but since we're not going to be traveling until after Christmas, we really don't have any need to. If we were going to be gone for a week on/after Thanksgiving, we would probably be getting an earlier start, too. ;-)

  10. I'm so glad your mom has been her old self this week! I praise God with you for the gift of laughter.

    I love laughing. Laughing's my favorite...

    I don't do much in the way of outside decorations so I don't bother until later. I do tend to feel that if you don't get them up at the beginning of December you're somehow missing out so I'm glad you're planning early.


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