Monday, October 15, 2012


Mid October!  Can it be??  Seems the more I try to slow it down a bit, the faster it goes..

I don't really have that much to report.  The week-end was quick, and restful.  Sat. afternoon hubby and I went to see the movie Argo, starring Ben Affleck.   It was about the true story of the American hostages in Iran, and their escape.  My hubby is a history buff.  In fact, he majored in history in college with the idea that he would teach and coach.   That never did happen (though he did a lot of coaching over the years when the kids were growing up, even at the high school level) but that's another story.  So he loves a true story, and if it involves international history and intrigue even better.  It was his turn to pick, so we headed off to see that after a nice lunch out.  It was really good!  I would definitely recommend it.

Sun we did our usual, and enjoyed it as usual.  The message was an especially good one.   He has been teaching in Mark for the last few months and we went over the passage yesterday where Jesus goes to the temple after his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. He sees the religious leaders selling the animals and birds for the sacrifices, and overturns the tables and chases them all out.  He pointed out a few things that caused me to really think.  First of all I have always thought that Jesus was only angry with the religious leaders for selling these things and for doing it in the temple.  Which He was of course.  But He was also angry with all the shoppers too.  He chased them ALL out.  They had opted for the easy way of simply buying what they needed for the sacrifice, rather than bringing in their own.  They were suppose to bring a perfect lamb into their homes weeks before the sacrifice and grow attached to it, therefore making the sacrifice much more personal and meaningful.  They were bypassing all of this.  This was preventing them from having that relationship with God that they were seeking as their hearts just weren't in the right place.  He also talked about how hard it should have been for one man to come into this busy bustling area and over turn the tables like that and accomplish what He did.  But the religious leaders seemed powerless to stop Him.  In a like way Jesus wants to come into our hearts and overturn whatever it is that is keeping us from experiencing that perfect fellowship with Him.    Jesus of course IS that perfect sacrifice, and by accepting Him we have that access to the Father that we are seeking, but we NEED to let Jesus clean house (so to speak) every once in a while in our hearts, so that our relationship with Him is all it can be, and all He meant it to be.  I NEVER do a good job of summing up these messages, haha, so I know I am probably leaving out important parts.  You can always check out the messages yourself if you have the time and are interested by clicking on his website on the side of this blog by clicking on his picture.   It all really blessed me!

My dil made a wonderful, VERY DIFFERENT (at least for me!) chili for lunch yesterday.  It was pumpkin chili.  Now I will confess when I first heard what it was, I had my BIG doubts as to rather or not it would be good.  But let me just say.....I LOVED IT!  The perfect combination of sweet and spicy and just sooo very tasty.  If anyone is interested in the recipe, I will definitely share it, as I definitely plan to make some more of that soon.  Today I have Taco Soup simmering in my crock pot smelling up the whole house with it's wonderful aroma.  I got this recipe HERE.  : )  I wish I could say it is wonderful soup and crock pot weather here in sunny Southern California, but we are suppose to heat WAY up into the 90's again this week...sigh...

The rest of my week looks pretty busy.  Mom has a dentist appointment tomorrow (should be the last of these) and we both have hair appointments.  Boy that s6 weeks always goes by fast!  My niece is going to bring her babies by for a visit one day, and we are going to try and FINALLY put mom's collage together as well.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!  God's joy and blessings to you all!

Enjoy a sweet photo of Sam....he stands at this sliding glass door everyday waiting and looking for daddy to come home...sooo sweet

Soo sweet!  Look hard, you can FINALLY see some hair coming!


  1. Just recently have begun hearing about pumpkin chili. It makes me wonder, too. Glad that you liked it. Taco soup sounds lovely! Enjoy the new dos!

  2. My son (16 year old) said the movie was great!! Oh the pumpkin chili...never heard of that one. Sermon...sounds like a good word.
    Taco soup...a favorite around here.

    Have an awesome week!! Sam...too cute, can we all claim him?

  3. I love every picture I've seen of little Sam. Those kissable.
    I like anything pumpkin, but chili? New one to me.
    I am going to have to listen to your son.
    Hope your week is a great one.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful message, I'm going over to check out his website.

    And, that Sam, he is just adorable!

  5. LOVED the sermon recap!! I couldn't agree more with what he brought out, either. Amen and Amen. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    And I would really love the pumpkin chili recipe so I hope you do share it. I have made pumpkin soup exactly once but liked it. I would definitely like to try that chili.

    I'm behind in blog reading so had to catch up reading old posts before I got to this one. What you said in the first sentence pretty much describes my life these days.

    As we say around here: The "hurrier" I get the "behinder" I am. Sigh.

  6. I know I almost cried when I read that we are supposed to be back up to 90 this week.
    I know it can't last. I never thought about that Mark passage like that before, that is great insight.
    I love that same is getting hair. Sometimes it seems like it takes so long. It looks like it will be dark.
    I hope you have a great week.

  7. I rarely go to movies, preferring to watch them at home on demand. So I'll keep my eyes out for this one. Your thumb's up matches several others I've received as well. We need good movies.

    Adorable little guy!

  8. So funny we have been doing the book of Mark at our church too and we are on just about the same place (we had a sermon about Jesus and the money changers a couple of weeks ago) Little Sam is adorable...I can see the hair :)

  9. I love your posts! Love visiting here and hearing all about your family and your weekends and your problems, yes, some of them crack me up and I could only imagine having to deal with the hearing aides!!! Sorry! Hubby and I are planning on seeing a movie next weekend and he mentioned this movie, so I'm going to tell him your review! I'll let you know! The pumpkin chili sounds GREAT! Thanks for brightening my day!

  10. Just love little Sam and his no longer bald little head. :) One day you will all laugh when he is putting his hair in a pony tail!! (ok, maybe not a pony tail...)

  11. P.S... I just did it again, hit the publish key before I was finished! I meant to tell you how sweet your comments were on Elaine's page. I love your heart Debbie.

  12. Love Taco Soup! I'll check out the recipe. Thankfully, the weather is turning here, and I'm ready for some comfort food.

    Have a beautiful, restful weekend. You're doing a great job of being you, friend;)!


  13. I'm ready for some soup, so I've got the taco soup recipe bookmarked. ;-)

    I love that Sam is finally getting some hair ... my first three grands were as bald as gourds for the longest time, but they've all got plenty of hair now. ;-)

  14. My daughter and husband just returned last night from 8 days in California. They were celebrating 10 years of marriage.

    My husband loves soup and I'm happy to add to those I make. Sounds delicious.

  15. Cutie pie of pictures. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  16. Hi Debbie, My sil just told me about Argo so hubby and I will have to try to see it. I am going to check out the recipe too-I have one for taco soup but always love to tweak them. We have lots of wind here today; I am not ready for winter. Have a wonderful evening!
    Hugs, Noreen


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