Friday, October 12, 2012


This has to be the fastest week on record....honestly can't believe it is Friday already.  I have just 20 minutes before I need to pack mom up and drive her over to my sisters, so let's see what I can get done.  : )

Tues. afternoon mom and I picked up her new hearing aides.  Sooo, sigh, I wish I could say they have been just a dream, but so far I'd like to drop them in the trash, lol.  Not really, but it has been REALLY frustrating.  First of all the gal who helped us needed a serious attitude adjustment.  She was impatient, condescending, short tempered and just downright rude.  And that was putting it nicely.  I was honestly just amazed.  You would think that somebody doing this would be use to elderly people.  But it just wasn't the case.  Poor mom has such a hard time remembering the simplest instructions, and she was just so confused.  We both left there kind of flustered with our instructions, but eager to see how it would all work.  She did just fine (though they were itching her to death) through the rest of that day.  I got them out of her ears and charging that night and thought we were doing GREAT.  The next morning when she was finally ready to put them on, neither one of us could remember a thing hardly.  I got out the instruction book, and 45 min. later they were on and we took off.  What a nice day we had Wed.  Though I did get accused of talking WAY TOO LOUD a couple of times, haha.  Guess I am more to use to raising my voice so she can hear than I thought.  : )  Mom wanted to take me out for lunch.  Worked for me.  (smile) After a nice, leisurely lunch we made a few stops.  Bed, Bath and Beyond, Bath and Body Works, Costco, and finally Chick Fil A to get a cup of ice cream.  Mom has been telling me for a while that they just had the BEST ice cream around.  Humoring her I decided what could it hurt?  Well, she was right!  It was sooo good.  After we enjoyed a cup, we drove home and mom grabbed a quick nap while I started dinner.  I left mom on her own to remove and charge up her aids that day, and maybe that't what went wrong I don't know.  But off to bed I went.  The next morning, (Thursday) mom had a VERY bad seizure.  I contemplated a couple of times between calling 911 or loading her up to take to the ER when she finally began to talk clearly again.  It was both kind of scary and so disappointing.  There is really no rhyme nor reason to them.  I did call the doc and he has doubled her medication.  I am disappointed over this too, but it is what it is.  The rest of the day was just really kind of a nightmare.  Mom was confused, bewildered, and just not herself at all.  By the end of the day I felt like I needed a break like you can't imagine, and that was when she decided to put her hearing aides in for the rest of the day......Oh my goodness!  I will not go into detail as to how many different times and ways she tried, but she I finally put them in, and one of them one was not working at all!  I got out the book and looked up troubleshooting, and no matter what I did it wouldn't work.  This is where I wanted to trash them and just forget it.  Mom was sooo insistent and upset I am not sure how I finally convinced her to just sit down, watch a little TV and wait for my hubby to come home who I promised her could fix them.  And if he couldn't we would march right over to that annoying woman today and figure it out.   Well, thankfully my wonderful, patient husband fixed them for her and we got them charging and headed off to bed.  WHEW.... it was quite the day.  Today has been quiet so far and mom seems completely back to normal.  She has NOT put the dreaded hearing aides in it yet.  She wants to get all ready to leave and put them in at the last moment.  HOPEFULLY it is a breeze.  A gal can dream can't she?  haha.  Yesterday made me think as I was finally in bed, "I wonder how many days like today my mom lived through with all of her kids?"  Goodness knows I had them with all of mine too.  How grateful I am that I am able to help my mom at this season in her life.  But it sure made me pray that the Lord might give me patience, strength, and a good dose of humor too.

Welp, time is up.  Hope you all have a wonderful week-end.  We had a good old fashioned thunderstorm yesterday complete with hail.  I LOVED it.  Back to sun today, but it was GREAT!  I am leaving you with a pic of Donatella in her Fall outfit.  Such a cutie!  Enjoy!

Oh, I almost forgot, Cody did wonderfully through his tests yesterday.  Thank you for your prayers!  We will begin hearing results next week.

Soo much personality!


  1. Girl, I think you should have a Calgon day-remember those ads? Whew, I would have asked for the manager of the hearing aide store and told him about my experience. Glad your hubby got things all worked out. Hope you have a better weekend; glad about Cody but I think I missed what the tests were about??? Your girl looks so cute in her Fall dress!
    Love, Noreen

  2. I am so thankful for the news about Cody's tests. I have been praying for him. I also pray your sweet mom gets better and you get some rest while she is at your sister's. Your granddaughter looks adorable!

  3. I just came from Elaine's blog "Peace for the Journey" and she posted about seasons in our lives. That's what I was thinking as I read your post. For this season, you are being a caregiver to the one who gave you life. It can be so hard and trying at times. And I'm sure that it would be nice to have more help. Take a breath and pray (as I know you do). Your blogging friends are praying for you Deb. And Donatella is adorable and I think I can actually see that personality. :)

    Blessings and love,

  4. Oh this brings back memories. Fortunately, I know nothing of a hearing clinician such as you experienced. My grandmother's hearing specialist was a saint, patient and understanding and willing to answer questions over and over. Hope that between all of you "in the village" that those aids will be well figured out. It certainly can be a challenge. Sorry for the difficulties and the scary for you both.

    What a cutie patootie in the parting photo. Full of fun and sweetness, too.

  5. Oh, I have no tolerance for folks like the lady that assisted your Mom. I would have had to call her behavior to her attention (in a Christian way). Doesn't she realize that she will be old one day? Gurrrrr!

    Caring for our parents is no easy feat. I've been caring for my Dad for the past 18 months while he was in the nursing home and now assisted living. It's trying enough and he's not in the house with me. You are earning a lot of jewels for your crown my dear. It is truly an honor but can sure be draining some days.

    Hang in there! We're all backing you with our prayers.

  6. Sending you love and hugs Debbie! It must be so hard.
    My Grandma has the same troubles with her hearing aids!! They are a pain.
    What is wrong with Cody? Hearing problems? I hope he is okay. And Tella (isn't it?) is adorable!!!

  7. She got that personality from her grandmother, who has a heart of gold and such tenacity!

    Oh the story on your mother is what my mother is going through with my dad. He is going to have surgery to see if they can get his hearing back...he has mini-strokes. So, sorry...and sensitive from the medical community is priceless when you receive it and frustrating when you don't

    Hugs and prayers....still holding Cody up in prayers also!

  8. Just too, too adorable.

    I hope you have a frustrating-free week. I'll be praying for your mother and her hearing aids. It's hard to see our mothers declining.


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