Monday, November 26, 2012


Well we are back....goodness what a wonderful time away we had.  We decided to make it a little easier on ourselves this time and took two days to get there.  MUCH better on these old bones let me tell you.  We left leisurely around 10 am on Tues. morning, and pulled into Tuscon around 7 for a wonderful dinner at the Outback. After refreshing ourselves a bit, we decided to press on to Lordsburgh, New Mexico to spend the night.  Then the next morning after a WONDERFUL night of sleep, a good breakfast and just a short (at this point) 6 hours or so left to go, we headed out again.  We pulled into Mel's around 2 on Wed afternoon.  Little Sam had just taken a tumble off of their back porch (though he has maneuvered those steps many times) and so he had a bump on his little head and a skinned part too in all our pictures.  I think his mama was more upset than he was though, haha.  We visited the rest of the afternoon away and had a wonderful dinner Mel had prepared.  Little Sam just couldn't have been sweeter if he tried.  He LOVED his Mickey mouse blanket.  I wish you all could have seen him with it.  Drug it everywhere with him, kissed Mickey many times, and was just generally really happy with it.  Made this Grandma pleased for sure.  Thanksgiving morning we got up and Mel told us that poor Mike had woke up in the night with the stomach flu.  Guess many of his workers had been down with it, and now it was his turn.  He did manage to drag himself outside to work for a while anyway, and Mel and I made the pies and then got the turkey in the oven.  Mike came in then and slept for a few hours while we all just enjoyed the day.  Dinner was delicious, HOWEVER, I did learn a couple of things....NEVER try to make stuffing from "gluten free" bread.  Sooo not good...sigh.  And just so you know, stuffing is probably my favorite part of the meal, and mine is usually to die for, just saying, haha.  AND....we tried to transport frozen gluten free pie crusts from California to New Mexico, and that apparently is a big NO too, haha.  Our pie crust were so hard and rock like I never did get a bite of one, lol, though the filling of the pie was as good as ever thankfully.   Now again, my second favorite part of the meal is the pumpkin pie, and again I make a killer one if I do say so myself, so this was kind of a disappointment as well.  I did make a trial pie using the gluten free crust a couple of weeks ago, and it was quite tasty.  Not as good as my regular, but still pretty good.  Soo guess something must have happened in the transporting...sigh.  I wish I could just forget this whole "gluten free" diet, and wonder sometimes if it is even worth all the hassle, as my stomach is OFTEN a mess in spite of it.  But back to Thanksgiving.  The rest of the meal was soo good, and I honestly felt soo bad for Mike who only managed a bite or two.  On Friday Mike was feeling a little better and headed off outside to work and so the rest of us decided to go out to lunch and to visit a new boutique that opened up out there and to hit the local Hobby Lobby.  Mel wanted to pick up some new Christmas decorations.  What a good time we had!  Little Sam couldn't have been better.  How I have missed shopping with my girl.  We came home after that and put Sam down for a nap and turned on the Christmas music and decorated Mel's house.  Again, enjoyed every minute of it.  Mike came in early (I think he was still recovering ~ though he has a hard time admitting it.  Ever notice how a guy has such a hard time admitting he is sick?) and we visited, ate left overs and finished it off with a Christmas movie.  Jeff and I decided to head out a day earlier than we had originally planned (much to Mel's horror) and we got up super early and headed home on Sat.  Drove straight through...sooo long!  And! just as we were pulling in I started to feel puny, and by the time I hit my bed around 10 had the full on chills.  Yep, caught the old stomach bug myself.  I spent all day Sunday feeling pretty sick, and to tell you the truth, am still not feeling really good today either.  Not quite sure how Mike pulled it all off the way he did....oh youth I guess.  Anyway, thankfully, everyone else seems to still be fine.

Meanwhile, back at the old home front, I guess the week was a wild one.  Poor Michelle is back in the hospital as a small part of her incision became infected and she needs SUPER antibiotics!   She is feeling better thankfully, and should be getting out on Wed. if all goes well.  And then my younger sister (the one mom stays with on the week-ends) is also in the hospital with something that so far they can't even seem to determine.  She is soo sick and has excruciating headaches.  All soo overwhelming.  This made mom's week tough as she was staying with her while she was suppose to be on vacation.  I guess they had to call in a couple of the great grandkids to help with mom along with my other younger sister. I think they were all glad to see I had come home a day early.  Mom arrived here the same night I got sick, so now she has been exposed to this as well.  I am praying she doesn't get it!  Soo guess that about covers it.  I am very behind on my blog reading, and since I am pretty much glued to this chair today, hopefully I will catch up with all of you.  I can tell you we were soo glad our halls were already decked over here.  Oh, except for the tree.  Guess we will put that up on Sat.  Hope you all enjoy your week.  Here are some pictures of Sam and the rest of the grands as well on Thanksgiving...enjoy!

Love him soo much..didn't take nearly the amount of pics I should have...think I was just too busy enjoying him!

How cute are they?  They went up to their other grandparents cabin in Big Bear for the week-end!

Our middle son John (far right) joined our oldest son's Joe's (in the chair) family for the day, along with Leah's parents (her step dad upper left).  Such a good picture of them all.


  1. Oh troubles all over the place. I'm sorry that your son-in-law and then you caught that nasty bug. Praying for Michelle even now. Will add your younger sister to the prayer list. Your mom seems to be the healthiest one just now! Will pray that she stays bug free and that Jeff does as well.

    Have you been tested for gluten intolerance? I have a dear friend in her 70s who decided on her own that she would go gluten free. She was miserable over the six months that she was on that diet. Finally, she had the testing and she didn't need to be on it after all. She does have some tummy issues no matter what and just has to eat small meals and more often.

  2. I am so sorry that you got sick but my first thought was, good thing they decided to leave a day early, could you imagine being sick and traveling at the same time. Hope you start feeling better soon and things begin to calm down in your neck of the woods.
    I have stomach issues as well and have yet to figure out what causes it to act up

  3. I am so sorry you got the flu. Isn't it just horrible. I am so glad you got to your own house.
    The baby is so cute and the pictures are so nice. I bet everyone is so glad you are back. Well, just rest and get well.

  4. Oh, so sorry about the bug getting you but am sure glad that you got home first.

    We'll be going to have Christmas with our daughter and family on the 12th and we can't wait to see Clancy.

    Take care and I hope you feel like a new woman tomorrow.

  5. I think all of your family pics are great, even little Sam and the boo boo head. (I remember being a young mom. I'm not surprised that she was more upset than he was.)

    I just hate the part about so many, including you, getting sick over the holiday. That just stinks.

    And it's a bummer (yes... I'm dragging out that old word) that the gluten free stuff didn't travel well or make good stuffing.

    Stuffing and pumpkin pie happen to be my two favorite parts too. I tell you again. You are a soul sister.

  6. Ugh...the flu! Poor Debbie! Your trip sounded great, all except the flu part.
    Get better!!!
    Praying for your niece, and your sister too. Oh goodness, you have had your plates full over there!!
    xo Kris

  7. Debbie, There are so many things I'd like to talk about with you but one is that our youngest girl Kim made a g.f. dressing that was to die for-I will get the recipe and email you with was just as good if not better than traditional. Also I found, at Sprouts or Walmart on time, Kinnikinnick brand g.f. graham cracker style crumbs that make a wonderful crust-I use it for cheesecake but am sure it would work on other pies too.
    Hope you are all back to normal-I feel like I'm a chicken running around with her head cut off.
    Have a great day and I'll get that recipe for you.
    Love, Noreen

  8. Oh I am so sorry...our daughter is here at the house with the bug so sorry.
    You have been on my heart and now I know why..praying for you.

    I am so glad you had a wonderful and refreshing time packed with memories...even if the stuffing and pies didn't turn out as you wished, you made memories


  9. I never get bored while reading your posts. I like how you write and share details. It makes me feel like I am part of your family:) I knew your little grandson would love the Mickey Mouse blanket. It was so cute to see how much he liked it. I am sorry that sickness was part of your holiday celebration, although it seems like you all handled it well. I pray for you when God brings you into my thoughts. You certainly have a busy life!

  10. if you were a drink, your name would be
    champagne! you put the sweetest most
    positive effervescence to crises that many
    would crumble under!

    sorry about the gluten thing. gluten is
    revenge against thanksgiving!

  11. I'm so sorry that you got the bug ... thankful, though, that you didn't start feeling the effects until you got home (imagine driving all that distance while sick). And if that wasn't bad enough, it sounds like others in your family are having some health issues, too. Praying that you ALL will be back to good health SOON.

    Thanks for the pictures of the grands - so adorable!

  12. I've been out of the loop too, and out of town over Thanksgiving. I hope all of you are better by today, and so glad you did have a wonderful time with your loved ones, despite it all. That flu bug can put a damper on things for sure.

  13. sounds like you had a GREAT Thanksgiving. Sorry you came down with the stomach flu. Horrible. I hope everyone is feeling better and will soon be out of the hospital! Enjoyed your photos of Sam as always!


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