Monday, December 3, 2012


Well let me start by saying....It is soo good to feel better!  Goodness, that bug took a FULL week to shake. Makes you appreciate just the normal aches and pains of growing older that's for sure.  ; )

Our week-end was another really busy one, but not only did we keep on schedule, it was just a GOOD one.   On Sat. we did get our tree up.  I don't know about the rest of you, but ours is really quite the chore, haha.  We have hundreds (or so it seems, haha) of ornaments that we have collected over the years, and I can just never bear to part with any of them.  They all hold such memories and tradition.  AND yet, part of me is sooo tempted to dump the 7 ft. tree and go with a little 4 footer or something, and then decorate it in coordinated colored ornaments, and get rid of the 4 GIANT  FULL boxes of ornaments we store.  By the time hubby digs out the big tree, puts it together and meticulously spreads out all the branches, and then carries in all the boxes and boxes or ornaments and lights, he is tired before we even begin.  But every year AFTER it is up we enjoy it so.....though, we are both secretly dreading the take down as well, haha.  Either way, here is our tree....

For some reason a picture of this finished product, NEVER does it justice.  There barely looks like anything much is on this tree to me.  Hubby did point out that I took the pic BEFORE the red beads were on, but still!

A closer least this is a better view of all the little ornaments etc.
After we finished this up, vacuumed and put the empty boxes out, it was time to record our books for the two other set of grands, pick up the cake, and make one last stop at the mall for one more little gift for Joe.  We were then on our way to the Old Spaghetti Factory, and Joe's 40th birthday party.  Now I will tell you truthfully, I think I have had more trouble accepting and believing that I have a 40 year old son, then Joe did reaching this particular milestone.  How can it honestly be true!?  He is catching up to me!  He did point out to me that most of his 40 year old friends sure don't have mom's who are still in their 50's though, haha.  I did get a picture of Joe and I, though I don't really like the look on my face, you get the idea.

Love MY birthday boy!

Everything about this night went soo well.  We rented a small room for 3 hours which gave us plenty of time to visit, eat, open presents, have cake, and let all the kids run around and play without bothering anybody else in the restaurant.  And the best part?  Someone else cooked and set it up, and we walked out on the mess.  Works for me.   Here are some more pictures of the night.

Costco cake I was told was delicious!

Some of the kids..they had such a good time!

My 3 sons!  I love this picture....Joseph, John and James

I could have just cried this pic of Joe and my mom was blurry.  Joe is her oldest grandson.

Michelle and her hubby Scott.  We did have a time of praying for her too.

This gluten free one was for me, and REALLY good!

Sweet Tella with her big bite!  haha

Grandma and 7 of her grands....just two missing.  I hope I can pull off getting them ALL on Christmas.  Pretty  cute pack of kids I am thinking...

Hubby and I...the boys had us laughing so and my eyes are slits, haha

Joe and his oldest son Jeffie!

Joe's boys helping him out with ALL those candles!

The boys watching Tella on her daddy's iPad!
Leah loving her blanket!
It was such a nice night.  I did miss Melody and Mike and Sam but they will be here for Christmas, and everyone is looking forward to being ALL together then.

I have just a little on-line shopping to do today, and I am going to start on Jeffie's jammies, somehow there is laundry to do again, and I guess the list goes on.  How I thank God for the people in my life who I love beyond reason, but this week-end I was particularly thankful for my son Joe.  Happy birthday Joseph, and may the Lord bless you and keep you always!


  1. This just started my day off right...the joy, the richness you have in your family, the beautiful pictures and your boys, oh my, I can so relate to the boys!
    Your tree..just like mine, the memory tree and I stop at each ornament and time goes back years and I see all mine as little guys. I guess I will never have one of those beautiful magazine holds my Christmas past!!

    Great warm post...and may I say you look wonderful and I would never guess you had a son 40!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Debbie
    Some terrific photos, love the ones with your sons, you and the grands and you and your hubby. You surely don't look old enough to have a 40 year old son.
    We have not put our tree up, it such a drug dragging all the stuff out of the attic...probably do it this week. our tree much like yours full of memories that each ornament represents. I so enjoy putting it up and walking down memory lane. Hope your week is a good one

  3. Debbie
    Beautiful family photos. You have such good lucking children and g'children.
    I can't beleive you have a son who's 40!

  4. I am just like you in that I enjoy our big tree with many, many ornaments. Seems each one has so many memories attached to it. Yours is beautiful and worth the work! Your kids and grandkids are just beautiful and I really enjoyed all the pictures.
    Glad you are well now!

  5. Your tree is beautiful and so special with all of those sweet ornaments!

    Love the family photos ~ what a dear bunch you have!

    Happy birthday wishes to Joe :)

  6. Love these Debbie! You don't look like you are 50. What a busy weekend you had. I understand about the tree because mine took 7 hrs plus for me to decorate. I miss having girls at home. I also wanted you to know I put the recipe in the mail to you today-easier than copying it. Hope you have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Ive been away from blog land for a while and finally got back to it yesterday. Im so glad I stopped by yours I love all the photos and your tree looks beautiful!.. You also have a very beautiful family and those wonderful grandchildren. The party looks like it was a blast.. What a blessed lady you are :)

  8. You could easily pass for Joe's older sister! It sounds like you all had a fabulous party for him ... the best part being that there was no cleaning up afterwards. ;-)

    I'm ready to be done with real trees - IF we can find a prelit one that looks real, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, isn't too tall nor too wide, and will last more than 3-4 years. ;-) Good luck with that, eh?

    I'm glad to hear that your family will all be together at Christmas ... that must make your heart so happy.

  9. Well, hats off to you for that big beautiful tree! We now have a 4 ft. that we place on a round table. It really is very pretty and very tastefully decorated but not a lot of memories. :o)

    Those boys are mighty fine looking and know you are so proud.

    You are so lucky to have them all at Christmas. We'll go next week to have Christmas with our Kansas family and then we'll come home to celebrate Christmas here. Will be very different.

    Holiday blessings!

  10. You should be proud to be such a young mom to have a 40 year old son!! You look beautiful.

    Your pictures are always such a treat Debbie, keep them coming!


  11. Debbie, I am so glad you're feeling better! You look amazing. I hope I look as good when my son turns 40. Unlike you, I will be in my 60's when that happens;)!

    You have a wonderfully, large family, and the love is so obviously present. Enjoy this day, every inch of it.


  12. What a beautiful family you have, Debbie, and so much LOVE in those pictures. Though she's blurry, I think your mom looks really good, btw.

    It all looks wonderful, even the gluten free pasta.

    I'm glad to have a face to put with Michelle for praying purposes.

  13. Oh, and ooops.

    Happy Birthday to Joseph!

  14. What a great bunch and your family is just wonderful. Yes, by the time my kids are 40 I will be in my sixties. You look wonderful and so does your husband.
    Your tree it beautiful. How did I miss this post? I was going through them and I saw your tree and I almost let it slip by, I would have been sad.
    I am so glad you are better now. That flu was awful. At least you got over it before Christmas.
    It was so nice stopping by today even if I am late. :)

  15. your tree is gorgeous! . . . even before
    the red beads. :)

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I am so glad that you would take the time to comment on my thoughts and feelings, it is such a blessing to me!