Monday, January 14, 2013


A new day and week are starting and I am happy to say I am in a MUCH better frame of mind.  Thank you for the understanding, encouragement, and prayer!  I appreciate it soo much.

My mom is beginning to show some signs of improvement!  YAY!  My youngest son came up from San Diego on Sat. and met us at the nursing home to anoint mom with oil and pray for her healing.  We all spent several hours with her after that, encouraging her to eat and keeping her company even while she slept.  I think my mom is VERY willing to be called home should that be what the Lord intends, and I honestly can't say as I blame her.  Her life here has become soo difficult.  She struggles so with memory, speaking the right words sometimes, and the present weakness she deals with along with just desperately trying to stay awake, makes the broken neck seem minor.  Not only does her Savior wait for her there, but so does her husband, her sister, mother, and friends.  How I hate watching her struggle with all of this.  And yet, her life here is NOT over, and so we diligently pray.  Her sense of humor is still right there though, and how I love to see it.  After we got her settled in for what was sure to be a long nap, hubby and I left to have a late lunch with James before he headed home.  I enjoyed every minute of this.  However I was beginning to notice a sore throat, and sure enough woke up yesterday morning with a nasty head cold.  I haven't had one in a couple of years, so don't feel like I can complain much, but obviously this just doesn't work in.  I can't be around mom as the last thing she needs is a cold, so hubby went to the nursing home yesterday morning to fill in for me on my shift.  We try to divide the time in the days in 3 or 4 hour shifts so that mom is rarely alone during the day.  We don't feel this will be as necessary as soon as her head clears a bit more and she gets some of her strength back.   But for now some of things that have happened would frighten you, but I will spare you the details.  My mother LOVES my husband, and they have a wonderful relationship, so that worked out just fine for yesterday, but I am not sure what will happen today.  During the work week the number of people who can go down during the day is already MUCH smaller of course, and I usually take the lions share of the time.  I have decided to just trust that she will be fine, and pray the Lord heals me quickly of this cold.  Meanwhile, I spent a VERY lazy day yesterday, reading, resting, and watching some old movies on TV.   I can freely admit I enjoyed every minute of it that wasn't spent sneezing and blowing my nose...  : )

I have noticed one thing that happens now after a visit from Mel that is actually pretty good, and that is that I seem to "get over it" much quicker.  Use to be I could count on a good 3 days or so of feeling down and sorry for myself.  Now it usually passes MUCH quicker, and a few hours later usually finds me settled back in.  Our relationship has really become very much about talking on the phone a few times a day sometimes, quick texts, shared pictures and videos, and truthfully I am grateful to enjoy all of these.

Hope you all enjoy your week!  I have a feeling I will have lots of time for visiting today. ; )


  1. Hi there, So sorry you have a cold but at least it has kept you inside and resting-something I think you needed my friend! Glad your mom is doing better. I'm also thankful that it is getting a little easier after Mel leaves, but I know your heart girl and you'd just love it if you were closer. Maybe some day you and your hubby could get a little studio/condo close to her and spend weeks/months there instead of only occasional visits.
    Have a blessed day dear one!

  2. Glad that there have been some improvements. It is not easy to have a loved one in a nursing care facility or to watch your mother struggle. I am so glad that your family has a faith to know that these trials are temporary. Praying for your mother to be restored and for that cold bugging you to go. Enough already!

  3. You and I both, with the head colds!! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling much better about things today. We all go through it Debbie.
    Hang in there.
    xo Kris

  4. So sorry you are not feeling well, on the positive side, it will give you a chance to rest up and take care of yourself.I am glad your mom is getting better, and i am glad you are feeling a little better about Mel leaving. I am so thankful for technology, helps you feel a little closer to the ones you love (all my sibs, parents and young son live out of state) Hope you feel better soon

  5. Debbie, I so hope this cold passes quickly and you can feel rested for the duration.
    I had the kind of relationship with my mother that you and Mel seem to have. It's wonderful. Perhaps some day she and her family can move closer.
    I hope your mother begins to gain some strength soon. I am so thankful for mom passed very quickly and I didn't have to go through that. The Lord graciously answered that prayer.

  6. I am so glad your mom is doing better, I have been praying for all of you.

    When our daughter first moved away and would come home, I would cry for days when she left, and like you it has got easier, now I just cry for a few hours. ~smile~ Though the missing pain is very much there. I am so thankful for all of this technology!

    My dh, like yours, has a very good relationship with my mom too, we are so blessed aren't we!
    Thank you so much for the update, . Please take care of your self and get plenty of rest.

  7. What a treasure to see your son anoint his grandmother for healing..that picture just sticks in my mind.
    I am glad you are feeling better and so is she..your husband is a great son-in-law.

    Mel..I don't think you will ever be totally okay...I remember my grandmother crying each time we left and we saw her all the time...she was only a two hour drive away, but the house was so quite when we truly is a grandmother thing

  8. Wishing you a quick recovery and God's perfect will for your mom. These are difficult days, I know.

  9. I'm sorry you're not feeling well but maybe you just next some down time right now. You've had a lot on your plate lately. I'm glad to hear that your mom is progressing. Only God knows when her time is up but in the meantime I love how you all love her so. Too many older people are neglected and become burdensome to their kids. I'm sorry to say this but I saw it first hand as a nurse.

    Praying for a quick recovery for you Deb.

    Blessings and love,

  10. I hope you get well and what a blessing that your Mom loves your husband so much and what a blessing you have such a close family. When My Mom was sick her sons wouldn't go back to even see her. I think it is so great you have so many people to help.
    I am glad you are feeling better where Mel is concerned.
    I am so thankful we have texting and the internet. We are blessed that we can stay in contact like this.
    Well rest lots
    I will keep you in my prayers.


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