Thursday, January 10, 2013


Where in the world has this week gone?  What a wonderful time we have had.  So much has happened and gone on, that I have decided to "try" and just give highlights, and quick summaries as best I can.  Mike & Mel and Sam are visiting friends today, so I thought I might try to get a post up while they are gone.  So let's see.... to start it off, our last Sat. family get together didn't go exactly as we had hoped, as it was my oldest son's family's turn for the stomach flu...sigh, and my middle son had to work.  Guess it just wasn't meant to be this year.  : (  But! my youngest son's family made it out, and we had all enjoyed the day soo much.   We had delicious prime rib, Caesar salad, garlic mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.  Soo tasty, and for dessert there was pumpkin pie, plenty of cookies, and ice cream.  The kids ran around and played and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the adults visited and caught up.  I took soo many pictures with my new camera, (which btw I have hardly had time to get beyond square one figuring out) that it was almost impossible to even edit them all, so I did try and pick out the best of them, and put some in collages to save some space.  This first one is of my youngest son's 3 FINALLY opening their Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa.  Elvis got in on this one too!

It was really hard to pick from those I took of Sam, but here is one of the collages of him I put together.

Melody and Sam and grandpa took a little walk down to our lake and visited the ducks.  I sent my camera and here is the best shot of that...Sam LOVED this!

We have had a busy week of visiting the rest of the family including a visit to my mom at the convalescent hospital.   Oh my goodness did all the older patients there get a kick out of Sam!  We were also able to go by and see my oldest son's NEW karate studio (more on that later) made a trip down to San Diego to spend more time with James's family, and Mike and Mel have had dinners and lunches and breakfasts with almost all of their closest friends that they have been missing soo much, and of course also with Mike's family.  There is always soo many they need to see when they are here that I am REALLY glad they stay with us as that gives us lots of extra time.  Sam has been just as good as he can be, sleeping WONDERFULLY at night.  Nap time didn't go as well, so he has taken a couple on Grandma, (he dozes wonderfully while I sing to him, which would amaze you if you heard my voice, haha) and a car ride usually puts him right out too.  All in all you just couldn't ask for a better baby.  Melody is just starting to show, though I doubt you'd even know if you didn't know, if you know what I mean, haha.  She has felt really good too, and the morning sickness is almost gone.  But considering she is 18 weeks, it should be!

Napping on Grandma ~ soo comfy!
Cousins playing together in San Diego
Pretty Tella!
She is Aunt Mel's "mini Mel"

Tella crawled up and fell asleep on "comfy" Grandma too...had to crop myself out of it though, haha... SOOO not a good shot!

Love this!

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It has been a WONDERFUL week, but a hard one as well as my mom is just not doing well at all.  It has been hard not being down at the hospital watching what is going on, and yet Mel leaves tomorrow so I want to spend as much time as possible with them.  I did go down to the hospital yesterday for several hours while they were gone, and decided we need to take mom to see her own neurologist as she is WAY WAY too over drugged in our opinion,  She has regressed soo badly she is not even capable of feeding herself let alone anything else.  It is all soo frustrating.  I have an appointment for mom this afternoon and I am really praying we get some answers.  I am trying not to dwell too much that Mel is leaving and I probably won't see any of them until the baby comes.  : (  Michelle also began her chemo yesterday, and it was a hard day for all of them as well.

Guess that is it for now....I will try and get around to visit you all tomorrow after Mel leaves, that is unless I am at the hospital.  I've miss you all....


  1. So bittersweet Debbie! Loved the pics! Sam is a cutie pie. And Mel looks wonderful!! All of the grands, so close to one another, is a wonderful thing.
    I continue to keep your Mom in my prayers. And Michelle too. Oh how I am thinking of her!!

  2. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful pictures.Sorry that the flu bug struck again! It goes to show what a logistical nightmare getting everybody together can be.
    Hope that there are some answers this afternoon. Your poor good that she has you advocating for her!

  3. Don't you just love when they nap on you? Nothing like it! I love your photos. You have a beautiful family Deb. I'm sorry that your mom isn't doing better but it's hard on an older person to have surgery like that. Praying ...

    Blessings and love,

  4. Some wonderful photos Debbie, don't you just love having a baby fall asleep in your arms, it's just the best. glad you have been able to enjoy your visit with Mel. When my dad was in hospital and rehab, he had the same prob....way over drugged. once he got home he was much better...pray things will turn around for your mom soon.

  5. What sweet photos and nothing quite like holding a sleeping baby. So sorry your Mom is having a difficult time. My Dad is also having a difficult time and I've sort of been out of the loop for a while. But, just can't do it all. Hoping your Mom gets better.

  6. What a joy filled post but also with the reality of life, which you always say so well. I send hugs and prayers for your mom...I rejoice over your time with your kids and grandkids and I celebrate the richness God has blessed you and yours truly know how to take life and live it!

    Oh love your grandmother name..too cute!

  7. It was good and bad wasn't it. Your pictures all look wonderful. What kind of new camera did you get?
    I hope your Mom gets better soon, and your niece doesn't have too hard a time with Chemo.
    I will be praying for you. So glad you got to have some family time.

  8. What beautiful pictures of your precious family! I am sorry that your mother is having such a difficult time. I feel sad for the ones who have so much to deal with in their old age, and for you and your family as you go through it with them.


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