Monday, January 21, 2013


Well the weather was GORGEOUS and the week-end was relaxing, and mom is a new just doesn't get any better!

We have had (which I am sure is temporary ~ it is after-all only January!) just the nicest weather recently here in So. California.  Clear, warm, and beautiful, about 75 degrees.  At night it drops into the 40's which is perfect sleeping weather in my opinion.  I could live like this forever...haha, isn't that big of me?

Let me tell you first about mom.  I honestly can't believe what sodium does for you.  Now of course I knew that it is very necessary to the human body etc., but I had no idea how badly you could really get without it.  My mother was soo confused she had no idea if it was even day or night, she could barely carry on a conversation, (and often slurred the words she did manage to get out!) she was soo weak she couldn't walk more than a couple of feet without her walker, fell asleep WHILE she was talking or eating, had absolutely no appetite at all, (and had lost 10 pounds and she was tiny to begin with) and was slipping into a LARGE depression.  And they were kicking her out of the convalescent hospital as her HMO time was up! We have been beside ourselves, and no amount of pointing out there was something WRONG, and she was not herself at all, seemed to be to no avail.  We just kept hearing, "Oh she is 80 years old, and she has been through alot!"  On the night before she was to be released, they somehow discovered the sodium problem.  They rushed her at midnight back to the hospital to begin treatment.  Now the interesting part is in checking back over her chart, her sodium levels were at this point, when she ARRIVED at the convalescent hospital two weeks ago, but went unnoticed, and therefore un-addressed!   Soo one day later (sat. morning) I get an early morning call from my mom saying, "Well I am sitting here in a chair by the window of my hospital room, looking out at the most gorgeous view you have ever seen of the ocean!  You can see all the way to Catalina Island!  I just had a wonderful night of sleep (she has not had one good night of sleep since breaking her neck!) and a delicious breakfast!"  I honestly couldn't believe it.  She was back!  We chatted for 20 minutes or so and she got off.  She was excited because my brother from Arizona was coming to spend the day with her.  She went to my sisters later that afternoon, and continues to do well.  I am leaving to pick her up for the week in a few minutes.  How grateful I am!!  And yet, how angry that she went through all she did, and WE went through all we did, and it was such an easy fix.  We are definitely going to check into this further as this was the responsibility of the doctor who was assigned to her at the convalescent hospital.  She actually signed off on her original blood work chart, even though there was a dangerous low level of sodium showing.  She simply didn't look, or didn't see it.  Soo sad.  And really kind of scary.  Because this all happened even though mom had MANY watching out for her welfare.  Meanwhile at home we have added a few things to make things a little easier for mom.  An extension on the toilet seat with some handles, and an extra rail to get up the couple of porch steps etc.  She is gaining strength every day, and hopefully now all will be well for awhile!

The tryouts on Sat. for Lindsey were just downright fun.  It was weird to be back in our stomping grounds.  Because my son lives in the same city we lived in for 25 years, it was of course the exact same park Melody played at for years and years.  Hubby helped coach on Mel's travel team, and enjoyed his time working with Lindsey and her friend getting then ready.  I sat in my lawn chair taking in the sights, snapping pics, and enjoying Jeffie and Cody while watching.  Like I have already mentioned the weather was soo pretty, and I LOVE being outdoors.  I did get a couple of pics, but realized this morning as I was going through them that I didn't really get any good close ups.

The girls were both eager students!

A "perfect" swing for Lindsey!  Her daddy has been taking her to the batting cages too!

A LONG line of girls trying out!

FINALLY it was Lindsey's turn....She did soo well!  

I am hoping we are able to get to several games when they start up.  I have missed all this more than I realized.

After try-outs we grabbed lunch with them all to head over to Joe's new karate studio site.  He has been working on this for weeks now, and there is still a lot to do, but it just looks wonderful.  Sooo much bigger than his old place, and his current students are all soo excited on the changes.  I did take a few pics, but it doesn't really do it justice.  We are all joining Joe in prayer that these changes will help business bring in more income for his LARGE family.

Almost 3000 sq. ft.  You can see the office Joe built there by the red door... still needs to paint the wall!

Inside his office.  still lots of work in here too, but it is neat that it has it's own entrance!

Joe with some of his weapons he teaches.  These are real so he keeps them in his locked office.

Logo pic....I am thinking the wall behind this should be painted black, and the pic lowered a bit.  haha  Just sayin, Joe DID want my opinion'  ; )

Stored sparing gear

Joe's sword collection.  Those ones on the bottom with the scarves have the neatest kata to go with them.  Haven't seen Joe do it in a while, but it is always soo wonderful to watch!

If you are interested, you can check out Joe's website HERE

We left Joe's studio and stopped and did some grocery shopping on our way home.  On Sun. we FINALLY headed down to San Diego for church.  How we have missed it!  We have not been there since mom broke her neck, and let me tell you I was soo glad to be back.  I had missed all our new friends for sure, but I had really missed the messages.  Yesterdays was just sooo good!  Just in case you didn't know, or didn't remember, you can visit their website and listen to any of his teachings HERE.  It is also posted on the side of my blog, by clicking on his picture!  James was not feeling well however so we decided not to expose ourselves to anything new and headed home after service.  We did then stop and get what we needed to fix things up a bit more for mom.

I am sitting here enjoying the breeze that is coming through my window and thinking I'd better get going.  I need to run a couple of quick errands before I pick up my mom.  She has been gone a WHOLE month!  Praise God she is finally better and coming home.  : )  Hope you all enjoy your week!


  1. First of all Debbie, I am so glad your Mom is well enough to come home! What a relief! What a scare with the sodium thing!! Wow!
    Yea for your son and his beautiful studio for teaching!!
    Have a beautiful day!!

  2. Debbie
    I'm so glad your Mother is back to her old self again! It is aggrevating that it went on so long without them catching it.
    Good luck to Joe in his new building too.
    It looks like your hubbies coaching helped your g'daughter at her try-outs. Before long you'll be making her a book to hold all of her patches!

  3. Oh my...your blog is getting to be a little gold mine of tips on elder care...I do hope that you follow up with the overlooked and dangerously low sodium levels. Hope that you have a great week and that your regains a lot of ground.

  4. I am so glad every thing is going so much better. No I didn't know being that low on sodium would do that. I will put that down because to see your Mom just bounce back is just amazing.
    Your son's studio looks fantastic.
    I am so glad your weather is wonderful and warm, we might have that kind of weather by Thursday. It has still been in the low 20s here.
    Even getting to 60 has been fantastic.
    I agree with you, I like this kind of weather too.
    Well it sounds like you are going to have a very nice week.

  5. I am so happy to hear this wonderful news about your mom!
    Wishing the best to Joe! Looks great!

  6. We are also experiencing perfect weather similar to yours in Phoenix. I love it! I am so glad that your mom is doing so much better. I hate to say this but some of those convalescent centers are not always up to speed. They often have few physicians overseeing the care of many elderly patients. I'm just glad it was discovered. But I'm sad as she had to go through some time with the symptoms you described. It's unfortunate that our health care system has changed and not for the good I might add.

    I loved seeing all your photos. Have a wonderful week Debbie.

    Blessings and love,

  7. I am so glad your mom is doing better. I had some of the same frustrations when dealing with physicians and medical people when my SIL was in the hospital last year (I am a nurse so I have some knowledge) I would feel like no one was listening to me. I don't know what the answer is though. Everything worked out for her but it was emotionally draining for us. Our weather was nice as well this past weekend, too early for spring though, I am sure it won't last. Have a great week

  8. Oh, there is just so much to overseeing the care of the elderly and it is plum scary. I am so, so glad that your Mom is on the road up because I know that means you are too.

    Blessings to you!

  9. I can't tell you how happy I am to read about your mom! It's amazing to me as well that this wasn't caught immediately. Imagine how different the story would be if it had been.

    But today, I will focus on the very happy ending to your post and grin at the optimism I hear in your words.

    BTW, the studio looks wonderful, and I agree about the logo suggestions. Leave it to a couple of old hens to try to redecorate a studio. ha!

  10. I don't mind saying, that I am somewhat upset about this right along with you Debbie, and to think all this could have been avoided. I absolutely don't know what has happened with our medical care. But one thing for sure, there is a heavenly father thats is looking after His children. I am so happy your mom is doing so well!
    As I was reading about your other thoughts and remembering fun times at the ball parks, You have a very blessed life.
    Enjoyed your walk down memory lane posts, it brought more memories for me Enjoy, Enjoy!


  11. Hi Debbie, So many answers to prayers! So thankful that the sodium thing is all figured out; you should definitely find out what happened with the dr. though. I pray she will be so much better now that she is home. It was fun seeing Lindsey at bat. Your sons studio looks great too.
    Hope you are still enjoying the wonderful warm weather.
    Hugs, Noreen

  12. What a frustrating time! While you and I may not have known what happens when sodium levels are all out of whack, but surely doctors and nurses should have known!

    I'm glad that she's doing better and will pray that she will continue to get stronger and back to her usual self.


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