Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It is only 9 am and yet I have already vacuumed my whole house with my BRAND NEW KIRBY VACUUM!  Anyone who has ever known me well could tell you that vacuuming for me is a BIG deal.  I am not sure where this particular fetish came from, it just has always been my thing.  When I was MUCH younger, and MUCH more energetic, and had a house full of kids I generally ran my vacuum every single day (at least in the main parts of the house).  I just love a freshly vacuumed look, and even liked to have my vacuum lines neatly in a row in some rooms, haha.  Nothing could bring about faster annoyance from this mama, then someone walking across my lines in our formal living room.  Now to be fair to me, there was NO REASON for anyone to walk across this room other than just plain laziness in not wanting to walk around the other way.  ; )  I liked to have at least one room that was always "company" ready.  I of course have greatly mellowed in this area, and my house generally only gets one good vacuuming by me between times when my cleaning lady comes, (every other week) and sometimes not even that.  Now I do have to run my little electric broom close to every day, but that is just in the kitchen and where we sit to eat etc.  We bought a Oreck vacuum a few years ago, and truthfully I hated it soo much (soon after buying it btw, and there was NO way I could admit this to my hubby after I begged asked for it soo nicely) that I looked for ways not to have to drag it out.  Anyway, we were NOT looking to buy a new vacuum.  But yesterday around 2:30 mom and I heard a knock at the door and it was a lady asking if I would like a room of my house shampooed for free.  Ever the skeptic of course, I asked why they would do such a thing and she told me so that I might consider their products in the future.  Now my living room was in DESPERATE need of a good shampoo, so I decided why not.  15 minutes later a guy shows up at the door to do the job complete with a GIANT Kirby vacuum display box etc.  I quickly knew of course I had made a mistake and told him I had no time to watch a demonstration of a Kirby vacuum.  I knew what was involved in this as my oldest son sold these on the side when he was in college, and had practiced his demo MANY times on me, haha.   Somehow or another they convinced me I only had to glance in a couple of times as he cleaned, and he would get right to work.  I felt bad for the guy as I remember well how hard it was for my son to get a demo.  Mistake number 2.  The first time I came back into the room and saw the amount of dirt he was getting out of my carpet just from vacuuming, I was hooked.  Next thing I knew I was pushing the vacuum around amazed at how easy it was to push and maneuver.  A big selling point with these rickety knees of mine.  Pretty soon my mom was intrigued and the guy began vacuuming the rug in the family room where she could get a good view of the dirt coming up.  He even let her see that she too could push it from her chair.  Fast forward 3 hours later, and after MUCH negotiating with my hubby, we are now proud owners of a Kirby Vacuum, haha.  Oh and by the way, it also shampoos the rug as well.  My next biggest fetish!  Oh, and I want to tell you that my sweet mom paid for the biggest portion of the vacuum just because she loves us!  Here are some pics....




So that is my big news of the day...Mom is doing OK, but she is MUCH weaker than I thought she might be.  Her head is still nice and clear, and her appetite is coming back, but she is SUPER weak.  It is bothering me I am not going to lie.  I am thinking it is pretty normal after such a major surgery especially considering her age, but it does make things hard for both her and for me truthfully.  But hopefully she will gather her strength soon, and bounce back to her old self.  Hope you are all having a good week!  Anyone share my fetish for vacuuming?  Probably not, haha!


  1. Smiling~ So glad you got the new vacuum, and boy what a great job it did!
    Praying for your Mom to regain her strength, I am so glad she is getting better.

  2. What a blessing! BTW, I have some things to sell, I'll be right over! =D

  3. Hi Debbie, Congrat's on the new vacuum. Do you know that I used to vacuum at least once a day, when I did childcare. Hubby loves having no lines so we take extra care to line up the vacuum so there aren't a lot of lines. We also vacuum on the way out going on a trip-so the house looks so fresh when we get home. My parents had an Electrolite and I hated it; it was a tank vacuum and so heavy to pull. I've had Panasonic that I loved. Now we have a Hoover, biggest mistake I ever made. Our next home, eventually, will have all hardwoods-I hate carpets.
    Glad your mom is back and hope she gets her strength back soon. Praying for you all.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. Well, that really is a pretty vacuum, if one can be called pretty! I'm so happy for you. Hope your sweet mom is still doing well.

  5. Oh, I had to laugh as I read this because I so relate! I love freshly vacuumed carpet.

    Hoping your Mom regains her strength soon.


  6. you are too cute! congratulations on having
    the best vacuum in the world and on your
    beautiful neat rows!

    i will be praying for your sweet mom.

  7. Oh I am laughing...I owned one of those back in my young married I just have a cheap Wal-mart vacuum

    Isn't it funny how we can find joy in some ways that just delight our soul...mine riding in a rented car?

    So glad your mom is doing better..still holding you all in my prayers...enjoy your clean floors

  8. That's one sleek vacuum cleaner you have there! Having one is a big help when it come to cleaning your carpet. By the way, what are the features of your vacuum cleaner? I hope it has a filtration system that traps allergens. That way, you'll be able to have a clean and healthy indoor air.

  9. Maintaining the cleanliness in your house was made possible and easier through the help of a new vacuum cleaner; just one of the many advantages of owning such equipment. I hope you use this properly to prolong its lifespan. Happy cleaning, Debbie. :)

    -Larry Brannon @ LeonardBrushAndChemical


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