Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I only have a few minutes before I need to leave to get these grey roots addressed, so I thought I might try to get a quick post up.  Time continues to whip by and I am finding myself behind in both my posting and my reading in blogville.  But I am doing my best, and guess that's all we can do right? lol

Friday's service just couldn't have gone better.  The new columbarium grounds at the National Cemetery were just beautiful.  Everything came off just as it should and everyone felt good about it.  They were laid to rest side by side together in the same one and somehow it just seemed fitting.  After the service we all had lunch at one of mom's favorite restaurants ~ Mimi's ~ and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves there.  After that two of my sister's and I headed out for the sale at Joannes.  We had SUCH a good time, and we were in there for over two hours, loss amongst the fabric's.  I think I mentioned that I am going to do quite a bit of sewing for my younger sister's first grandchild who is due in April.   So I helped her pick out fabric for blankets, nighties, burp cloths and bibs.  Probably won't get started on this until after the holiday's, but who knows.  I might whip up a blanket or two in December if the mood should strike. Sat hubby and I put up our Christmas tree.  I know that seems ridiculous, but we only have one more week-end until we leave for New Mexico, and like I said by the time we get back we will be into December and I want to have decorating out of the way.  Our tree is kind of big, I have hundreds of ornaments I have collected over the years, and it is quite the little project for us to get this done.  It took us about 3 and half hours from start to finish, though we weren't moving really fast, haha.  After we finished we were feeling quite accomplished so we headed out for movie and dinner out to reward ourselves, lol.  We saw About Time and honestly I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have seen many time travel movies so I figured yeah, yeah, ~ hubby likes these for some reason ~ but it was honestly pretty good.  I would recommend it.  After some good Mexican food we headed home.

Sun found us down in San Diego for church.  I sat in the back with Larissa and the baby Vinny, and held him all through worship.  I was singing and Vinny was loving it and singing along.  Hubby snapped a picture or two so let me show you...


After service and lunch we had a few errands to run so we headed on home.  Yesterday my sister Diane who lives in the local mountains came to hang out for a couple of days with me as she too has a hair appointment this morning.  We decided to spend the day sewing so I drug out my old machine for her to use. I decided it was time to finally begin work on the onesies for the babies which honestly I have kind of been dreading as the embroidery part of the machine always seems to give me issues.  Sure enough, problem after problem was occurring and we finally loaded up my machine and headed into the shop not sure if I wasn't going to demand my money back.  I was soo frustrated!  HOWEVER, I wasn't there long when I figured out that once again it was an OPERATOR error....sigh!  But! I think I MAY have it down.  I have completed 3 shirts so let me show you....



I have a lot to get done sewing wise the rest of this week, so I doubt I will get  another post up this week.  I will definitely visit as always, and hope you are all focusing on our many, many blessings.  I do hope to get up a post soon focusing on mine!  Blessings to you all!  Debbie


  1. Debbie
    I thought I was hurrying Christmas! But you have a very good excuse for preparing early.
    Little Vinny is so cute and so are the onsies you made for the wee ones.
    Have a wonderful time in New Mexico!

  2. Debbie enjoyed your post...love the sewing work...talent!!!


  3. Oh.my.goodness. That picture of you and little Vinny is so precious. Love that darling face. He IS singing along, isn't he? So cute.

  4. If you get any busier after you have your surgery, someone will have to put a lasso on you. Those little onesies are precious; however not to compare with your little Linny. He must be such a joy! Happy decorating. As we aren't ever at home for Christmas and are usually gone the whole month, I don't do the decorating thing any more. But do appreciate and admire what all the rest of you do.

  5. Vinny and grandma... how adorable! I think he already knows how to sing worship songs!

    Your sewing continues to bless, I am vicariously blessed just seeing it all. :)

  6. Such a precious picture of Vinny enjoying the singing. Babies can makes us smile...no matter what.

  7. Love the photo of Vinny and you singing, just precious!

  8. Love the onesies! Frustrations and all, I bet you are really loving that new machine!
    It is that busy, busy time now for all of us! I too am working on projects every day!

  9. I love the picture of you and Vinny singing!! Adorable ... and so are those cute onesies! Just keep plugging away on your machine - you will get it with time and practice.

  10. Cute picture....I love sitting with our grandkids in church and it rarely happens as we all go to different ones and some live far.
    We love San Diego! we are in Palm Springs yet all this month but have not planned a day trip there for this time round. So close to you!!!

  11. I think that is sweet to have laid your mom's
    and stepdad's ashes in the same resting
    spot. It made me happy that you enjoyed
    the rest of the day with your sisters.

  12. I marvel at the products you keep coming up with. You are one talented lady! I did smile though when I read that you take time to cover the gray roots:) What a sweet picture that was of you and the little guy singing worship songs together.

    Your family and friends are so blessed to have you in their lives. Have you told them lately?:)

  13. You have the most adorable grandchildren, Debbie, and as always I love your sewing projects, there's going to be a lot of happy children at your home for Christmas.


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