Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Well I have done a little visiting around Blogsville this morning and have read several of your good bye posts to 2013, your years in review, and your look towards this year that is about to begin, and decided to read back (as quickly as I could) some of the happenings of this last year for me as well.  And I realized as I did so what a year it has really been.  It was a VERY difficult year in many, many ways. It started of course towards the end of last December with mom breaking her neck, and then all of the surgeries, medication adjustments and health struggles that continued to come her way, until she finally went home to be with the Lord last May following her massive stroke.   Poor mom...she continued to fight her way through it all till the very last, and yet what a blessing for her it really was when the Lord felt it was time for to leave that old, tired body behind and begin her perfect life in His eternal presence. Truthfully as I read my way through some of those struggles for her those last few months, I can honestly REJOICE that her struggles here are over.  I have missed her of course in ways you have to have lost your mother to understand.  No one can ever really take her place or fill those shoes.  It still brings me to tears to look at some of her photos.  I LONG to talk to her about soo many things.  And yet, I REJOICE as I know she spends her time now in a perfect body, in the presence of our mighty God, and I will see her again. But all along the way even in the midst of struggle and pain were MANY MANY moments of great joy and blessing as well.  The birth of two new grandbabies right at the top of the list!  Luke and Vincent arrived just a couple of months apart and have brought with them great joy and promise, and being able to hold them in my arms and love on them makes my heart swell with gratitude.  The hours I spent at my new sewing machine learning new skills has also brought me great pleasure and healing and relaxation, and I thank God for that too.  Our trips out to see my daughter and hers here, watching the church my son pastors grow and his ministry being used by the Lord, my oldest son's new studio and the resulting expanding of his business bringing the added income they needed, my middle sons promotion at work and the new girlfriend that brings him added happiness in his life, my wonderful, wonderful husband who loves me and spoils me and shares all of life's ups and down with me, and then of course ALL those wonderous grandchildren who bring purpose and meaning and joy and love, have combined to made 2013 a year of GREAT blessings and joy.  So now as I look towards 2014 I have to say of course I have NO idea what it might bring it terms of circumstances.  There will probably be some pain and loss and hard times, but NO doubt right along with it will be the blessings and the joy.  One thing I know for sure I can count on is God will hold it all in His very capable hands, and will love and care for me and walk with me step by step.  So rather in great pain or sorrow, or joy and tremendous blessings, I can know I have nothing to fear, and everything I need.  Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May 2014 bring us all good health, joy, rich blessings, and closer walks with our mighty God!

Love, Debbie


  1. Amen and amen! The loss of a loving mother is one of life's greatest sorrows, yet we both say that we could not wish them back. The grands help to add perspective. I love that you sewed...I watched all the Larkrise to Candleford and Downton Abbey episodes I could find. Sewing sometimes winds me up like a bobbin! Happy New Year to you and all your family!

  2. We don't know what's in our future but it's like you said, God will be there for us regardless, He is forever faithful no matter what. Happy New Year!

  3. Dear Debbie, I think it is good to look back and see God's hand in our lives-His was certainly evident in yours. I look forward to what is ahead and His faithfulness to us.
    You are such a blessing to me. May your New Years be filled with all that makes your spirit sing.

  4. Happy New Year to you Debbie, you had so many, many hard challenges in 2013 You did so well though as I watched you from my chair and you shared your heart. You always gave glory to God and though it was hard you never failed to encourage me with your posts.
    Your photos always make me happy and I look forward to 2014 sharing in your lovely life.

  5. oh me too Debbie, just think of our mother's celebrating Christmas in heaven though. What joy!!

    I watched some of the Rose Parade today and when the Salvation Army band marched and played 'Stand up for Jesus', I sat down and cried. So many memories, but also so many joys.

    I'm looking forward to the pages of our new books... 2014, as we all fill them up a day at a time. It's going to be a good year, and God has so many things ahead.

    Thanks for sharing your words and your heart, you are such a blessing!

  6. Praying for a great year for all of us as we continue to follow Jesus. Thank you for sharing your heart, Debbie. I feel like I really know you and your sweet family and all those beautiful grandkids of yours. Looking forward to sharing more of the journey with you in 2014.

  7. In the midst of great sorrow, your family has grown, a new joy for the morning! I'm glad for the many ways the Lord has healed your heart-hurt in this past year. Your grandkids are a beautiful reminder of God's love for you. Tonight, I celebrate the gift of life, expressed so richly in each one of their faces.

    Happy New Year, Debbie!

  8. Oh Debbie, this is all so well stated! I have yet to lose my mom but have heard from all who have that nothing quite compares to the loss of her.

  9. That's life ... full of joys and sorrows ... but with our Lord right there with us, we can get through those difficult times. Wishing you a very blessed 2014, one with more joys than sorrows.


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