Thursday, January 2, 2014


I hope you all had a good New Years Day....We stayed pretty quite over here.  But before I tell you about that I am going to back up a couple of days to last Mon.  The electricity in the park was going to be off for several hours, which meant no sewing, no laundry, no computer, and no phone. Now I could have read a book (and I got a REALLY good new one for Christmas) but honestly that just didn't appeal to me much.  So I decided to go and pick up Jeffie and Cody (who are still on winter break) and take them for hair cuts and lunch and the new Walking with Dinosaurs movie. We had such a GOOD time together.   I have been doing these kind of days with Jeffie for years, but I am soo glad to finally be able to include Cody on the day.  Since his special schooling and his ability to communicate and therefore understand, it just makes it soo much easier for me to handle and care for him.  Now he is just 4 years old of course, so it is not as breezy as when just Jeffie and I go, but I loved every minute of my time with both of them.  Cody was kind of quickly bored with the movie (Jeffie loved it) but he was as good as gold eating his popcorn and waiting for it to be over.



New Years Eve hubby got home from work early enough for us to take down the Christmas tree at least and get it all packed up and stored away for another year.  I would be really curious how long this task takes most of you, as it is always a LONG one for us.  Both the putting up and the taking down.  Not sure why.  Is it because my hundreds of ornaments all have a spot they are put away in?  Or does it have more to do with we just seem to take our time or what?  There was the time the dismantling of the tree and all the rest of the Christmas decorations was done by me alone, but those years are LONG gone, thank goodness.  Anyway, after that chore was done we went out for an early dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants Benihana's.  Don't know if they have these restaurants nation wide, but I love them.  They cook the food right in front of you, and the cook puts on quite the show with it as well.  They did have to prepare mine in the back as I am still going gluten free, but it was soo good. Have not had this kind of food in quite a while, and it was a definite treat.  We lucked out with a really nice family at our table too, so the conversation was good as well.  After dinner we went home and made ourselves yummy hot fudge sundays, (I have been kind of bad this last week or so with sweets) and settled in for a movie.  I think we both dozed occasionally for parts of it, but it was good nonetheless.  I am pretty sure I was in bed and sleeping soundly by 10 pm, but I didn't actually check.  HOWEVER, I was definitely awaken by horns, fireworks, and the like at mid-night, lol.  I eyeballed the clock just long enough to realize, IT IS HERE, before dozing right back off.  New Years day we leisurely took down all the rest of our Christmas decor.  I have kind of a lot and every year as I am putting it all away I tell myself, NEXT year I will be more conservative. But then Christmas rolls around and I find myself eager to get it all out and enjoy.  Wonder how old I might be before I honestly tire of it all and stick to something simpler?   Not anytime soon Lord willing.  I guess part of that will depend on my hubby as he has a lot to do with the helping.  He SAYS he enjoys it as much as I do, but I THINK he just likes to please me too.  Anyway, we got it all done with plenty of time for him to take down the outside decorations as well.  Soo it is all packed up and stored neatly away for another year and it is a good feeling.  It worked out REALLY well for me as well, that today was the day my cleaning woman was scheduled to come, so the house can get a good cleaning as it REALLY needs it.  Soo many people have been in here since she was here last that I honestly feel kind of bad.  But she is young, efficient, and soo good, and I am sooo grateful! Now it is time for me to concentrate on all the sewing I am going to do for my sweet niece who is expecting her first baby in April.  Melody is throwing her a baby shower somewhere in late February, so honestly it doesn't leave me a lot of time to get things done.   But it also means another visit by Melody and probably just baby Luke is around the corner too. Ordinarily I would have started by now, but with Christmas and the holidays it just didn't happen. Women's group will start back up next week too, so I am going to be a busy lady I guess.  I do love that though, and wouldn't want it to be any other way.  I am going to run over to the local quilt shop this afternoon and look at fabric for the quilt for Jessie.  I would really much rather get the fabric I can SEE well and feel etc., but it may have to be ordered online, we will just have to see.  I LOVE the feel of a new year starting.  I don't usually make resolutions as I don't stick to them well.  But! I there are a few goals I have set for myself to work on, and I am eager to get going.  Oh, and the best part about a mid week holiday?  It is almost the week-end again!  And we haven't a thing we have to do, lol, my favorite kind sometimes.  

Love to you all, Debbie


  1. Thanks for sharing this and for your blog. I hope to get to know you better this year.

  2. I am so happy to be back in bogland Debbie, like you life has been so busy, but wonderful especially during the holidays,our daughter, Susan has been here for quite a few weeks, but sad to say she will be leaving tomorrow, and we have just gotten started on trying to catch-up, Like Mary you chose th most important thing to do, those beautful grandsons of yours will remember thee special times with you!
    Decorations are still up around here as Daughter wantd them to stay, so Monday will begin for us! Like you I say next year will be more simpler, we shall see!~smile~ Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed and happiest New Year!!

  3. I am sure that it is a good feeling to get it all done. My grandmother always had her tree every year that she was in her own home...age 92...and she certainly loved my mother's tree and then mine. It's a state of mind, I think. My grands were so sad the year I had a table tree. They felt bad for us! Ha,

    What a great idea to have the children play video games while having haircuts!

    Happy sewing...

  4. Good post, love that cut, have a great day and many more to come.

  5. Your grand kids are all so cute, Debbie. Why didn't I ever think of video games when getting my boys cuts?
    I like your new spring header!

  6. Debbie
    I should have known you wouldn't be taking much of a break from your sewing machine!
    I look forward to seeing the fabrics you choose for your niece's baby quilt. Do you have a pattern in mind?

  7. I'm sure you're making wonderful memories with your grandchildren they will treasure when they are grown. Little things mean a lot!

  8. Hi Debbie,
    Happy New Year, sweetie. What cuties those boys are! Hopefully we'll get one in our family soon!!

    This Christmas came and went so fast, didn't it. Way to much to deal with, so we kept it very simple around here, and for the first time in forever, my decorations were down on new year's day. I think it helped me to see how I have over done before, and I will be striving to keep things more simple in years to come...after all, I'm not getting any younger!! LOL!

    How wonderful that you will get a visit from Mellie!! I sure miss our Sam who is out in Texas. She says they may be moving back closer to us...I hope so. I want to know those grandbabies, you know? They are planning a trip here in February! Hope it happens!!

    Love and hugs to you!
    Hope your new year is full of rich blessings!

  9. Hi Debbie, Happy Monday to you. AS always you accomplish so much during your week; love how much time you spend with your grands. We are heading up to the mountains today for several days-hope to go snowshoeing. Enjoy that sunshine.
    Hugs, Noreen


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