Thursday, March 6, 2014


This will definitely be the last post I will get up until after Melody and her little family head back home.  The should arrive some time late tomorrow morning, and I know you all know how much I am looking forward to that.  They are going to be driving ALL night with the two babies and my prayer of course is that everything goes smoothly, and that those babies sleep soundly.  Tomorrow while Mike (and maybe Melody) catch up on some sleep, grandma and grandpa (who has taken the day off) will get re-acquainted  with these two little guys, and hopefully finish up some last minute details for the shower.  I have had a busy, but good week.  I got these grey roots addressed and a good trim and got a mani and pedi as well.  Honestly I enjoy both of these activities so much.  Not just because I need to patch myself together as best I can, but because I so enjoy visiting with the women involved.  Just soo relaxing. Then I also managed to find myself a new top.  Shopping remains one of the areas where I miss Melody A LOT. Seems like in the last few years before she married she always came along when I was looking for something to wear and ALWAYS had an opinion to give, lol.  But it was an opinion I came to trust. But with my trusty new I-Phone I simply put my selections on and shot her over a selfie picture so she could tell me what she thought.  I am NOT very good at doing a selfie, (in a mirror) but it worked well enough that between the two of us we got a pretty good one I think.  Comfy, black and white, and just the right amount of fancy. Then last night was out final Bible study for the one I have been involved in since last Oct., and I this morning I listened to week 4 of Beth Moore's Daniel series. Oh how I am LOVING that.  I am feeling myself challenged in new ways, and that is always a good thing.  Now today there is just some odds and ends to take care.  My wonderful cleaning woman was here yesterday and gave everything a GOOD going over.  I am washing rugs, sheets, and towels, and hosed down the front porch and gave the furniture out there a good cleaning too.  I had to fix a seam on the rag quilt where I noticed I hadn't caught all the fabric in one place, but that went pretty quick.  I also decided to whip myself up some St. Patrick coasters.  I have a set (my mom used to make these for all of us and I have picked up and carried on the tradition)  for the Fall, another for Christmas, another for Valentines Day, and now I have my St. Patrick's Day ones too.  I want to have Easter, and maybe the 4th of July to complete the collection.  I of course just have my regular ones too that I use when it isn't any of these holidays, lol. They really are the perfect coaster.   But I guess best of all they will ALWAYS be a little reminder of her. They are made of fabric and a square of warm and natural which makes them just the right amount of thickness to prevent moisture marks on furniture.  Let me show you my new ones....


I still need to get the ribbon on the centerpieces, and finish up gluing my lips and mustaches, and cut the card paper for the blessing board, and then finish up every last stitch of laundry in the house before I am completely done, but I am soo close as you can see, lol.  Sooo, guess that's about it for now.  Hope you all have a wonderful week-end and I will visit around with bits of time that may come my way. But if I don't get the time, I will be back in about a week.  Blessings to you all!!  Debbie


  1. I know you will enjoy those babies, and they you. Take all the time you need.

    Love that cute little project you got going on.

  2. A well deserved Gramma break.

    Prayed for safe travels :-)


  3. Praying for safe and easy travel for your sweet family. You enjoy those precious ones! And take lots of pictures to share!
    Hugs & Blessings~

  4. May you enjoy many memory-making moments! "See" you next week!

  5. Enjoy your family Debbie. And the shower too! I love the coasters!!
    xo Kris

  6. Any day family comes before blogging ... all the more so when you don't get to see that family all that often! Enjoy your time with Mel and her family ... we'll be waiting here when you get back.

  7. OH! how wonderful that Mel and her family are coming! enjoy this time together.I will be praying for safe and sweet travel!
    I am so in need of some hair cutting and color!
    I find it so amazing how God allows special memories of our loved ones to come to mind to brighten our days and to carry on with traditions! Love the coasters. You are such a busy lady, I am awed by your energy, send me some. ~smile~

  8. Special blessings and prayers for these wonderful days ahead Debbie! Enjoy every minute!

  9. So glad you had the opportunity to spend with your daughter. Enjoy each moment Deb.

    Blessings and love,

  10. You share many fun and interesting details here, and I enjoy reading all you do to prepare for those you love so much. I pray that you all have a wonderful time together, and that they are blessed by your heart of love and care for them.

  11. I hope it was a wonderful weekend for you all. I hope the shower was just perfect. I love your little coasters.


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