Monday, March 17, 2014



I will start by wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I will admit we don't do much around here to celebrate it, but have always thought it is all pretty fun.  Our week-end was R E L A X I N G which is just what we needed.  Sat. we ran a couple of errands and then went over and picked up my oldest son's two youngest....Jeffie and Cody....and finally went and saw the Lego movie.  They have both been wanting to see that for a while, and it finally worked into our schedule, lol.  It was really pretty good as kid movies go, and the boys LOVED it which was the important part, lol.  After the movie we went by Joe's studio where he and his wife were cleaning and hung out for a while with them there before we headed back home for a quiet night of barbeque and TV.  Sunday we headed down to San Diego for church.  James did something a little different for his message (we are going through the book of Revelation) this week as yesterday was the Jewish holiday of Purim.  I guess the tradition for the Jews celebrating this feast is to read the entire book of Esther, which is just what he did stopping only occasionally for a little explanation or added information.  It was ALL really good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  After service James had a luncheon with his board, but we went back to their house with Larissa and the grandkids and had lunch and hung out with them for a while.  After that hubby stopped at a Joannes for me so that I could pick up a couple of things.  I never had finished up the bedding I was making for Vinny as I had stopped to get all the other things done for Jessie's coming baby.  I felt kind of bad as Vinny has been in his new crib for a couple of months now WITHOUT his new bedding (except for the quilt which he can't even use yet, lol).  I had all of the fabric I needed, but I didn't have the pads for the bumper pads she wants and a couple of other things.  After we left Joannes, we went by Joe's house as they had invited us over for dinner.  And trust me, a dinner cooked by his wife Leah is NEVER one I turn down as she is just such a fantastic cook.  We had barbequed chicken, rice, and wonderful fresh veggies and I ate more than I should have I will admit.  We visited with that set of grandkids for quite a while and then finally headed home after a full and busy day.  Honestly it is just my favorite kind of day.  Beautiful warm weather, Church with a wonderful worship time and message, and then LOTS of time with family and little ones.  How blessed I am.

I listened to week 5 of the Beth Moore Daniel series this morning, and honestly I don't know if I can express enough how much I am getting out of this study!  It is just soo good, and she is such an anointed teacher.  It has made me think about my life and my priorities and my desires and is really very challenging.  I am praying that it might make a permanent change in my heart and my spirit.  Then I got busy and got one of the 3 sheets done that I intend to make for Vinny.  They are quick and easy.  I almost can't bear to admit however, that I did indeed over do it with all of the sewing I did for the shower and Jessie's coming baby as I am REALLY feeling it in my neck and back of my head.  Guess I had my head and neck bent soo much in the same position that the muscles there are both inflamed and sore.  I have no one to blame but myself, and really shouldn't have spent sooo many hours soooo many days weeks months in a row doing this.  All I can say is I soo enjoy it and I LOVE feeling and being productive, and I have always been known to be a little obsessive carried away fanatical over board, and I guess now it's time to pay....sigh.  I saw my doc last week to check my blood pressure (which was fantastic by the way!) and she told me after I told her how I was feeling to cut W A Y  B A C K on the amount of hours I put in on this activity or I'd be a REAL mess.  She did offer me some anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers, both of which I refused (I just can't bear medications except for when I have NO choice) so I guess I am going to have to do what she says as I can't bear being even worse and incapacitating myself even more than I already am what with my knees etc....sigh.  I was doing MUCH better after my two week break (except when I fixed Melody's dress) but it wasn't long this morning when I could feel it all starting up again, so I did stop.  I got only 1 sheet done where in the past I could have easily gotten all 3 done today.  Don't know if I am going to be able to bear this.  There is soo much I want to do.  But I guess unless I want to do NOTHING at all, I will listen to my body needing a break.  I intend to limit myself to an hour to maybe an hour and half a day.  Hopefully that won't be too much either, or I might really flip out, lol.  Honestly, bending my head to type on this lap top isn't real good either.  But I have rigged a way I can do this without much bending so I will do my best.

I am not much for just sitting around doing nothing....just not me.  Don't get me wrong, come a certain time of day I do that REALLY well too, but I like to be busy during the best part of the day.  So I am thinking I am going to get off of here and and go outside and work on my porch for a while pruning some plants and cleaning up a bit.  Why do I think I will probably just get another part of this rickety body sore?  lol

This is by far the CUTEST video you may ever see in this humble grandma's opinion....sooo cute.  It kills me.  He gets soo dramatic at the end he forgets where he is....ENJOY!


  1. Oh that was sweet! The best song ever!

    Oh, Deb, you must listen to your doc. Why do we keep pushing past the point of intense pain? Nope, time to do a new and better thing or maybe you can do a little more as long as you take a nice long break between. It got that way for me and blogging. I just can not allow myself to hang out in Blogdom too long for the same reasons.

  2. Remember the nerve damage I had in my finger a few months back? I know exactly what you mean about being frustrated that you can't do what you love/want to do. Perhaps you can find a way to work for a while, take a nice long break and then go back for another while on your machine.

    That video was SWEET!

  3. Yes, our bodies try to tell us, don't they? And then we think that we can just push through and do a little bit more. Ask me how I know.

    So my vote (do I get one?) says take it easy for a little while. Strictly limit your time (ouch! talking to myself here!) and see what happens. I bet you'll thank you. ;)

    Thanks for sharing that sweet video. Adorable!

  4. Debbie, I know just how you feel. I am so bad at overdoing it. I don't know when to quit! I hope your neck pain subsides soon, and you can return to your regular activities. I am currently all banged up from working in the yards!!! That video was adorable! Your family is lovely...and you so enjoy them!!! I love that!
    xo Kris

  5. Oh take care!!!
    Beth Moore.....she is such a gifted teacher/speaker. I find her teaching soaks up into my mind and soul.....full of scriptures.
    Darling kiddos.

  6. That little Sam singing about our Jesus is nothing short of wonderful. I loved it.
    And you take care of your sweet self, Debbie.
    Big Hugs~

  7. Now that I've graduated to senior status, I don't dare push myself lest I pay for it for days on end. Pacing myself is harder, but so much easier in the long one.

  8. As hard as it is you have to listen to your body, ask me I know! My tendency is to always over do it. Getting old is not for sissy's, it's tough! Hope you are feeling better soon. oh and Loved your little one singing

  9. That is the best video ever, I am going to have my hubby come in and watch it too. That is awesome.
    I am so glad you are having a nice week. I am glad you are enjoying your study it sounds so nice.
    You are so really blessed Debbie. It just makes my heart so glad.

  10. Corrections:

    *The Lego Movie


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