Monday, June 23, 2014


I actually think I might be able to do just a "quick" post this morning, but we will see, haha.  Our week-end was such a GOOD one.  Kind of different for me, but good.  As a general rule I don't like to plan "girl" things on Sat and Sun as those are days I spend with hubby.  And I guard them for such!  But sometimes it is the old it is what it is, lol.  Last Sat. was one of those days.  My sister Diane and I left bright and early for our quilt run.  OH..MY..GOODNESS... was that ever fun!  After surveying the map we decided that getting to one area alone would be about the best we could do.  To do all 4 areas and be eligible for the grand prizes would have taken all 4 days of the run, and while I LOVED doing it, 4 days devoted to it just wouldn't have worked for either one of us.  As it is, we had to visit 5 stores and being newbies we really wanted to take our time at each store anyway.  It still qualified us for SEVERAL prizes, so you never know,  tomorrow might be all about what I won, lol.  To have done this post right I really needed to take pictures of the darling little stores we saw, the BEAUTIFUL quilts, the sweet ladies, and the trays and trays of goodies, but I honestly didn't think of it until I was considering this post this morning.  But let me say this, we saw ALL of those things.  We both really enjoyed the first shop we went to the most!  And in some ways I couldn't tell you why.  It was WAY smaller then then one by us and didn't have nearly the selection.  But the women were soo much friendlier and down to earth or something, and honestly so much more helpful.  And I LOVED the fabric they did have.  It was funny how each store seemed to gravitate towards a certain "feel" and honestly I saw very little (if any!) duplicate fabric!   I bought some darling flannel to make PJ's for Mel's boys, and a Dresdan ruler as well that I have been wanting.  I REALLY had to discipline myself not to recklessly by fabric wherever I was.  It is a REAL problem for me, lol.  How I LOVE fabric!  Diane bought some BEAUTIFUL vintage fabric here.  She is planning on making a simple scrappy quilt with it and honestly I am as excited as she is to see it come together.  I bought some cute flannel at another quilt shop, and a pattern that I will just have to make up some day.  We lunched quickly and continued our quilt store tour.  We got home around 3 both of us beat, but it was a very fun day.  And surprisingly and thankfully, my knees stood the trip pretty well.  Yesterday we did not travel down to San Diego as like I said my son was not preaching.  I feel bad not supporting the guest speaker, but  it is pretty far for that, lol.  We listened to our old pastor online (love him! soo good!) and then I did a little sewing.  As I looked at the completed block for my dil's quilt, I decided I didn't just not like it, I HATED it!  lol.  Not only were the pinwheels not good, they were terrible, and I didn't really like the placement of some of the fabrics.  Sooo I decided to do it all over again, MUCH more carefully, and the result is now I love it!  lol  Why oh why I can't seem to learn that I need to take my time I can't be sure.  But surely I have got it down now.  I am also thinking that I might just turn this into a table topper instead of a runner.  It is a large block, and I think it will work just fine. There is another long table in their dining room that I might make up a smaller runner for using the same fabrics, but a different pattern.  Either way I've LOTS to do, so I'd better get off of here and get busy!  Hope you all have a GOOD week!  Many blessings to you all!  Debbie



Just had to show you this picture of Sam and his dad.  He has bugging really wanting his daddy to "swim" with him in his little wading pool.  They have a much bigger wading pool too, but it is much harder to set up etc., plus is very difficult for little Luke so they use this one a lot.  Anyway, Mike went "swimming" with Sam on Sunday afternoon, lol.  This little guy imitates EVERY little thing his daddy (his hero) does, and it is soo cute.  This is just another example.  What an important role daddy's play in their children's lives.  I've told Mike (not that he didn't know it of course!) what an important responsibility he has as Sam and Luke adore him and want to be just like him.  How they treat their future wives will depend so much on how he treats his, how he treats his children, work, trusts God, and on and on the list goes.  Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of the picture.  I know I did.




JAMES'S KIDS HAPPY TO SEE DADDY HOME!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS (never could get this in the right order, oh well, lol..)



  1. Hope that Mr. TWWA had a great Saturday while you gals were shopping. Sometimes, I remind myself that John might need a break, too. Ha! (This is especially true for him today.)

    Love the photos of those adorable grands! Someone is getting some great studio-like photo ops.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you to win!

    (I see nothing wrong with those pinwheels.)

  2. Those have got to be some of the cutest farmer boys I've ever seen! Love the quilt piece too. So pretty.

  3. Although I didn't see anything wrong with the first pinwheel project, I understand the need to get it "right," at least according to your own standards. :)

    Love your "grand" photos!! They are such darlings!

    (Thank you for your encouraging words on my meant so much.)

  4. Oh, the g'children are so cute. But I can't believe how big Luke is getting!
    Your quilt hopping day sounds like it was so much fun. I bet it was hard not to buy lots of fabric! Maybe you'll win some..

  5. Love love the photos of the grands, those two little guys are as cute as can be and love that dad went "swimming with's the little things like this that ending up counting for so much. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Seeing your HST block now, I can understand why it gave you fits. Not only is it HSTS but there's a lot of bulk there where the tips all come together, which can distort the pieces/tips. A pinwheel quilt is on my list, but I'm definitely going to have to get better at HSTs before I can ever think about trying to make one. I love what you did with those pinwheels! Gorgeous!

    And your grands ... as always I love them ... they're all just so adorable!

  7. I came across your blog while doing a little blog hopping. Your quilts are beautiful. It is something I would love to do, but it might to wait till life slows down a bit! LOL Your babies are precious!

  8. Hi Debbie, Loved hearing about your road trip with your sister-how fun is that! I've been really missing going to shows or retreats with my bff from Ca. She arrives next week and I hope we'll get to a couple of stores. Loved seeing the boys-can't believe how big they are.
    Your pinwheels look good to me; I will say I made some once and it was tedious so decided I wouldn't do more.
    Hope you have a great evening.
    Hugs, Noreen


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