Monday, October 6, 2014


Good morning!  It is nice and early here (a little before 7 am) and if I told you what I've already done this morning I am afraid I might be mistaken for a "crazy lady" so let's just say I've been busy for a couple of hours and it's time to sit a spell and put up my Monday post.  I just have to mention the weather first though.  It's HOT here (back into the triple digits this week-end!) and yet! it's a "Fall" hot, lol.  For you who are not Californians let me explain.  It IS hot for sure, and yet it's a different hot then the blazing heat of August or even September.  And it cools off wonderously at night, so honestly it makes it all much more bearable.  Truthfully, this IS Fall in Southern California.  The weather is always quite warm (possibly all the way to Thanksgiving...sometimes even Christmas!) and yet the sun has shifted and there is a difference in the air.  My flowers are still in full bloom and my front planter is just a plethora of color.  It won't be long till they begin to look scraggly and will have to be dug out for winter, but for now honestly it is just gorgeous.  And mom's plant has finally bloomed!  I can't remember for sure if I have mentioned mom's plant, so I will try and be brief.  The Mother's Day that she had her stroke my oldest son intended to present her with a clipping from one of her beloved hydrangea bushes that he had managed to nurse along into the beginnings of a plant. My mother had a wonderful green thumb.  She did NOT pass this particular talent down to me however. Anyway, he got a HUGE beautiful pot (for that tiny little clipping) and brought it over here the morning we brought her home from the hospital on hospice.  Truthfully it was kind of lost in the shuffle of all that was going on and by the time I took notice of it again it was struggling for life in the hot sun of summer.  Well, I began to somewhat frantically nurse that little clippling along.  (I did mention that I am horrible with plants right?)  It didn't die, but oh did it ever struggle.  I thought we'd lost it more then once.  Finally it grew into somewhat of a plant (verses a clipping) and a year came and went and it just kind of existed.  No blooms or nothing even near it.  I decided maybe it needed some food, so I bought "something" that promised gorgeous, healthy blooms and did what I could. At first, nothing...And then there it was the beginning of something.  I was pretty excited I am not going to lie.  And now, a FULL BLOWN flower.  And really pretty.  And, I can see the beginnings of a couple of others.  How I want to tell my mother...."Your plant has survived.  It is blooming and I know now why you loved them so.  They are so pretty."  I have a feeling the flowers there in heaven with her probably make this pale in comparison, but somehow I just know that there are many there for her to enjoy.  Let me show you my flowers.....though let me warn you in advance.  Photography is another one of my "lack of" gifts and these pictures honestly don't even come close to showing you how pretty it really is.  But it will certainly give you the idea.





OK, this all took WAY longer then I intended so I will have to brief with the rest of this, lol.  Let me wrap up our week-end quickly.  Friday night hubby got two extra tickets to a play off game for our Anaheim Angles, and decided to take our granddaughter Lindsey along with him.  She was soo excited to see her very first ever professional baseball game.  She is a HUGE fan and honestly just made the night for my hubby.  I was soo glad she was able to go.  Here is a quick pic of them together she took for me.

Sat. was spent with me shopping at Joannes as I try somewhat frantically to gather the rest of what I need to get into my Christmas sewing,  After that we lunched at Kabuki (love that place!) and then we went and saw Nicolas Cage in Left Behind.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED that series of books and was anxious to see what Hollywood would do to the story line.  And while they definitely changed a few things, it was really pretty good.  I am wondering of course if they intend to go on from where they stopped as they didn't get past the part where the world is in chaos as they have been left behind by the millions who are raptured.  It did make me dwell on how desperately the world needs to hear this message.  Sunday was spent at church of course, and then afterwards we lunched on some yummy chili my dil made.  After lunch Larissa and I and Capri and Donatella hit Joannes once again as the guys settled in for some Charger football.  Larissa finally picked out the fabric she wanted for some new kitchen curtains for her birthday that was at the end of September, and the girls talked this grandma into some Frozen Fabric for new nightgowns for them.  We got home about dinner time and hubby barbequed up some burgers for us.  All in all another nice week-end.

This week will be a busy one for me as honestly my list just keeps getting longer of things I need to get made up.  So I will get off of here and get busy.  Hope you all have a GOOD week, and are enjoying your lovely Fall weather as much as I am.  Blessings to you all!  Debbie


  1. It sounds like you had such a great weekend. I love that story about the Hydrangea. It is so pretty. I love your flowerbeds. That is one thing about Southern California, you do have such bright colors and everything looks so green. I always enjoy how positive you are about everything. It makes my day, I am not enjoying the heat. :)
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. The flowers/planter beds look so beautiful!!! Looks like another busy weekend for you!


  3. Debbie, Sounds like a productive and fun weekend. I know No.Ca. is having temps in the 90's-wow. Love all your flowers; we do miss the purples and red leaves of certain trees we can't get here in Co. Hope you have a wonderful day-I'm baking for bible study tomorrow and then have to bathe the dog. Have a great afternoon and evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. Like you, I find it very hard to take selfies (I need an extra STEADY hand!). But your pics of your flowers are wonderful!!

  5. Yes, the flowers are just gorgeous and so colorful and how sweet that you have your Mom's plant. A sweet memory for sure!

    You are such a "busy sewing bee" and sounds like you are getting a head start on Christmas. I have most of mine done but I can't say that I made any of them. :o))

    Have a happy productive week!

  6. Thank you for explaining your fall weather. I have been praying for you, after hearing (on the news) how brutal the temps have been. Yet, here you are calmly letting us know that it is a normal California weather system.

    Your plants are gorgeous and that hydrangea is wonderful...glorious. That selfie is a very good one because both subjects are looking at us and not off somewhere.

    I've been curious about the Left Behind movie...Thanks for the review! Stay cool now...

  7. You are just so busy! I need to take a page from your book and get busy sewing for Christmas!

  8. I have been doing a lot of sewing this week too. I need to go to Joann's and stock up on thread!!!! I used my new machine for my first free motion quilting project. What a dream it was to use!!! Can't wait to do more!
    Happy Week to you.
    PS I was thinking that it would be fun one day to sew together. Me, you and Diane. Maybe you can both come here to my house. That would be closer for Diane too. What do you think?
    xo Kris

  9. That was some kind of weekend, Debbie...busy as a bee! I've been wanting to see "Left Behind", but it hasn't gotten very good reviews the last I heard.


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