Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Seems like I get a little bit further behind every week with this.  But better later then never, right?  Join the other Hodgepodgers. and you'll be glad you did.

1,  What's your favorite time of the day?  Why?  It would be early morning for sure.  I have always been an early morning riser.  Just the way I am wired I guess.   The day is new, and stretches before you full of promise and opportunity, and watching the sun rise, hearing the birds wake up, smelling coffee brewing, well it's hard to beat in my opinion.

2.  Waffle iron, toaster, coffee maker, mixer, blender...which small appliance would say most needs replacing in your house?  This one is easy....  Hubby's Keurig  has bitten the dust it seems.  And I just recently said I'd love to get a blender....

3.  It's National Grouch Day (October 15) ...what's something that makes you feel grouchy?  Well, unfortunately (for those living with me as it happens nearly EVERY day it seems) it's being either hungry or tired.  I TRY honest I do, but being either way just makes me grumpy.

4.  Ever been to Canada?  Is that a country you'd like to visit?  According to Trip Advisory, the top ten best destinations in Canada are Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Victoria, Calgary,. Niagara on the Lake,. Niagara Falls, Whistler, and Halifax.  Which city would you most like to see? No I have never been to Canada though hubby has been to Whistler on business and said it was one of the most beautiful places hes ever been.  I'd love to see Prince Edward Islands.  Have felt that way ever since reading Anne of Green Gables.

5.  What was your favorite food (or one of your favorites) when you were a child?  Is that still a favorite?  I had MANY.  Most of them were dishes my mother made.  Her stuffing was to DIE for, LOVED her meatloaf, and her pecan balls just couldn't be beat.  And I guess honestly I avoid all of them now as I need to watch my weight and I overeat these whenever they are in front of me,lol...sigh.  Though, I have her recipes and YES I still make occasionally.

6.  Do you cry easily?  Yep....Or tear up for sure.  But a GOOD cry (you know the type!) not too much any more.

7.  Have you started (gasp!) Christmas shopping?  If so when, and how much?  If not, when will you even begin thinking about it?  Well anyone who reads my blog often knows the answer to this one.  I make a lot of my gifts and I have a lot of people I gift with homemade items, and I am KNEE deep in the middle of it already, and started in July!  Seems crazy I know, lol, but I like to be done with everything I sew by Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the whole month of December with family, friends, and fun activities...I rarely pull this off, lol.  Though this year I am going to come close to having all the PJ's for my 11 grandkids done, AND their Christmas pillowcases by Halloween.  Pretty good huh? lol

8.  Insert your own random thought...This week has been a busy one for me as I am trying to cram a lot of sewing (see the above answer!) in while also getting ready for a week-end with my New Mexico grandkids and daughter and her hubby.  I am getting a mani/pedi today, my hair done tomorrow, and somewhere in here I still need to pack, do laundry, and finish up ALL of Melody's Christmas sewing.  I think I am going to make having everything done for the kids at least, which is pretty good.

Hope you all are having a GOOD week, and finding joy and blessings in your days!  Debbie


  1. Good morning Debbie. I am an early riser too. It is my quiet time, my coffe time, my blogging time. Then I hit the floor running!
    I would love to give some of those Jammie's a try. Which pattern is it that you are using for the two piece jams?
    Have a great time with the kids this weekend!
    XO Kris

  2. I think that many of us got the PEI bug from watching or reading 'Anne of Green Gables' :-) Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, Debbie!

  3. Early morning my favorite part of the day. Pecan balls sound yummy--share recipe when you have a chance. Enjoy your weekend with daughter and grandkids.

  4. Wow-I admire how much you've got done in the way of sewing for Christmas! I could have said stuffing too. I still love my mama's and even though I use her recipe mine is never quite as good as hers. Enjoy your day and your travels!

  5. You are truly the most accomplished sewer, Debbie!
    I don't know anyone who gets sew as much as you do. I can tell you must love it.

  6. I enjoyed your answers! =) I loved my grandmother's meatloaf. She always made gravy to go on the side.

  7. Oh, me and my Keurig are tight so I'd be in sad shape if it were on the blink. :o)) It's part of the reason I enjoy getting up early.

    I'm with you on getting ready for Christmas early and then enjoying the month of Dec. I can't stand to be last minute on anything.

    So glad you are going to get to see Melanie and family. Enjoy!

  8. It is a very nice bunch of questions. I am so glad you are going to see your grandkids.

  9. I've never read Anne of Green Gables. T#1 is reading it for a book report for school ... and he's not enjoying it. I suspect that at 12, he thinks it's too "girly". ;-)

  10. My grandmother use to cook great meals and she was an excellent baker. I love to bake but don't do as much anymore because I can't eat like I use too! Enjoy your weekend......


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