Sunday, November 2, 2014


I am going to do something I don't usually have time for and that is to put up a quick post on Sunday! Yes, I am one of those RARE gals, lol, who does not use the extra hour we find for ourselves when it's time to turn back those clocks with sleeping.  I try honest I do!  lol  But I am such a creature of habit that it does take me a while NOT to want to pop into bed an hour earlier, and stay there an hour longer then I would have.  I do eventually come round, but it takes a while.  Personally, I wish they would just leave it alone.  I don't like it dark in the morning when I rise (as it has been recently) but I REALLY dislike more having my day end sooo much earlier it seems as it is dark by shortly after 5. Oh well, talk about it is what it is....

Hubby and I had a totally relaxing day yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We are going to do a little babysitting after church this morning as my son has a meeting with his board, and his wife is going to take their oldest son to his football end of the season party.  That leaves grandpa and I with the girls and little Vinny for a little while.  Looking forward to that too.  Thank God our week-ends are usually slow and yet full with a little of this and that.

I was thinking the other day that my blog has become soo much of the same thing just said in somewhat different ways...What I am sewing, how I am behind, and one grand kid picture after another, that it's surprising to me that I haven't lost many more of you then I have to it's predictable dribble.  Then I went back a few years and re-read some of my old, old posts and realized that I USED to have a very varied blog with a multitude of subjects I yaked about.  To include a post EVERY Sunday (that I prepared on Sat. evenings I remember very well) that covered one of my biggest passions of all.  My love of the Lord and what He is doing in my life.  Not sure how that got laid aside for far less important topics such as what fabric I have recently bought and what project I am working on.  Sooo then of course I spent some time in prayer and searching my heart to see if maybe it's because THAT is really where my heart is at?  And I guess the answer is that while I DO spend a great deal of my time at my machine, and at the fabric store, and dreaming and scheming of what I might want to create, it could NEVER replace the source of joy and peace I have in my life in the KNOWING of whom I belong to and where my eternity will be spent.  How I rejoice in that knowledge and the joy it brings me IN SPITE of what might be whirling around me in this life.  His peace flows abundantly from His throne of grace, and is there for the simple asking for everyone who belongs to Him.  My biggest prayer is that all would find this peace and a relationship with the living God whom loves them more then they could ever imagine.  This verse really says it all...

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. THEREFORE, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. 

In this verse we are being told quite plainly what our priority should be as Christians. Our focus HAS to be Him and what we are doing to further His kingdom. All the other things that fill our life and that we worry about are just "details"....God promises us here that if we do have our priorities in line, He will take care of all the details of our lives.

Sometimes I think for all of us it is hard to remember our purpose here on this earth. It is easy to get caught up not only in the urgent day to day grind of what has to be done such as work, caring for children, school, cleaning, laundry, etc. etc., but also in the planning out of our futures for both ourselves and our children. Without really thinking about it, we can find our days totally consumed with all the "urgent" things we must care for everyday, with precious little time left over to even enjoy our lives sometimes, let alone spend anytime at all with Him.   We worry and fret over so many things (some that are truly important, and others that really aren't) that at times we can easily become overwhelmed with it all. I wonder how much time I have spent in my life worrying about things that NEVER happened anyway, or ended up being of little consequence? WAY TOO MUCH I am very sure unfortunately. And how many of those days were spent agonizing over something that seemed unsolvable, only to have some circumstance or another change things around the very next day therefore making the day filled with worry and fear completely wasted? I can think of a few times right off the top of my head without really thinking about it much. How much better would my time have been spent focusing and TRUSTING in Him to take of all my basic needs? Our jobs as Christians is to spread the "good news" of His gospel with as many as we possibly can. To love Him above all else and to love our neighbors as ourselves...Where we live, what we eat or drink, what clothes we wear or how we look or feel are really nothing more than the "details" of life I am talking about. Whenever I live my life focused on Him it really has been amazing how the little things just don't seem to have the same impact. He DOES truly care for me, and provides me with everything I really need. How grateful I am for that.

Well my "extra" hour is up and it's time to get ourselves out the door.  I hope you all have a GOOD day, and let's focus our hearts on what's important and spread the good news around a little bit and rest in His peace.  Blessings to you all!  Debbie


  1. It always take me awhile to adjust to the new time each time change..
    Hope your Sunday is good.

  2. It takes me a whole week to get used to the time change. The dark in the evenings really get to me too. You know what, I have thought the same things about my blog. When I started my blog I wrote about things the Lord was teaching me and how and why and where He was leading and then I changed too. I wonder why that happens. The Lord hasn't changed in my life, he is still as important.
    I think after we have gone through very hard trials that it just is that we just need some light subjects. I know with all you went through with your Mom and me with my daughter it is nice to just share other things. Do you think it could be it?
    I still like your posts and what you are doing and your grand kids and your projects. Debbie there is so much bad stuff in the world it is nice to read nice things about family and things like that. I like normal. :)

  3. Loved my extra hour this A.M.

  4. A lovely heartfelt post Debbie and I so get what you are saying. But, know that I, for one, do so enjoy sharing in the day to day lives of those I share blog reading with. And, your sweet spirit prevails in all your posts, regardless of the subject. Blessings!

  5. This tunked me right between the eyes. Oh me!

  6. I, too, have been thinking about how the direction of my blog has changed over the last couple of years. I like to think that what I share in my blog is what I would share if we (my readers and I) were together in real life. We'd be talking about so many things ... not just quilting and grands, but we certainly would be discussing those things! Like with so many things, life is a balancing act. Your post has reminded me that while there's absolutely nothing wrong with sharing the randomness of our lives (quilting and grands), it's also about sharing what's in our hearts (our love for our Lord). Thanks.

  7. Whether it is a Sunday post, or any other post, God's love and grace seeps through your every post. It always inspires and encourages me. Thank you!


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